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How to Feed 75 Kadoaties in One Week

by mimitchi880


     My name is Letty, and I fed 75 Kadoaties in a week.

      No, I didn't stay awake long into the dead of night, nor did I spend millions of Neopoints satisfying those greedy Kads asking for Grey Toasts up in the top row. I just wanted the avatar, and am a notoriously impatient person. Impatience is always the most risky ingredient in any goal I brew up—usually, it's something we all tell our kids and our Neopets tell their Petpets not to have. Impatience can be dangerous. But in this case, it panned out: I set a goal to reach that shiny little avatar in under a week, and I made it with Kadoaties to spare. And this is coming from someone who had previously fed one Kadoatie in 2012 and then gave up for six years because I thought it was too hard. It's a cliché to say this on game guides, but I am positive that if me and my clumsy fingers and laggy internet can do this with a little perseverance, you 100-percent can, too.

      While I was feeding a few weeks ago, I kept a record of my experience in hopes that I might be able to share it with other fellow impatient players. I'm talking, the people who have never played the Wheel of Monotony in their lives. This one's for you. If you can't bear the overwhelming thought of chipping away at your Kadoatery score for months, I've got your back.

      Before we begin, I'd like to say that this is not a guide for someone who doesn't have much time in their day to play Neo. This is a guide for someone expecting a slow week in their life where they will have access to the Kadoatery almost the entire time they are awake. The goal here is to feed 10+ Kadoaties a day, and since they usually refresh every 40-60 minutes during the day, you'll have to pick a week where you know you will have Internet access and time to kill for most of your day.

      But without further ado: onto the good stuff.

      Day One:

      The first day is both the most exciting and the most challenging. This is the day you will be getting to know the Kadoatery. Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the Kadoatie board in the Games forum: this is going to be your home base. There, you will find guides on Kadoatery timing, the different types of feeding, and a helpful user base who will keep track of the Kadoatery refreshes in real-time and can answer almost any question you have. You can then begin to figure out which kind of feeding will be best for you. For a fast-paced week of feeding, I recommend not wasting time building a SDB for the long-term and sticking to Shop Wizard feeding: where you have a Shop Wizard tab open to quickly search for, purchase, and feed the food the Kadoatie is requesting. As a very basic guide: after the most recent refresh, you will see the timekeepers on the board list the next possible refresh time as 28 minutes later, and when the Kadoaties don't refresh then, their feeding cycle will pend on consecutive seven-minute intervals until they whine for food on one of them. You are going to be watching the board and refreshing every seven minutes when the timekeepers tell you to.

      It will feel awkward and strange sitting there in seven-minute chunks, suspense ballooning in your gut, not entirely sure what exactly will come out of your fingers when the Kadoaties finally do refresh. My first few tries at this were brutal and blurry-eyed at 8 in the morning, telling myself, "I'm just trying to feed one for fun, and that's it." Don't set the 75-a-week challenge in stone at first if it's too much pressure. Do your research, get your bearings, and don't worry if you can't make it to 10+ Kadoaties on your first day. I didn't!

      Here's the first thing I did: figure out my tab system in my Internet browser. I first decided on one tab for the timekeeping board, then a tab for the Kadoatery, a tab for my Safety Deposit Box (because I knew I'd squirreled away hundreds of food items there over the years), and then a tab for the Shop Wizard (already set to search "identical to this phrase" with the cursor blinking on the search bar for easy CTRL+C/CTRL+V). My tab system would change and evolve further into the week, but this was my starting point, and what got me my first 8 or so Kadoaties. I missed a few times in the beginning because I spent too long checking my SDB for an item that wasn't there, or the item name wouldn't copy correctly into the SW, but after a few hours—I got the system down and fed one.

      It's a whole supernova of adrenaline, that first Kadoatie. Be prepared: it will make you want to sit all day in the Kadoatery and keep trying to feed. And on that particular, fateful day, I had the time to do just that. So I will say, for your first day at Kadoatie feeding, pick a day where you know you have the ability to be vigilant about the Kadoaties all day. I know I said that was important for the whole week, but it's the most important for Day One, because you are still learning the ropes and more likely to miss feeds and lose confidence. Confidence-building is the most crucial part of Day One. The fact that I fed 8 my first day was the only reason I decided, "Hey, if I keep this up, I can get the avatar. If I get better at this, I can do that in a week." And the challenge was set. If you have a whole day to spend hanging out with these adorable Petpets, you are guaranteed to get to know their ins and outs and feed a handful even if you're completely new to the game. I promise. And if you're even more magical than I am, you might even get that 10+ silver trophy before the sun sets!

      Take screenshots of your favorite Kadoatie feeds. Joke around on the board. Make memories. It's only just begun.

      Day Two:

      Even I, master of impatient obsession, understand that you can't just sit on your computer—squinting at the Kadoatery and jamming F5 blindly—for ten hours straight, seven days in a row. We all have other duties to attend to, Neo-related or not, and even on the fast train to 75, I'm not going to ask you to abandon your life and your sanity all willy-nilly. So: Day Two is the day where you have to get crafty, and figure out how you're going to incorporate Kadoatie feeding into the twists and turns of your busy schedule.

      Since the Kadoaties pend every seven minutes, and there are 28 minutes in between each pending cycle (technically 35—the Kadoaties will never go on the "new main" listed on the board), you can weave the refresh schedule in among the threads of your normal life. If you want that avatar this fast, you're going to have to. Try things like this: after a refresh, use that 35 minute break to make lunch, or work on your other projects, or sneak in a quick power-nap. Then, use the seven-minute breaks for quicker tasks, like chatting with your friends, cramming two quick games of Yooyuball in, or crunching some numbers at work. If you know you're going to be on the go, try setting up the board/Kadoatery/Shop Wizard tabs on your mobile browser and feeding on your phone—yes, it can be done, and I had to do it a lot during my busy week. After a few hours of this, your body and soul will start to settle into the rhythm of the Kads. It's a second Circadian rhythm. Accept it. Embrace it. Live by their clock, not yours. It's the same as having any pet: you have to be there to feed them when they need to be fed, not when is most convenient for you to feed them! Keep in mind that you managed to feed a few Kadoaties yesterday, and that was before you really learned what you were doing. This should be a piece of cake.

      Take a deep breath—and just go for it. All day. No matter where you are (unless it'd be dangerous or rude to whip out your browser and feed a Kadoatie—then please don't!). Allow yourself to be worked up into a little teensy-weensy bit of a frenzy. I fed about fourteen my second day. It felt amazing.

      Day Three:

      This was the day where I thought, "oh gosh, I fed so many yesterday—there's no way I can repeat that!" But yes I did, and yes you can! At this point, you're going to be better at this than you give yourself credit for. At this point, you will learn the little refresh-by-refresh trends of the Kadoaties, like that you should hit F5 for 30 seconds after the last recorded refresh second, and that more often than not, the Kads will pend for up to an hour because they are merciless and cruel. But you won’t just know these small tips—you will also learn the day-by-day trends of Kadoatery feeding.

      On my Day three, I learned that the mid-day (around 11 AM NST to 3 PM NST) was generally the slowest time of day for the Kadoatery, as many of the current overfeeders were offline due to their timezone. So, start to figure out which feeders are going to be on at which parts of the day, and which Kadoatery spots they like to feed in. With that knowledge, you can pick the best times of day to really concentrate your feeding efforts, and you can avoid spots where you know a specific feeder usually aims for. Day Three is when I picked my personal favorite spots—though I’m not telling you where! ;) By Day Three, I had also accumulated a lot of extra food in my inventory from failed feeds, and as more and more refreshes went by, I started to be able to use some of it as the same food was asked for again.

      Even after just three days, it becomes a cycle you can navigate with precision. A routine you get used to. You can add the seven minute intervals in your head and squeeze in alongside longtime overfeeders. Should you get overconfident and try stealing the overfeeders' spots? No. Please don't. But take your place in between them. You'll start to find the whole thing fun—even if your usual bedtime and your NP bank account do not.

      Day Four:

      Day Four, to be honest, is a lot like Day Three. However, by this halfway point, you'll probably start to get to know the feeders currently active on the boards. In my experience, everyone is very friendly and fair, and by my fourth day, I had fed almost forty Kadoaties because of the hard work they do keeping the refresh times of mains and minis straight 24/7. Maybe by Day Four, like me, you'll feel confident enough in your addition abilities to start helping them keep time when the boards are slow. There is a guide on the first page of all their boards if you are unsure how. Timekeeping is a great way to show your support for the Kadoatery, the hard-working overfeeders, and really feel like you're a part of the community. By now, you are: you're a Kadoatie feeder, and you should be proud! So take what you've learned about mains and minis and pending, and timekeep alongside them. It will not only help the other feeders, but it will help you, too: you'll stay on track and won't miss refresh times, and you'll become a serious expert on exactly when you should be hitting F5.

      By this point, you might have also noticed that you're losing a lot of NP! Kad feeding can be expensive, and you're at the halfway point, when your income might be really starting to take a hit. If you're like me and you've been "pwned" a whole bunch of times on cheap items, forcing you to fork over more than 20k on one feed, you might be a couple hundred thousand NP lighter. So if you have the time, use your 35-minute breaks to play some Kass Basher, stock your shop, or do whatever it is you do to earn back the cash you've spent feeding.

      Lastly, at this halfway point, check in on yourself—I ran into a lot of stress and anxiety trying to force myself to remember every single refresh no matter how busy I got, and it began to chip away at the fun I was having. Remind yourself of why you're doing this (a super cool avatar at a super cool speed), and ask yourself if it's still worth it to continue at this pace. If not, abandon ship for a few days, or slow down to only 3-5 Kadoaties a day. It's perfectly okay. My experience was a speed run, and it worked for me, but that doesn't have to be your game plan the whole way through. Take care of yourselves!

      Day Five:

      With that being said, I'm a hypocrite. On Day Five, I did not take care of myself. Day Five was a bit of a crisis for me, and you might find that you have one of these days in your feeding week, too: where you can't seem to edge anyone out for a single Kadoatie feed, even if your Internet is as speedy as your fingers and you're settled in your favorite comfy feeding spot. For me, this day happened because it was a weekend where lots of super-fast overfeeders were home and all online together, consuming the majority of the spots. This meant that by noon, I was way behind schedule for feeding 10+ Kadoaties that day.

      I panicked a little. You shouldn't. Remember that lots of big feeders are across the world and running on different schedules than you, and eventually, they will go to sleep and leave a spot free. Look on the board to see who's signing off for the night, and if they have a favorite spot, try feeding in it once they're offline. Or, look for spots/rows in the Kadoatery that have been slower than the rest that day, and try sliding in there.

      If you have to, take a break for a while—though it's most helpful if you take your breaks in certain specific 35-minute periods. ;) Think back to Day One and what I told you then: if you can be there in the Kadoatery diligently, all day, you will eventually get feeds. The odds say so. The day will slow down during the mid-afternoon and late night, and you will get your Kads. And if you still end up short for your daily goal, you can always feed extra the next morning. You're two-thirds of the way done and you've got this.

      Day Six:

      It's the home stretch, my friends. You have to come into it with a new resolve, and stop stressing out about the numbers. It's going to happen. Sometime in the next few days, you are going to reach your avatar goal. Even if you get stuck in another bunch of lightning-fast rounds on the refreshes.

      Thankfully, my Day Six was wonderful: I went out with my family and was able to feed pretty regularly, checking in back at home throughout the day whenever I could. Why was Day Six going so well? Because I felt like an expert, and you will, too. More than just a halfway expert this time: now you know the names of expensive foods to avoid, and cheap ones to flock toward. You know where everyone's spot is, you know how many Kadoaties everyone on the board has fed, you've seen others "go pink" and get the avatar, and you know you're next. You know you can feed 10+ of these little guys a day. You know not to panic if you get pwned. You even are familiar with most of the Kadoaties’ names—and maybe little Jemjem is your favorite, too.

      Don't you dare give up when you've come this far!

      Day Seven:

      You know what I'm going to say here. Get your game face on—it's the final countdown, wonderful mewbies! Depending on how your last few days went, you might only have five or six Kadoaties left to feed like me, or you might have hit a rough spot and still have more than ten to go. Again: relax, no matter your number. You know by now that you're getting that sweet, sweet 75. You can see that pink Kadoatie on the thin horizon and can almost make out its little mew.

      This is the easy part. This is a final push of muscle memory and determination. This is a celebration. Think about the fact that soon, oh-so-very soon, you'll have your old schedule back, and you won't have to hit pause on your life every seven minutes to see if Destructo-Kad or Dirigibles wants their sand shake right that second. Think about all the TV you can watch without interruption! Think about not sprinting around your house trying to speed-run your chores in half an hour! Think about refreshing the page and seeing your avatar count jump up a tick! Think of seeing your beloved Neopets again!

      You will have this life of luxury again. Soon. But first you have to focus… One last time.

      Ultimately, it's up to you if you want to be as wild as me and pit your impatience against your better judgment for seven straight days. I completely understand if you don't. But wouldn't it be fantastic to look back and say "hey, I fed 75 Kadoaties in a week!" I think so. I know so. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this guide—get out there and go, feeders!


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