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The Black / White Comics

Dead meat...

by _x_bjork_x_
Something Has Happened!

No worries, there were no strawberry Kougras injured during the making of this comic!

by lupe_phin_love
The Travels and Trails of a Sponge

Sponge Kikos, the magic grow-in-water Neopets!

Also by horsecrazyirishgirl

by _espy_

No Hands


by midnight_star411
An Air Faerie Says...

I'm waiting...

by pancakesatthedisco
Kadoatery Issues

Who knew that feeding Kadoaties was difficult?

by nightwish_faerie
Truly a Mystery

...To the Healing Springs!

by manyteeth

Some things in life are better left unseen.

by emmilou123
Off the Beaten Path - #2

The aluminium keeps the good thoughts in.

by sam23rog
Some Treasures are Better Left Untouched

More adventures to come...

by lockord
The Unfortunate Little Snowball

All he wanted was some respect...

by piefly2
Random Oddness

Some people think Fractalz is the smart one: this isn't always true.

by mistyqee
The Results Are Grave

Duo has brought you...

by kougra_luff
Title In Question

All according to plan...

by catcloud9
The Worst Present Ever

Very much!

by happy_things
Woes of a Wuzzle pt 3

Join us!

Also by vesus10

by gypsychic420

Glumpkin is in Grave Danger!

Which one of you is the REAL Glumpkin?!

by ragecandybar
A Dish Best Not Served

Today Serving...

by nycflowergirl
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"Snowflakes" by miharu_mizuneko
The western wing of the house had, almost overnight, transformed from a warm and inviting living space to a cold, nigh sacred ground, and a solemn silence reigned. The door to the first room on the left was wide open, and the upper hinge was visibly loose, as if someone had flung it open and slammed it too often. The room had only been occupied for three days...

Other Stories


A Job Well Done
The building in front of me was a giant behemoth of arches and marble and gold. The Faerieland Employment Agency. I was finally here, and there was no turning back now.

by unfogging


The Chosen One
It was dark, that she could tell, but as she tried to reach up to touch her face but the whispers and gasps that followed made her freeze. There were other people? Why couldn't she see them?

by calliegraphy


How to Play NQI and NQII Without Losing Your Mind
A list of tips to prevent you from becoming as crazy as Mr. Insane while adventuring in the Neoquest world.

by bha288


What is the Plural Form of Mootix, Anyway?
"A Habitarium? But I don't own one of those. Don't they require petpetpets? Those are expensive!"

by pancakesatthedisco


Deeper: Part Eight
"So," I said, stepping in her path and holding up my blaster. "Not the innocent little girl you pretended to be, are you? Get down!"

Sharron snarled, reaching for her blaster anyway.

by kristykimmy


Agent of the Sway: Isolation - Part Ten
Clayton materialised within the bowels of the Citadel - Zylphia's device had at least performed better that time.

by herdygerdy

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