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Autumnal: Top Five Autumn Items Guide - Garlands

Get to know about the top five Autumn items in Neopia!

Also by morifoy

by sosunub

Backpacking On A Budget - Part 5

We’ve reached the final part of this series and so have now covered the basics of backpacking on a budget as well as a suggested route around the various realms of Neopia. As the last article ended in Krawk Island the next land I recommend you visit is Faerieland.

by equinewhispers
Neopia's Secret Villains: Part Three

Neopia is filled with hundreds of characters. These characters range from brave heroes to dastardly villains, and everything in between. There’s one problem though – not all villains are recognised as the true villains that they are.

by asparagation
What Colour Neopet Are You?

Did you ever wonder what colour neopet you are? Faerie, mutant, rainbow? Well, this is the quiz you need to take to find out!

by sparkleeze
Why Do YOU Love Your Favorite Pets?

There is a new generation of Neopets players, people who have only ever known the version of Neopets that enables the customization of pets. Curious about this newer generation of players, I thought it would be interesting to ask the Neoboards why THEY love their favorite pet species. I received a lot of thought-provoking replies!

by indulgences
One Hundred Games - Part Two

These articles feature information on the first hundred games in the history of Neopets, including some that have been forgotten by most of the public. It's informative and, depending on how much you like history, entertaining, so sit down and get ready. Let's dive right in...

by azienskieth
Picking Your Perfect Guild

Finding a guild can be daunting… Finding a guild that’s perfect for you can be even more so; for within the wonderful constructs of Neopia, dwells a smorgasbord of fruitful clans where you can explore common interests, goals and adventures. But how do you find the perfect guild?!

by gloomrain
Catch Up on Autumn Reading with the Library Faerie!

With cooler weather quickly approaching, many Neopians will soon find themselves wanting to curl up in their cozy Neohomes with a Hot Cup of Borovan and a good book. And that, my friends, is why a chat with the Library Faerie ls long overdue!

by a_ramsell
Made that Perfect Gallery?

Last time I spoke to you, I told you how to "Make that Perfect Gallery." How can there be another part to your rambling on you ask? Well easy!

by o_babypet4me_o
To UC or not UC?

To UC or not to UC; that is the Question!

by sassyteen2005
5 Thoughts on the Charity Corner

She’s back! Granny Hopbobbin is BACK! Here we are my fellow Neopians for one more year of being kind and having a lot of fun with another edition of the Charity Corner event. Are you ready to make a good action? Let’s see how generous you can be!

by mazaii_3
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"Dinner with Darigan" by 77thbigby
The Darigan Scorchio flopped onto his Hewn Stone Sofa as if it were a cloud. He was used to the sofa and he was too tired to care. That’s when he heard a tread on the stair, leading to his one room home. He sighed, knowing what was coming next. An electric Blumaroo leapt lightly over the back of his sofa and plopped beside him. “Have you ever met Lord Darigan, Afzal? Well, we’re having dinner with him tomorrow at six o’clock.” The electric Blumaroo smirked, rose to her feet and paused at the head of the stairs. She was purposely not giving Afzal time to react. “Oh yeah and my family will be there, too.” The slam of his front door announced Amalia’s departure. To that first bit of news, Afzal had only given Lia a withering look. He was a Darigan Scorchio living on Darigan Citadel. Of course he hadn’t actually met his ruler but he had certainly seen the Darigan Korbat on numerous occasions. Had he reacted any other way than he had, Lia would have taunted him unmercifully.

Other Stories


Nowhere To Go But Up
It was in the middle of the night when Baby blue JubJub Claire woke up, scared and alone in the Haunted Woods. All she could see in the distance, was a sign saying "Edna's Tower". Confused as to how she wound up there, she proceeded to slowly tip-toe towards the large castle. Glowing with green, it seemed to be the safest place around.

by taravdr


A Day in the Life of a Sewer Surfer
The clinking of the pipes fitting together was comforting to Matt, the Neopian Central Sewer Systems Engineer Wocky. For the past several years, he had been in charge of fixing the broken pipes that flooded Neopia Central back in Year Four.

Also by tanner_73

by iciclefaerie05


After ACX: Part Five
Part Five - Mutant

I’m the best of all of them. I do mean it, I really am. I love being Mutant. Normal was boring and Faerie just infuriating! Yeah, sure, I looked good, but now, Mutant? It’s the best. I know it’s not usual, but I wish I could just stay Mutant.

Also by lil_em06

by swimmingstar01


On The Revolution of Heavenly Spears: Part Two
When Ryshu entered the school the next day, he had absolutely no idea what to expect. He had a few theories, though none of them were concrete: first, that the Master wouldn’t be there to welcome him, and second, that he was expected to be in the same room as the one he was in the day before.

by sampleneopian


What Happened After the 700th Issue Was Published.
Don't tease someone who's already in a bad mood!

Also by: semmy_genius

by _clement_


At the End of the Day
Gawain has seen strange things at the bottom of the Symol Hole...

by ezel68

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