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At The Coffee Shop


by wokitana
Titanic Giant Squids...

Not the suction cuppy!

Written by Robotting

by fhujmasterofhedgehog

Blossoms~ Retry Part 4


by twillieblossom
Is The SUAP Really That Super?

Ha ha, not today!

by mustikeuh121
A Rainbow Pool Alternative

... That kind of works?

Idea by riggsy_reborn

by lizzbear_

Edible Escapades: Part One

At least he doesn't want to eat at Kelp.

Also by priscent.

by msjanny

The Sibling Experience

Disclaimer: No siblings were unloved in the making of this comic.

by amarettoball
Royal Pain

There's a wig in my cupcake!

by winner19955
A Visit To The Shrine

Neopia doesn't always make sense

by _clement_
The Problems of Avatars

Was it really worth it?

Art by alexise1998

by chromeninja

Freak-out - Kelp

Really? At Kelp?

by ichigostars
Restocking Problems - Got Haggle Edition

Ah, nevermind!

Also by xmooink

by bittersweet52

Random Oddness

You can see why some pets don't like introductions.

by mistyqee
A Sponge-taneous Decision

Maybe not the best outcome but at least he's cleaner now?

Also by marcthegr8est1

by khanhm666

Keep Calm and Kyrii on: Orange Isn't the New Black

... Orange you glad?

by ahnyo
Aisha Avalanche

Petpets can be SO silly sometimes...

by abbyet

What... Bad timing?

Also by leites

by megamak

Jelly Chomby and Why Commas are Important

There's a difference, folks!

Also by mike11695

by new_perspective


... Cool. Thanks.

by misshamsterlover
The Goofers

Guaranteed to scare...for real this time!

by lintsuf
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Meridell or Brightvale?

Every year, thousands of interested Neopets tour all of Neopia looking for the perfect land to settle down in and build their neohome. The idyllic scene of a simpler time that the lands of Brightvale and Meridell provide always draws in a crowd. Yet once these hopeful Neopets arrive, they can’t seem to decide whether they will call Brightvale or Meridell home. For this very reason, I’ve decided to teach Clopina and everyone reading at home about Brightvale and Meridell. Hopefully by the end, anyone considering moving to either land can gain knowledge before making any decisions.

Other Stories


First, something in my head went dark, like the wires to the festival lights were lopped off at all ends. Propulsion seized, the fireworks tipped over halfway into the sky. Then there was that lingering moment, a silence of about five seconds or so, as the lights in my thoughts fizzled out into stars, and I was left with these dim, glassy husks of those thoughts, wondering what had changed.

by dimartedi


Fighting the Fuzzles
"Attention! Fuzzles are currently attacking the recreation deck. Please move down to the hanger and take cover until further notice." Making sure the coast was clear, she quickly ran out of the Space Battledome arena and towards the stairs. There was a loud gurgling noise behind her. She spun around and saw a bright pink Fuzzle coming at her.

by brittanyandsteven


Things We Wish Our Pets Wouldn’t Say
I’m sure many Neopet owners would agree with me that some of the things our pets say can be grating after a while. Here are a few things that Neopets say that makes Angel and me want to pull our hair out

Also by evilone712_27

by mercy_angel


Seven Dastardly Scrolls
There are some scrolls though, seven that I’m going to talk about today, that actually have some negative affects on your pet. I have listed them in order of least dastardly to most, starting with…

by xiaolin10413


The Legacy of the Black Pawkeet: Part Two
It wasn’t long after we had rescued the Acara girl from Bloodhook’s ship that the Black Pawkeet pulled into the village’s tiny port. It was no wonder Bloodhook had attacked from a distance; there was hardly room for even a small ship like ours alongside what must’ve been the village’s trade ship.

Also by medit92

by teamchao466


Hannah's Untimely Dawn: Part One
Hannah clung to her grandfather, fear prickling her fur into many spikes as she stared at the abyss at her feet. Frothy and alive, it churned and moaned, its black surface revealing no hint of the wonder beneath it. Looking at the sky was little better—it too was pregnant with energy and rain, pulsating with none save the bleakest colors.

Art by Twillieblossom

by flufflepuff

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