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Brain Tree’s origin.

by jacquelineramrez


     The questions of this enigmatic tree have been answered by many Neopians but…how did it turn into a brain tree? Here’s the story:

     There’s been a tree surrounded by books thrown by the Neopians that passed by, then one day the tree got tired of the situation and with its roots it took one of the books and curiously observed that there were letters inside, thing that it had no knowledge of so he got scared and threw the book far from him.

     He thought of what were the things that the Neopians threw him for days, every single thing looked like the object with several layers attached that scared him. He wanted to know what were those lines that formed strange figures which filled those layers up? He asked to himself if those figures were connected to what he heard Neopets say.

     Days passed and the tree started to pay attention to what Neopians said, then tried to articulate those words to himself.

     The tree little by little learnt the Neopian’s idiom, though he knew the phoneme he couldn’t understand what those meant and even less decipher which sound had which written symbol. The tree found the situation frustrating, but continued to learn from the Neopians because, in the end, he thought that the only way to know what was in those strange object around him, was by talking to one of those passerby.

     Every night the tree remembered the words the Neopians that passed close by him said and repeated those words in his mind endlessly, he wanted so bad to say them out loud and hear his own voice but he couldn’t. He tried, day by day, but it was fruitless… until one night a little Shoyru walking close by the tree heard him say “grrlgr brrrr ppfff”

     The little Shoyru thought a petpet made the noise, he was about to leave but more noises caught his attention. Where did those noises come from? The Shoyru asked, it weren’t from a petpet, that’s for sure. The Shoyru came closer to where the noise came from until he was before the tree. A tree making noise? The Shoyru couldn’t believe it!, it probably was the branches or the barbats inside the tree, however the tree made a clear noise “ttuuuu—haaaarrr—mmbrrreee-kkkk”.

     The Shoyru didn’t know what to do, he was perplexed, was it a dream or the tree was actually trying to speak?. The little Shoyru touched the tree for a moment and asked “do you speak? Are you really making this sound?” the tree tried to answer but only managed to say “yyyyssss”. The Shoyru was over the moon, excited said to the tree –it was a yes, right? You want to talk to me?!. The tree internally was as excited as the Shoyru was, this Neopet could hear him! He could speak!, the tree tried again to say yes but failed.

     Wow that’s amazing!- the Shoyru shouted. A breeze chilled the Shoyru, he looked at the sky and realize it was really late. With disappointment he said –it’s a shame it’s too late and I have to go. But I will come tomorrow!! This is amazing, it’s the first time I hear a tree speak. The Shoyru said goodbye to the tree and walked away. The tree was left alone with the book around him, but now the tree no longer felt frustrated, for him the night was wonderful, a Neopian heard him try to talk, wasn’t it enough to feel this happy?

     The next day the tree couldn’t wait to see the little Shoyru again, he didn’t know when would he come but supposed it’s going to be at night. Through the day he kept paying attention to what the Neopians said and unconsciously moved his branches at the rhythm of the breeze and felt the words like music for his ears. At night he saw a weird shadow, he thought it was the Shoyru, and indeed the Shoyru was approaching him enthusiastically.

     -Hi, beautiful tree!, wow…you sure have books around you- the Shoyru noticed while making space to sit beside the tree.

     -H-h-hhiii-I – greeted the tree.

     -How can you talk? There’s legends that say of trees’ talking abilities centuries ago but I didn’t believe it was true.

     The tree slowly moved his branches and with a feather touch put his branch in the Shoyru’s throat then moved the branch to the Shoyru’s ear.

     -So…you listen to what we say and understand then?- the Shoyru was fascinated.

     -Grrrrpprrlll- the tree moved one of his roots under the books and grabbed a book to give to the Shoyru. He took the book and let the tree open it with one of his branches.

     -Do you want me to read to you?- the Shoyru asked.

     -Yyyy—eeess – the tree said with a faint enthusiasm, he couldn’t believe the Shoyru got to understand what he wanted. He’ll finally know what those object thrown at him are.

     -Ok!, around this bunch of book I think there’d be some for baby Neopets, I learnt to read with those you know?. I still have a long way to go, but we can do it together am I right? – The Shoyru sit up and searched for books, he chose five, one for babies and three others about vocabulary.

     And that’s how nights went by between the little Shoyru and the tree, the tree learnt new words every day and started to say full words, also read little by little. The Shoyru enjoyed the tree’s company and liked to read to him, he also talked about how was he doing in the Neo-school and he felt happy to have a friend who listened to him and could help despite his young age.

     In the mornings, the tree happily moved his branches and the Neopians smiled at him with cheer in their eyes, they no longer saw a mere tree with unwanted books at his roots, they saw a healthy, leafy tree happy to be around books.

     The tree desired to learn more, the Neopians didn’t notice it but he started to accommodate the books in piles sorting out which books he’s already read and which haven’t.

     After many years the tree changed physically and Neopians did notice such changes due to the grey matter that leaked from the trees’ branches and the dry leaves that constantly fell to the ground. The little Shoyru was worried for the tree and told him to stop reading so many books, the tree didn’t listen to his advice, to the contrary, he demanded more books from the Shoyru. The Shoyru obeyed without word but he felt hesitant to keep visiting the tree and sensed that what was happening was deeply wrong.

     Despite the now greyed-book obsessed tree attitude, the Shoyru couldn’t leave him alone, he grew up with him and still considered were good friends so he kept giving books to the tree and watering his roots since the tree forgot to take care of himself.

     When the Shoyru stopped visiting, the tree at first thought he was too busy, but the absence extended to weeks, the tree was worried, he noticed that the Shoyru grew old and was tired most of the time but happy to keep the tree company so he feared the worst. Though the tree couldn’t remember his friend’s name, he started to ask every Neopian who came close the date and place of death of any Neopet to point out the fate of his friend.

     The End.

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