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Hello Fellow Traveler:Part Three

by trishabeakens


     Months have passed by since the Moonstone natives arrived on the new land. The area did not have a name yet, but its community decided to vote on a it at a later date. The Neopians had already built a few temporary houses, and the main building, the Hall of Heroes, was completed. Inside would be statutes dedicated to the council, which all twelve would rest in the lobby. It would take time to complete the statues, so they decided to hold off building them until the rest of the city was finished.

     The Moonstone Island residents already became comfortable with their new home. It took time, but they managed to settle in. They helped with the building of the city and taught other Neopians about their home island and culture. They were overjoyed that Nera had led them to this land.

     Speaking of Nera, she spent most of her time helping her own people with their problems. She often assisted in the building of the city as well. Other times, she'd spend it with Jerdana, enjoying her company and learning about the blue Aisha. Their time together would blossom into a friendship that would last a lifetime. Having a close friend during a trying time was a relief for the Xweetok.

     During the last several months, Nera had also finally worked up the courage to talk to Altador.

     Well...more like stutter in front of him.

     Nera found out a lot about the white Lupe during their long conversations. Altador was a master at archery and hunting. He also came from a family of refugees who escaped a corrupted kingdom. Stargazing was one of his hobbies, and he was highly skilled with a sword. Altador seemed so… perfect. Everything he said and did was admirable.

     Which is why on a sunny evening, Nera packed a basket of food for him. She wanted to talk to him more, mostly on why he has rejected Zairia’s idea on using magic to build the city.

     And maybe to also get closer to him.

     With the basket of fruit and bread in her hand, Nera made the long walk down to the shore. Several Neopians built the docks a few weeks ago, and now were constructing boats. Three had already been made and were sitting in the water, near the docks. The light brown Xweetok stepped onto the stone white dock, looking around as she tried to find her favorite Lupe.

     Her brown hair swayed slightly in the wind. This land was incredibly sunny, something her and her people were used to. Each time she came out to the shore, her worried mind was at peace. It felt as if the sea itself was telling her things would be okay.

     Nera shook the thoughts out of her mind, and started to question if Atlador was at the docks. Maybe he already finished his work for the day? She didn't seem him around, or on any of the boats. He could be out working on the buildings or main wall.

     “Hey Nera!”

     A loud and familiar voice caught the young Xweetok’s attention. Nera looked up towards a large boat, and standing on its deck, was Altador himself. The Lupe waved at her, smiling and appearing to be thrilled to see her. Nera waved back, making her way towards the boat. It was much bigger than the one she had came on. The white sails had a large sun painted on them, something the council had decided to do.

     The sun was a symbol of peace and hope. The community chose to make it the crest of their fair city.

      Nera walked up the ramp, stepping onto the ship’s deck.

     The ship was large and had stacks of dark wooden crates resting on its deck. Most likely the ship would be used for shipping merchandise and goods across the seas of Neopia. Altador was helping set the large white sails up. He pulled on a rope, tightening it and securing it on a loop.

     Nera walked up to him, smiling. “Hi Altador.”

     He turned to her and smiled back. “Why hello, I wasn't expecting you to be here today.”

     “Well...I wanted to bring you some food.” Nera handed him the basket. “I figured you were probably busy out here and didn't have time to eat.”

     Altador took the basket filled with food, and replied. “Thank you Nera, that's very kind of you.”

     Before Nera could reply, Marak, a blue Peophin and fellow council member, yelled up at Altador from the sea to stop slacking off. He appeared to be joking, but Nera couldn't be for sure.

     “Hey Al! Why don't you stop with the chitter chatter and get back to work! We gotta get these boats done by nightfall!”

     “I'm not slacking!” Altador turned, shouting back down to his friend. “I know I'm doing a lot more than you!”

     The two appeared to jokingly bicker often, which this was one of those times.

     Nera rested her hand on her left cheek and laughed. “Hi Marak, it's nice to see you too.”

     Marak slightly bowed his head. “Ma’am, I hope Al here isn't giving you any trouble.”

     ”Marak.” Altador scolded.

     “No, he's being an absolute gentleman.” Nera spoke, smiling at Altador.

     “Good, if he tries any funny business let me know and I'll take care of him.” Marak teased once more. He was definitely enjoying this. A wide smile appeared on his face, irritating Altador even more.

     The white Lupe sighed, rolling his eyes. “Be on your way friend, as you said, we have plenty of work ahead of us.”

     The Peophin nodded in reply, and then swam off, going back over to another boat. Part of Nera felt guilty for distracting Altador from his work. Then again, Marak may only be teasing him.

     “So...” Altador spoke, setting the wooden basket down on the deck, “are you enjoying your stay here?”

     Nera nodded. “I am very much enjoying my stay here.”

     “Well, I'm glad.” Altador grabbed another sail rope, tightening it and securing it to the support beam.

     “Need any help?” Nera asked, hoping she could help him somehow.

     Altador shook his head. “No, we don't need any help. Although...I would love to take you to the festival if you're willing.”

     Nera raised an eyebrow. “Oh? What festival?”

     “We're having a festival to celebrate the beginning of the kingdom. Things are going smoothly lately...and I thought a day of celebration and relaxation would be good for all of us. I'd love to take you with me.”

     The brown Xweetok blushed. “Oh...uh..sure. I'd be more than happy to go with you.”

     The Lupe’s smile widened. “Great! I'll see you at five o'clock then?”

     “Of course.” She replied, suddenly remembering something she wanted to ask him. “Altador, do you mind if I ask you something?”

     “I don't mind at all.” Altador leaned against the beam with his arms crossed.

     Nera hesitated to speak, but asked anyway. “So...I talked to Zairia a few months ago and she's pretty upset you rejected all of her ideas.”

     The hunter was surprised by the sudden question, but deeply sighed in response. “I know she only wants to help, but her ideas aren't best the for our city.”

     “What's wrong with her ideas?”

     “She wanted to use dark faerie magic to create the buildings for the city. Myself and the rest of the council decided that the people wouldn't cherish the city as much, if it was made from magic instead of by ourselves. People would litter and not care for the city if I went with Zairia’s idea.”

     “Oh….” Nera mumbled, still slightly bothered by her faerie friend’s ideas being rejected. She cared for Zairia deeply, Nera didn't know why, but she felt like the dark faerie deserved a chance.

     Everyone deserves a chance, right?

     Altador softly smiled. “But don't worry about that my dear, she'll be alright. You're a very caring young lady Nera, we need more Neopians like you.”

     The Xweetok her face getting extremely hot from the compliment.

     “ you Altador.” Nera stumbled over her words as she glanced at the ground.

     “I have to get back to work, but I'll see you later tonight, okay?”

     “Okay, see you then.” Nera gave him a small nod, walked off the deck, and down the ramp.

     She headed back to the mainland, going to see if any Neopian needed help. Since there would be a festival tonight, they may need help with decorations. Nera had never went to a festival before, so this would be new to her.

      The fact that Altador asked her to the festival, kept playing over and over in her mind as she walked. Nera liked Altador a lot, she wanted whatever this was, to go well. They had so much in common and gotten along well each time they held a conversation together.

     Nera then felt herself growing nervous over the event. What if she said something ridiculous and embarrass herself? Or she trips right in front of him and lands on her face? There were so many possibilities that things could go wrong.

     Time could only tell, Nera would just have to wait until tonight and see how things go.

     Neopia help me,Nera silently begged to whoever was listening.

     To be continued…

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