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Summer Cooking: Treats for You and Your Pets

by jjensen688


     As summer rolls around, many Neopians- young and old alike- are found sitting at home, boiling in the heat. Released to the freedoms that come along with summer, it’s easy for you and your pets to run out of fun things to do. Like it or not, you can only play Meerca Chase so many times before the charm goes away. So, what’s left to do?

     Easy: Cook! Without further ado, I present to you 3 summer-themed recipes!

     1. Kelpcakes with Green Sauce


     To make this, you’ll need…

     Giant Green Kelp <4 NP>

     Giant Red Kelp <3 NP>

     Wheat Flour <1000 NP>

     Kau Kau Farm Milk <150 NP>

     Blue Negg <27000 NP>

     Green Negg <14000 NP>

     Bag of Sugar <300 NP>

      This recipe is a bit complicated, so try and follow along.

      First, we’ll prepare our pancake mix. Combine Giant Red Kelp, Wheat Flour, Kau Kau Farm Milk, and Blue Egg in a mixing bowl. Stir until thoroughly combined. Pour a thin disk onto your pan, and cook on medium heat until they reach a nice purple shade. Repeat this several times- an ideal serving is three pancakes.

      Now, onto the sauce. Combine Bag of Sugar, Green Negg, Giant Green Kelp, and a fair deal of water into a saucepan. Stir on low heat until done- make sure it doesn’t start to caramelize!

      Pour your sauce onto your stack of pancakes, and voila! Your Kelpcakes are done, Green Sauce and all.

      (Looking for a similarly tasty breakfast? Take any pancake mix- or make your own- and follow the instructions on the box. Before cooking, though, add a bit of blue and a dash of red food coloring. We want it to be more purple than it is red, after all. As for the sauce? Uh… Good luck with that.)

     2. Blurf Mince Pie


     To make this, you’ll need…

     Several Blurfs (Blurves?) <13000 NP x Number of Blurfs>

     Blurf Coconut Milk <1000 NP>

     Kau Kau Farm Milk <150 NP>

     Wheat Flour <1000 NP>

     Any sort of Negg

      First, we must prepare the crust. Combine Wheat Flour, Kau Kau Farm Milk, and your Negg of choice. Be careful when kneading your dough- do it too much, and your crust won’t turn out well. Press into pan when done.

      Next, prepare your filling. Pour Blurf Coconut Milk and Blurfs in a saucepan, and cook on low heat. Make sure you don’t overcook it- when cooked too long, Blurfs get a sort of bitter taste to them. No point in ruining your pie, right?

     When done, pour into your crust. Top the pie off with a thin sheet of dough. Make sure you poke holes in the top- otherwise, you may end up with the bitter-Blurf dilemma mentioned previously. Cook until golden brown, and your Blurf Pie is done!

     (Craving a pie for yourself? There’s plenty of berry-based pie recipes out there. For blue-colored snacks, try blueberries, huckleberries, blackberries, blackcurrant berries, dewberries, or plums!)

     3. Skeith Ice Cream Cake


     To make this, you’ll need…

     Three Scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream <1700 NP>

     Cherries <200 NP>

     Bag of Sugar <300 NP>

     Kau Kau Farm Milk <150 NP>

      If you or your pets have a summer birthday coming up, this recipe is perfect to help you cool down while celebrating.

      First, make a simple icing by mixing Kau Kau Farm Milk and Bag of Sugar. Seperate a small portion for decoration, but keep most of it white. Put it in the fridge to let it cool- we don’t want any part of this cake getting warm.

      Next, get out your Skeith-shaped cake pan. (You do have one, right?) Press in the first layer of your Chocolate Ice Cream. We use the Three Scoop brand due to it’s higher quality. Pour down a layer of icing, let set, and repeat the process once more. Top it off with another layer of icing, and let cool until frozen.

      Finally, decorating! Use your set aside icing to add the iconic red drizzle around the snout of your Skeith. Use your Cherries to add eyes and a smile! Feel free to decorate to your hearts content.

      (Looking for an ice cream cake of your own? The recipe is similar to this one! Layers of ice cream and frosting. I’d use store bought frosting- I like buttercream personally- but feel free to make your own. As for decorations? The only limit is your imagination- and your budget!)

     RAPID FIRE ROUND: Slushies!

      Is there a better way to celebrate summer than an ice-cold sugary slushie? The answer is no. All slushies are made pretty much the same way. Throw some ice and the ingredients into a blender and let it go until thoroughly mixed. So, let’s knock out some popular ones!

     Lime Berry Altador Cup Slushies (Gotta rep for my team, right?)


     Lime <930 NP>

     Blue Bomberry <300 NP>

      Blend these ingredients separately and spoon in to create the iconic planetary look!

     Neocola Slushie


     Can of Neocola <500 NP>

     Achyfi Ice <1000 NP>

     Bubbly Roseatte Juice <1875 NP>

      What better way to make a soda-flavored slushie than combining a bunch of sodas? Make sure you go heavy on the Neocola. The Achyfi and Roseatte might wash it out.

     Wormy Slushie


     Chocolate Ice Cream <33000 NP>

     Worms and Dirt Sundae <15 NP>

      I mean… To each their own, I guess. You might wanna add the worms in last.

     Asparagus Delight Slushie


     Asparagus <7500 NP>

     Bubbly Rhuby Fruit Juice <2000 NP>

      Asparagus is all the rage around Neopia right now. Might as well jump on the trend before you miss it!

     Brain Slushie


     Brain Ice Cream <3700 NP>

     Brain Kebab <1300 NP>

     Rejuvinating Jar of Brains <600000 NP> (Optional)

      Is it morally sound? Probably not. Legally? Technically. If you’re looking for a nice pick-me-up, the Jar of Brains is neccessary. Don’t ask me how to get your hands on one.

      Thus concludes our summer treat special. I hope you found at least one recipe in here that sounds good to you or your pets. Ultimately, the options are quite unlimited- anything becomes a nice cool treat if you throw it in the freezer for long enough. Don’t forget to keep you and your pets safe this summer. Sunscreen, water, life jackets… you know the drill. Remember that it doesn’t matter how your end product turns out. It’s all about the fun you had getting there.


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