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How the Desert Was Lost - part five

Oh no, Blob touched the cursed item! What will happen?

Dialogue by winterdreary

by scherwoodz

Kleptomaniacs Anonymous- Part 3

In which Hanso is demoted.

by caylista
Lame Pun: Horsefish

Let's Say 'Neigh'.

by blackaavar
Quiggle Problems

Mr. Quiggle bought a Vanilla Quiggle Cupcake and enjoyed it for the most part...

by toffeedatepudding
Random Oddness

Brought to you in Ruki-vision!

by mistyqee
Aisha Soup: Walk the Plank

The crazy things he thinks he sees. v_v

by the_shii
Terrific Specifics


by lizzbear_
Why There Can Only Be a Super Attack Pea! #2

Super Attack Carrot

Written by praline01

by industrial

Winter/Summer, Summer/Winter

It's not easy having different seasons to your owner.

by acquta
Detective Alisha: Sparky is Missing!

A sudden case appears in the least expected place... at home!

by roxanna203

Someone's definitely in Grave Danger!

by ghostkomorichu
Book Of Oddities: Qasalan Expellibox

Scarabs defy all logic, to be honest.

by rosabelle101
Defenders to the Rescue

We must act now!

by bigsistonoah10
Old Neopets Problems: Stone Jelly

Who doesn't love jelly?

Idea by megamak

by leites

Sketch Borovan- Have you heard?

No, I haven't.

by izzywizard
Gears for Fears

Well, at least he got the avatar.

by kreaturepheture
Restocker's Dream, Postmaster's Nightmare

I need to mail this.

Idea by riggsy_reborn

by kristofferson

What if Colours Didn't Exist?


Also by tarake_7_7_7

by stephsie

Adventures of Pompiru: Best of Luck

Watch Pom face the mighty Snowager and Pan being safely hidden.

by panpori
Natural Advantage

You couldn't win that one.

by irasshai
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"Usuki Singing Stars #24: Two for Tea" by downrightdude
Patricia gazed at the lace-trimmed invitation and then looked up at Lola, who had just given it to her and waiting patiently for a reply. "You're having an actual tea party this weekend, Lola?"

Other Stories


The Doctor Is In
The little Gelert boy coughed again, even harder than before...

by spittingcobra1


Baby Beginnings
"I've been answering questions from the other babies this morning. One of them was this, 'How did Baby Neoschool start?'"

by bunnyhugsgirl


Choosing an Electric Guitar For Your Neopet
If your Neopet has been bugging you to buy them an electric guitar, this countdown should help you to decide which one is right for them.

by xxskyisfallingxx


Against Draik Eggs
Reasons against and alternatives to eating Draik Eggs.

by puddydog


Scarab Queen: Part Three
It crashed against the wall behind her, and she heard a cry of, "Look at what you did, you idiot! You nearly killed the queen!"

by saphira_27


Poof!: Part One
"Wait! Where's Ponder?" Sycamore asked.

The Kookith shrugged his shoulders.

by 77thbigby

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