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Tweaking Neopian Games #7

Petpet Rescue

Art by vampirebunny180

by myssinu

A Game of Cards part 3 of 6

On an unrelated note...

Script by water_park1993

by thewizardess

A Baby Pteri's Worst Nightmare

The thing a baby Pteri fears most: Breakfast.

by grooviesmoothie
Etc, etc, etc...

Is it possible to fix plushies with a hammer?

by technitune
Blank Stares #01

What happened?

by wen510
Props and Sets

Top_Secret_Code is always so dramatic!

by secret_coder

It lies!

by hobbitgwen
Key Quest and Science

That tree grew from no ordinary seed!

by yampuff
Freak-out - Techo Super-Fan Gets A Job

Your job is simple.

by ichigostars


Graphics by cevierakasky

by vampirejess13

The Ithalyas Chronicles - The Stormbringer #3

In which there is fear.

by kattrish
Dream Extreme

Hidden 4th Level

by can_i_get_frozen

How to earn a lifetime ban from the Kadoatery

by cables
Tale of Woe - Part 1 - The Beginning

Once there was a kingdom full of light, joy, and freedom. Ruled by a kind King and loving Queen, all was well...

by buffylemon

''TNT has a reason for conversion.''

Idea by icysparkle

by moonlit_fantasty

The (Mis)Adventures of the Defenders of Neopia : #5

'Overly Oblivious' - Pant Devils aren't that thrilling anyway.

by amamamole
The 10 Million Neopoint Difference

That's a lot of zeros.

by stardial
So Many Shoyrus

Why are there so many Shoyrus in Neopia?

by zeximl
Alien Cybunny UFT

We all know Alien Cybunnies' status of existence is the same as Jelly World. -shifty eyes-

by reeses_pet
Say What?

I'd do it for juice.

by deleted_milk
Better Than the Altador Cup

For some Neopets, there is something more exciting than the Altador Cup...

by amelia_124
Black & White

I just asked for the way! Why doesn't anybody believe me?!

by nadrianathebeast
Krazy Kougra

We all have those special moments...

by wildanimal7722
sanity ltd

Juri and Ormin go on a pirate adventure.

by thunderlight314
Something Smells Fishie

Don't heckle the players -- especially when they're losing.

by luckyfishie
Geraptiku and the Cursed Wave, Part 1

And so it begins...

by buizelmaniac
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100 NP Readers Program

Because I am a little bit stingy and out of curiosity (because I am a very curious Aisha by nature), I thought I would see how many different books I could read – all for under 100 NP! That's not 100 NP each; that is 100 NP all up! As it is, I was astounded at how many different books were available for such a low price! I was so excited I felt the need to share with everyone how much fun, and how affordable...

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High and Lifted Up
He hated boring-ness. He hated grey-ness. He hated spells. He wanted fun.

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I still remember what they said when they first captured me.

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The 100 Neopoint Neopian Readers Program
I thought I would see how many different books I could read – all for under 100 NP! That's not 100 NP each; that is 100 NP all up!

by luxury_tux


Around the World in 80 Soufflés: Part 2
Kelp took a good deal of getting in to and so the last thing one wanted was for that effort to have been in vain...

by horripilated


The Messenger: Part Four
"How long until we reach Terror Mountain?"

by iamcanadian1428


Unforeseen Adventures: The Tomb - Part Five
A nearby howl told Dan the Werelupes were closing in. His heart hammered...

by meghen200

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