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A Guide to the Neopian Halloween!

by rafa_potter


     Aw yes, October 31st. Halloween is here again. The season everyone loves to love! Is it because of the spookiness? Is it because of all the candy related activities? Is it the possibility of dressing up as one of your favorite characters? Or, perhaps, is it all of it together? Well, either way, year by year, we all want to take the most out of this special and unique day, since it comes and goes by so fast. Halloween is so special that here, on Neopets, we have plenty of stuff to do that are exclusive to this specific day. I’m talking about events, prizes, awards, games and many more. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Well, if you are, then come with me and I’ll detail three special things you can do on Halloween day here, on Neopets, that will enhance the spooky spirit within you! With this article I’m going to prove to you that Halloween makes anything that is already good better.

     1. Trick or Treat Bags

     My personal favorite! Halloween day is well known for the distribution of candies. However, that is not restricted to your own neighborhood. Scattered around Neopia there are usually five different Neopians willing to give you a trick or treat bag with their faces on it. If you manage to find them – and as long as you are not afraid of the possible tricks - you can open your bag and see what’s inside. There are usually plenty of candies for your Neopet to enjoy this day as they should, but there are also other goodies as well! Wearables, toys, plushies, furniture (I know!), weapons, books… Still not convinced? What if I tell you that you can also find exclusive stamps? Yeah, my friend, you should totally travel around Neopia to find these amazing bags. If you feel like trying out to see what kind of items you can get from those kind Neopians, I’ve separated five Trick or Treat bags from past years to prove you that you can expect anything from them. You can find them all for sale on the Shop Wizard or at the Trading Posts nowadays. And believe me, there’s such a nice rush on opening your bag and finding out what’s inside!

     • Trick-or-Treat Bag: the very first trick-or-treat bag was given out in 2003 and featured mostly candies and a few other goodies. However, if you were lucky enough, you could also find a Halloween Petpet Paint Brush. What a deal!

     • Scary Trick-or-Treat Bag: this was the first trick-or-treat bag that awarded wearables. If you’re still looking for a costume for your Neopets, this bag comes with ton of possible mask, like the Esophagor Mask that is, until nowadays, a classic. There others too, and they are all spooky;

     • Skarl Trick-or-Treat Bag: who knew that the grumpy old king would gently give out candy bags? I, for sure, was surprised. However, thinking of it… Maybe this is just a huge trick… Well, be suspicious about this one.

     • Kreludan Mining Corp. Trick-or-Treat Bag: this trick or treat bag proofs that Halloween is not exclusive to this world! You can find it in Neopia’s moon, as well. Can you imagine that?

     • Giant Omelette Trick-or-Treat Bag: I bet you didn’t know that unanimated characters could be gentle too.

     2. Site theme

     Okay, so, you are logging into Neopets on Halloween day for the first time and… what is this? The whole layout of the website is changed. It’s so… spooky! A perfect match for such a special day. You love it so much you want to keep it. Well, I have some good news for you, my friend. Yes, you can keep it! All you have to do is prove yourself loyal to Halloween, loyal enough to stay awake until the very end of it. What do I mean, you ask? To get this site theme and be able to use it anytime for the rest of the year, you have to refresh any Neopets page on October 31st at 11:59 pm NST. The best thing about this theme is that when Halloween is officially over, you can still use the site theme and have the spookiness for yourself a little longer. So, make sure to refresh any page before the clock strikes midnight, otherwise you are going to have to wait a whole other year! Can you imagine losing such an amazing site theme? Can you imagine having to say goodbye to Halloween for a year? No one wants that.

     3. Count Von Roo's Deadly Dice

     Say you are an avatar collector and you have been struggling with the Count Von Roo’s Deadly Dice avatar. You have to wait until it’s 12:00 am to play the game, every day, hoping to finally get that avatar, and this is boring you a lot. Well, the beauty of Halloween strikes again! During the whole day and night of Halloween, Count Von Roo is gladly awakened, waiting for anyone who dares to play his game. In case you are not an avatar collector but you’ve just became interested on this, the key to getting this avatar is to play his game by first tying with him and then winning the game. Just like that! And what a perfect day for getting such a spooky avatar. Just make sure your Neopet isn’t dressed as a vampire when you go there. Count Von Roo might be… offended. And you do not want that.

     Well, my dear friend, this is only but the surface of what you can do on the Neopian Halloween! The whole Halloween season is filled with different stuff, like new wearables for sale in both Neopian Shops and the NC Mall, new paint brush colors for you to paint your Neopets and Petpets, and there are also events that can occur, like Saskia’s masks. It’s all about showing up during this amazing season and enjoying it fully! I wish everyone a Happy Halloween and make sure to write me a Neomail telling me your favorite Neopian Halloween activities!


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