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Budding Trouble - Part 7

Brichubi, you are a horrible detective.

by jupebox
Fashion Wars!

It's all about beauty and fashion!

by deathnote
*Face Palm* 3


Idea by bananerr

by glitterrpop

The Misadventures of a Grumpy Plumpy

What... is... THIS??

by gypsychic420
An Overlooked Advantage

I've been thinking.

by tudorrose1558
The Goofers - Terror Mountain, part 4

Our day has been ruined!

by lintsuf

Actually, you're just not good at this game.

by thesovietivan
Who's the Boss?

Welcome, everyone, to the Virtupets Space Station!

by mhchristine
Battledome Woes

We're going to dominate.

by admonisher
The Problem with Being a Seeker

How unfortunate.

by cannizarro
Oh No, That Fanatic Techo Again...

Soley is running to the goal!!!

by sakura_dreamer
Team Spirit

and pretentious Neovians

by irasshai
Kadventures of Olly and Ninth: Appreciation

It's Petpet Appreciation Day!

Also by 0llyness

by __ninth_gate__

A Day in the Life of a Relatively Normal Family

Which team to support?

by soderham
Contrast: Altador Cup

Talk about Girl Power!

by jojomoonless

Usually that starts in mid June.

by twillieblossom
Drop Everything!

There are more important things on the horizon.

by wuv_shadow
Scorto's Adventures: Altador Cup Cost

Some fans are willing to sacrifice anything to go to a game of Yooyuball...

by john3637881
...::: Yooyus Are Nasty :::...-Clockwork-

You think yooyus are cute? You are mistaken...

by chlo26
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"History of an Order Head" by cybunny_2000567
Rasala the Bright was not always known as such, and she was not always a brilliant, gifted magician—in fact, many, many years back in time, she was known simply as Rasala, and had no magic of her own, though she was always fascinated by it. When she was young, she was prone to locking herself in her room with her stacks of books...

Other Stories


Losing Our Sister
I have always looked up to my older sister even though she's a Baby Korbat. She always knows how to make me smile and laugh; she cannot speak very well, but the sounds she makes makes my heart flutter. She's beautiful and I will always love her, but I will never forget the day that I almost lost her.

by heartachexoxo


Tim and the Omelette
Tim is a very hungry and adventurous little Kadoatie!

by _papercranes


Top 15 Cutest Petpets
We all know that Neopia is full of petpets, but have you ever wondered which ones are the cutest of them all?

by mercy_angel


Top Ten Tips for a Homemade Island Party
Have the fun of Mystery Island without actually visiting Mystery Island!

by iluvfyora896


Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Esteem - Part Seven
It was four days before Gary had recovered enough to be allowed to walk around. His head injury probably would have taken much longer to heal then that, but fortunately it seemed that Abyssal Acres was allowed to have healing potions even if they weren't allowed soldiers...

by shinkoryu14


The Breadmaster's Challenge: Part Two
The next morning, Aventia rose before dawn, having had a disrupted night's sleep. As the date of the competition grew nearer, Aventia had grown more and more nervous...

by meganhilty

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