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Play with Clay

Well, they could make pottery with it....

Also by tizzlestix

by msjanny

Trouble in Paradise: Comic

Who doesn't love puns?

by chasing_stars44
Scroll Of The Wise: Part 4

"This has been a public service announcement."

by fourin
Dieter: The Hungry Polarchuck

We all know him from Snowmuncher: Dieter the polarchuck. But what happens if he eats to fast?

Also by strandbikini

by kuschelalarm

Eclectic Antics: Hoarders Edition

Remember to clean out your safety deposit box regularly! (Please.)

by amarettoball
What Happens When Pirates Are Bored

Apparently, Captain Scarblade and his crew have too much free time...

by teamchao466
Spooky Petpets Are Not For Everyone!

Some pets just don't love spooky little friends.

by sara1elo
Ink: As Black as Ink - Part 3

It's not the National Neopian bank, it's just some shop in a weird mushroom shaped building.

by june_scarlet
An Odd Conversation

With age comes wisdom...well.... sometimes.

by dizziedino
Neopets' Logic

That makes sense...

Also by tarake_7_7_7

by stephsie

The Damage Of Trudy's Surprise!

There Goes My Bottle Of Sand...

by mustikeuh121
Oopsy Daisy!

Petpets and potions might not be such a good combination.

by _clement_

That's all?!

by emeny_neo
Fruit Lupe

It's healthy! Right?

by aisha_painter119
Normal is Boring

Meet the Family!

by alexatina
Beauty Stinks!

Read the label.

by cherokee165
Pirate Problems - One Size Fits ... Most?

Um, maybe you should upgrade?

by squawkies
The Joy of Being a Labrat


Also by horsecrazyirishgirl

by kadfisch

Outings With Grandma

Adventures in Neopia with Grandma Mynci

by underlye
Faerie Droppings - Soup


by applefaerie99
Dull Battle Quills

The pie always goes first.

by tulituli9025
Anniversary - Part 5

Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place.

by caylista
Reason Behind The Name

It all makes sense now

Also by wowlame

by roxanna203

The Adventures of Kad and Drooly: Part 1

This may have been a mistake.

by iciclefaerie05

They're just so lifelike, sometimes...

by wiley1080
Empty Bellies, Empty Pockets: Outtake

Those reflexes need work.

Also by bha288.

by mandypandy667

A Spooky Halloween: Part 3

Safety first!

by ghostkomorichu
Blossoms~ Retry End

In the dead of the night...

by twillieblossom
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High Score Guide to “Typing Terror"

I’ve always loved typing games. There is something about being able to type extremely fast and with great accuracy that makes me excited. I've definitely enjoyed how challenging this game can me and like many of you, one of my wishes is to someday get a first place trophy in Typing Terror. So, after countless games and research, I’ve come to learn a couple of tricks about this game that will help you get a high score and today, I’ve decided to share these with you. Let's get started!

Other Stories


A Rigged Game
If you have illicit goods or services to offer, then Krawk Island is where you want to be. Everyone knows that, of course - pirates made the island famous, and they keep it famous too. There are plenty of famous pirates: Captain Dread, Garin, Captain Scarblade... The list goes on. Grimtooth never thought of himself as a pirate before he travelled to Krawk Island.

by darthmagic


Training School Friends
I made sure my hair was centered and my dress was not wrinkled too much. I wanted to make a good impression on my first day at the training school, so that I might make a friend. I stood there in silence in front of the whole room, while they looked at me.

by sparkleeze


A Snowball Affect
Many times I wonder, if I could, how would I get my offline friends to become Neopians? Many people of my age and around it believe that Neopets is a site only for children! Yes this is true, while the demographic is children, there are many adults, college students, and older teenagers who make up most of the user database. With that stipulation gone, your friend might be more inclined to listen and learn more about the wonders of Neopia! I will talk about some of the things and perks of the site that new users might be interested in.

by emo_angel48


Character Re-Introductions: Zargrold (The COOL)
In Character Re-Introductions I interview an already established character who had recently came back to everyone's attention. This time I'm interviewing the Grundo Gormball player that had recently won his second Annual Gormball Championship: Zargrold, also known as Zargrold the COOL.

by pikachu315111


The Shade Files - Halloween Nightmare: Part One
It was the day before Halloween. At the Defenders of Neopia headquarters, the various agents and support staff working there, myself included, were having a party to celebrate the arrival. It was obvious that the majority of the front line staff, if not all, would be out working the streets the following day, making sure that the children were all safe once the night arrived for trick or treating.

by lupe_hunter_7


Fire-Born: Part Four
Fyora flew to a different part of the castle, and Vineti the Chocolate Aisha turned to the guard Aaron. “Right this way, miss,” he said, walking in front of her. She followed him down a long hallway with many doors, finally stopping in front of a gilded set of double doors, smaller than those in the main hall but still impressive. He opened one of them for her. “These are the guest quarters. I’ll be right outside if you need anything.”

by goodsigns

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