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A Tyrannian Misunderstanding


Concept by akari24

by taz_241590

Shoyru Adventures: Battledomers! Part 3

An apple a day keeps more than just doctors away!

by lawrence_189
Poor Parlax 3


by fwipinator
Neopian Tragedies; II

Food, food, food, food, food, food...

by fjant
Funny Pages: Begging Faeries

You have a new quest!!!

by jeiwolf
The Class of '08 Part Twelve

Wait, what?

by _dead_meat_x_
Painted Pets

Maybe they forgot about the Usul...

by soccer__princesses
Think Before You Eat!

What a great cake!

by kittymango
The Valley of Spam


by chichikokoyamma
Not So Brightvale

How did Skarl become king of Meridell? And Hagan, king of Brightvale? It's an intruiging story...

Also by diablo_gato

by thunderwolfcrys

The Hot Dog Hero


by c0nfusedbrian
How to Finish a Party

I have a super idea!

Also by optimystique

by rose_cel

Faerie Alert!

Watch out for this one. I'm super serious.

by kontinasu
Undefined Scribbles

Why no one plays 'Cheat' with Lord Kass.

by squisho
All Day Life: First Day in Neopia

Sometimes you just can't dislike the Pant Devil.

by kepharigy
Restocking Madness #3

Kelp is for rich neopets only.

Also by feverlama

by hypno_the_cat

Neopian Anomaly

Around Coltzan's Shrine...

by lizica166
Why You Should Never Trade Pets

A Lesson to Learn...

by geestelijk
Freefalls Into Lunacy

176 KB of pure jollification!

by firefree_animegirl

Starring: Kassoo & Kadoaties

by itrust

There's a little boogie in everyone...

by chkmic8
The Secret of Sloth

Now the secret is revealed.

by sassofrasso


by coshi_dragonite
Tiny But Tough - Sketchy edition

Maybe a little over-the-top, hmm?

by crazy_kathy
Word-Play #1


by alexmajor9

The Transfiguration.

by ravenatore
The Gormball Prize

I thought they said something about "ancient evil alien artifacts" on the Gormball page...

by gooie629
Family Photo Day (With Stethacanthidae)

Technically, I think he actually understood the idea.

by howiesgrl_24
Elderly Pets Gone Wild

Kadz away!

by wallaroo42
Medical Tree: The folks at Mystery Island

I hear they ruunn the tiki tours...

by leetmango

Do Not Attempt This At Home

by rakcoon
Note to Self

While you're away, why don't your pets just eat out of the SDB?

by seiya_from_ashes
And Now...

...something completely different.

by fish_puddle
Appreciate the Meepit

Petpet Appreciation Day

by _undead_whisper_
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"Witches Further Abroad" by herdygerdy
The meteor cracks in two, and the figure it contained stands up. He looks around, and a thin smile spreads across his face. "Perfect," the figure says in a raspy voice. "It shall start here." In a million alternate universes, the figure would have succeeded in his plans. In a million universes, the station wouldn't have depressurised and Grimilix would have made it back in time. In a million universes, Neopia would have fallen. This is not one of those universes. This universe has Witches...

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The Star and Flame Chronicles: Team Work
Spring had finally sprung! Now was the time to dig up wild plants, now was the time to race around outside, now was the time to garden!

by reeses_pet


A New Friend...?
As if on cue, a rather large ixi acorn crashed through the window...

by eschebone


Darigan Neopets: Vicious or Just Misunderstood?
I've written up three truths to convince you that Darigan neopets really aren't all that bad- and can actually be your loyal companions for quite some time, if you'd give them the chance.

by the_past___


Planning the Perfect Picnic
They say spring is a very social season, so why not combine your love for fresh air and friendship by hosting your very own picnic?

by icey_princess_


Witches Further Abroad: Part One
It was the annual witch convention. Well, annual might have been stretching it a bit; it was the first witch convention...

by herdygerdy


Vinsetta: Part One
"It's not like I had a choice," said Emma, continuing to stare out the window into the night. "They just dropped in and left her, saying they would return soon..."

by reggieman721

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