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The Case of the Enchanted Amulet

by innosently


     I awake to a sound that didn't belong. It was in-between an old lady cackle and the cackling of the fireplace... which was NOT currently lit. I am about to go back to sleep until I see something or someone shift under the shadows of my curtains. Now I am WIDE awake. I throw my covers to the side.

     "Who's there?" I ask unintelligibly.

     It’s okay... I reassure myself. I’m still fighting to stay awake. I am sure that I’m not mistaken as I see a crescent moon like grin and a pair of golden eyes akin to two Neopoints. I blink, and the thing by the window is gone in a flash. Instinctively, I go to a picture frame that I find has been moved. I’m quite the perfectionist and find it uncharacteristic of the portrait to be askew. I quickly remove the frame from the wall and let out a strangled gasp.

     My secret vault has been opened and my very rare Enchanted Amulet has gone missing! A terrible knot, like the knotted cloth necklace I had recently gifted a friend, tightens up my insides. My throat has gone as dry as the Lost Desert. I run to my window and look down at the clear front yard. There HAD been somebody at the window. I hadn’t been dreaming... and whoever it was stole my Enchanted Amulet. For some reason, my mind is working faster than usual and I run to the nightstand next to my bed, shaking the Baabaa lamp and bottle of water right off the surface. I do not take notice of the broken contents now at my feet as I find what I was looking for. I hold up a business card. In a simple black, bold type font, it reads: Tenicie Sheridan Holman Private Detective.

     I quickly run to the study and head towards my bright Red Chia Pencil Holder. I withdraw my favorite King Hagan Collectible Pencil. I had gotten it as a Christmas Present one year, and though it was not worth a ton of Neopoints, I liked seeing the tiny bloated face of King Hagan just lingering at the tip of my pencil. If it was any other day, I would have laughed at his little crown and curled beard. But it was not any other day. It was a day full of misfortune and bad luck. It was imperative that I write as hastily as possible. I look around for some paper. Unfortunately the only piece of paper I can find is a paper airplane I had made not too long ago. I had been proud that it had flown so seamlessly right into the rubbish bin. I search the rubbish bins contents and am relieved to find it resting atop all the foul substances.

     I straighten the creases and start writing.

     Dear Detective Tenicie, I apologize to be writing this letter so late. However, this is a matter of extreme urgency. I got your card from a friend, not thinking I would ever have to ask for your help, but here I am... asking for your aid. Tonight, something as awful as Dr. Sloth has made its way into my bed chambers and stole a precious enchanted amulet that I had kept securely hidden in a vault behind a large nostalgic picture frame. I am willing to trade or pay in pure Neopoints to get my enchanted Amulet back safe and sound. I was not able to see much of the robber accept for this... the thief had golden eyes and a cruel white smile. The darkness hid the rest. Before I knew it, he or she was gone. Please respond promptly.

     Best Regards,

     A Distressed Client

     "There you see, Watson? Business is finally boosting!" An uncased Robot Gelert says to his Warf PetPet. "It is so amusing when clients worry about waking me when I never sleep. See here... the client says I apologize for writing so late... oh? Look! It seems like they used a King Hagan Collectible Pencil. I can tell by the led used to form each letter. I wanted one of those."

     Watson rolls over in his bed and covers his brown ears with his paws, trying to drown out Tenicie and get back to dreaming his little Warf dreams.

     "It looks like our client also likes airplanes." Tenicie refolds the letter into an even advanced paper airplane and flings it across the room where it lands right next to Watson in his Brown PetPet Bed. Watson looks at the paper airplane, but decides to ignore it as he shifts back into a comfortable position to go back to sleep.

     "The question is... who would want to steal an enchanted amulet?" Tenicie asks himself, but then snaps his robot fingers as an idea hits him. "By jove, I think I have got it! Who else would want to steal a shiny necklace but that of a woman? We have no time to waste. Quick, hand me my Cloud Gelert Pencil! We need to respond back with haste!" Tenicie says in all urgency and emotion that a Robot could muster.

     Watson heaves a small sigh, knowing that he would not be able to get back to sleep that night. He regretfully leaves his PetPet bed behind as he fetches Tenicie the Cloud Gelert pencil and an old piece of paper. Watson had found the paper marking a place in-between a book Tenicie had forgotten he still had in his inbox.

     After the letter was written in response, Watson heads to deliver the message, leaving Tenicie to think back to his Client’s letter. "Golden eyes and a clear white smile... I guess the first place to go is the Tooth Faerie. She knows teeth better than anyone. Maybe she will know of a Neopet with a crescent moon smile and golden eyes." Tenicie says to himself and sets off to find the Tooth Faerie.

     Tenicie remembers a baby Uni, who lived right down the street from him, had a loose tooth. The baby Uni liked to play with Watson and while Tenicie had been preoccupied with another case, the baby Uni had gabbed away about their loose tooth and how they would finally be able to meet the Tooth Faerie! Tenicie was not listening at the time, and if he did not have his robotic recording system on, he would have missed the Tooth Faerie talk altogether. He was hoping he was not too late. It was very tricky to come across a Faerie unless a Neopet traveled all the way to Faerieland or by stumbling upon A Faerie that wanted a quest of some kind. Tenicie shuddered. The last quest was quite unpleasant. It cost him a few cases worth of Neopoints. He was about to unintentionally pass the little Uni’s Neohome when his robot eyes caught a shining light from the window. It was the Tooth Faerie. She was just leaving the baby Uni’s house, so enraptured in the shiny white tooth in her hands; she does not spot Tenicie until he calls out to her.

     "Excuse me, Ms. Toothie, can I ask you a few questions?" Tenicie asks.

     The Tooth Faerie looks a bit dazed at first. She was not expecting someone out this late at night. "Well I did finish making my rounds. What can I do for you, Robot Gelert?" She questions.

     "The name is Tenicie. I am looking for a Neopet with a crescent moon grin and golden eyes. Do you know of such a Neopet?" He asks her.

     "I do not reveal information regarding my clients. Especially if the one who is prying, is a Robot with fake metal teeth." She responds almost coldly.

     Tenicie did not know what to do... so he turns on his mechanical brain. What would the Tooth Faerie want that would get her to tell him about the golden eyed thief...? Then it hit him like Lightning Bolt Lollypop! Watson had lost a tooth a few weeks back. Tenicie had kept the small canine securely in his detective pockets, forgetting to place a Neopoint underneath Watson’s pillow. He notes that he would do that as soon as this case was put to a close.

     Tooth Faeries could not detect when a PetPet lost a tooth. Their powers linked only as far as Neopets and their teeth. PetPets teeth were another issue and a Tooth Faerie would do practically anything to get their hands on them!

     "How about I give you a PetPet tooth in exchange for some clientele information?" Tenicie says, pulling the shiny Watson tooth from his pocket.

     The Tooth Faerie gasps. "Where did you get that?" She asks in wonder.

     "This PetPet tooth is all yours... I just need to know which Neopet has a pair of golden eyes and a crescent moon smile." Tenicie says.

     "You make a tough bargain." The Tooth Faerie grumbles.

     Tenicie starts to put Watson’s tooth away until the Tooth Faerie grasps the hand holding the tooth. "But! I can make this one acceptation!" She blurted out almost hysterically. "An Elderly Neopet tends to have golden eyes. I know this since I am in charge of making their dentures. The dentures are made curved like crescent moons." She says this so fast, Tenicie has to turn on his slow motion settings to hear her right.

     "How could an elderly Neopet creep around stealing things without anyone hearing their elderly bones creak and groan?" He says to himself.

     Tenicie thanks the Tooth Faerie, gave her Watson’s lil canine, and sends her on her way.

     Tenicie heads back to his house, but stops in his tracks as he spots Egonite the gorgeous Grey Lupe and her adopted Ogrin grandmother walking down the way.

     "My dear Egonite. Why are you out so late? There are thieves about and I do not want you getting caught up with one of them. They are terrible things, thieves." Tenicie said. Even in the dark, Egonite looked as dashing as ever.

     "How dare you judge—" The Elderly Ogrin stops what she was about to say as Egonite grabs her Grandmother’s arm firmly.

     "Do be careful, Granny Naham. I do not want to take you to the Neo Hospital at this late of night." Egonite scolds her grandmother. "Thank you, Sir Tenicie, for thinking of my wellbeing, but I am quite capable of taking care of myself. I am just accompanying my granny on her nightly stroll. So, if you will excuse us." Egonite walks past Tenicie, her granny close at her on-the-go heals. Granny Naham stuck her pink tongue out at Tenicie as she scrambles to catch up to her granddaughter.

     Tenicie continues his way back home. After a few minutes of scrambling for his keys, he stuck them in his door, and barely turns the door handle when I, as the client, and Watson basically stumble out almost on top of the detective. Thankfully Tenicie was a robot and quickly maneuvers himself away from creating a dogpile. I quickly stand up, brushing the step pavement off of my clothes.

     "Oh, thank goodness. I see Watson successfully delivered the message." Tenicie said, patting Watson on the head.

     "I wanted to ask you a few questions so I may continue my search." Tenicie motions me back into the house, looking left and right outside his door, and slamming it shut on its hinges.

     "What did you want to ask me? I already gave you all that I know in the letter I had sent." I respond with frustration and anxiety entering my tone.

     "What I want to know is where… you got the King Hagan Collectible Pencil you had used prior to sending your letter." Tenicie says with plain curiosity and keen interest.

     I am surprised and speechless for countless seconds. (Approximately 28 seconds according to Tenicie's calculations.) "How did you know I used that type of pencil?" I finally utter.

     "I could tell by the led. Plus there were little strands of beard folded in with the paper. It must have fallen from the top of your pencil as you fiercely wrote." Tenicie replied, extremely perceptive...creepily so, in fact.

     "Well, if you must know... I got it as a gift from Christmas one year." I say.

     "You did not get it from King Hagan himself? That surprises me... Wait! That gives me an idea!" Tenicie exclaims, starting to pace the room. A habit when an idea struck him at a certain time, I presume. It was amazing that the floorboards had not caved into a long parallel line from Tenicie’s blue velvet chair all the way to his door and back again.

     "Come, Watson and Client... grab your coat and let us go." Tenicie says, handing me my fancy frock coat.

     "Where are we going?" I ask, slipping on my coat.

     "We are going to get some wise advice and perhaps some answers from King Hagan." Tenicie says, almost propelling me alongside him out the door.

     Before I know it, I find myself at the Brightvale Castle Gates.

     "State your business... Oh wait. Detective Tenicie, is that you?" An Ixi readjusts his ginormous glasses. "It is you!

     Well come on in. King Hagan said that since you found the book he had been missing, you are always welcome without an appointment."

     "Thank you. Have you not gotten your prescription changed yet? Those bottle shaped glasses are doing nothing for you. I am saying this as a friend... but they look awful with your already ginormous eyes and tiny horns." Tenicie says, patting the Ixi on the shoulder while entering the castle doors. I give the Ixi a warm and encouraging smile before entering in after Tenicie.

     Tenicie finds King Hagan observing a map of some sort. Tenicie tries his best to clear his throat, but Robots cannot really do that. Tenicie scrolls through a recorded file in his database. He had recorded someone clearing their throat for this kind of occasion.

     "Ahem." Tenicie’s recording finally snaps King Hagan out of his reverie.

     "Why, Detective Tenicie! What are you doing here, dear boy?" King Hagan asks, setting the map down.

     "I wanted to know... can an elderlygirl be as silent as the Neopian Graveyard? I would think someone would at least hear their rusty bones or something...?"

     "Sorry, I did not know you had company." An enticing voice says, making me and Tenicie turn to the speaker.

     It was the lovely Egonite, this time without her Granny lingering at her side.

     "She has all the male Neopets turning their heads. She is the daintiest thing in all of Neopia. She lives quietly with her Grandmother, works flexible hours as a secretary… I do not know for which company or person, walks out at five every day, and returns at seven sharp for dinner." Tenicie turns down his volume to an almost whisper level and narrates into my ear.

     I agree that she was quite beautiful, but did not understand why she was painted Grey. She looked like a damsel in distress with such sad eyes.

     "I will come back later. I was just dropping by to get my wise words in before the next day. I am really trying to get an Avatar and trophy to surprise my Granny Naham with as a gift." Egonite explains.

     "Looks like I already have company. I am so sorry, young lady." King Hagan apologizes sincerely to the Grey Lupe.

     "No bother. I’ll just come back later." She says, withdrawing from the King’s presence.

     "A wise friend once told me that beauty is equivalent to a Grey Lupe." I say to Tenicie.

     King Hagan is not displeased with my insight, which was good. "I should reward you with a book." The King says, running a large hand through his beard in deep concentration.

     King Hagan departs to find a good book and then comes back with a befuddled look on his face. He handed me a Book of Awesome. "I cannot find the Altador Treasure Map I had been looking at earlier." He says, clarifying why he had the confused expression. "I put it down right over there, do you remember, Tenicie?" He said, pointing to a now empty table.

     Tenicie rewinds his memory. "Yes, you did put it there. Many things are missing tonight… how odd." He says quite bemused. "I think I know where we need to search next. Are you thinking what I am thinking?" Tenicie asks, turning to me.

     To put it quite frankly, I have no idea what Tenicie is thinking, but I nod anyways. Without further ado… Tenicie and I head back to my house to look for more clues.

     "Now let us back track." Tenicie says. "Reenact up to the point where you went to check your treasury."

     I do as Tenicie instructs and I proceed to recreate my night, all the way up to your Enchanted Necklace missing from my Deposit Box. "…then I found my picture frame crooked, opened my safe, and…" All of a sudden I freeze in place. My Enchanted Necklace lay untouched still snug safe and sound in my treasure box. On top was a picture of a beautiful Egonite in an evening gown and her Granny Naham. The Elderlygirl Ogrin was wearing the Enchanted Necklace around her brittle old neck in the photo. A scribbled note is found in the back of the picture that reads: "Now you will never know if that necklace is yours or a fake. Thank you for the fun chase! Hugs and Kisses ~ Granny Naham and Egonite."

     I examine the Amulet closely and find that it is indeed the Enchanted Amulet. It must have been a silly ruse.

     "I am immensely indebted to you, Detective Tenicie. How can I reward you? How about you choose anything inside my safe? All accept the Enchanted Amulet, of course." I say, motioning to my treasure trove.

     "You have something in which I would value even more than the items in your Safety Deposit Box." Tenicie says.

     "And what is that…?" I ask.

     "This photograph!" Tenicie exclaims.

     I stare at him in amazement. That was all he wanted?

     "Of course, if you would like." I finally say.

     "I thank you from the bottom of my mechanical heart." He says, folding the photograph so only Egonite the Grey Lupe was seen and carefully places in his coat pocket. "Then I guess we can call this case to a close. I have the honor to wish you a very good morning. I see we have been about this all night and I can see the sun creeping its head up as we speak." Tenicie gives a gentlemanly bow, turning away without noticing the hand I have stretched out to him. He must be setting off to solve more crimes and mysteries, I presume as I slip off my coat and put on my night cap. I am in need of catching up on some sleep.

     As I lay, snug in bed and atop my Babaa pillow... I couldn't help but wonder... was the main objective of the Grey Lupe and Elderly Ogrin to steal King Hagan's priceless map that had mysteriously gone missing...? But before I can think more about it, sleep overtakes me and I forget everything as I dream of winning the Wheel of Fortune.

     After all, I am NOT a Detective. And that's how it should be.

     The End


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