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7 Facts About the Queen of Altador

by trishabeakens


      Ah yes.. the shining kingdom of Altador, with its rich history full of legends and heroes, you think any Neopian could name each one by heart. (Well, you can at least name each Yooyuball Team.. right?) This is the case most of the time, but many are not aware of the story behind the heroic queen of the city, Queen Nera. The brown Xweetok has been the public figure of Altador ever since it was discovered by the public in Year 8 on the 1st Day of Running. For the first time in a thousand years, you’ll be able to hear a few facts about the city’s noble lady. Maybe next time you’re in the city, you may even cross paths with her. Just be sure to never mention this article, she is supposed to remain a mystery after all. And sometimes the best legends are the ones never told, or so they say.

      1.) Nera likes her keep her life private.

      Unlike other queens, such as Fyora or Nabile, Nera prefers to keep her life and past, private. Just like King Altador himself, Nera does not have a Neopedia article. Weird right? You would think the king and queen of a famous kingdom would have their own articles. Yet, if you check for yourself, neither of them have one. A tad suspicious considering most of the other rulers have their own articles. The only Neopians that know her story in full detail are the residents of Altador. Maybe one day she’ll let in a little more light on her life and allow a Neopedia article to be written about her. Until then, we can only guess what heroic deeds the queen has done.

      2.) She can’t play Yooyuball

      Despite being queen of the city famous for the popular pastime, Nera cannot play Yooyuball very well, all really. The king himself can tell you himself about the numerous times his queen has broken a window or a vase, just from trying to learn the sport. She likes to say Yooyus just dislike her, but the famous Petpets say otherwise. She had over a thousand years to practice the sport after all. We can only hope that eventually the queen will be able to play the long loved game without being a hazard to her subjects. Just be careful and watch your head next time you’re visiting the city.

      3.) Her nickname is ‘The Rebel’

      Seems like an odd nickname.. right? Well, before the founding of Altador, and before her reign

      as queen began, Nera lived on an isolated island. It was ruled by a dark and evil sorcerer who made the native’s lives miserable. When Nera became of age, she led a rebellion against the sorcerer, trapping him inside his amulet. He was never to be seen again. The Xweetok led most of her people across the high seas in search of a new home, as their beloved island had been overrun with dark magic and monsters. The group landed in what is now known as Altador. They helped shaped the city to become what is it today, bringing along their own traditions and way of life. Pretty cool huh?

      4.) She started the Miss Altador Pageant

      The Miss Altador Pageant, the annual event where every girl dreams of getting a chance to be in the spotlight. From finding the perfect dress for the occasion, spending endless hours on her hair and getting every detail perfect for the event is a hassle. Queen Nera started the event in hopes of bringing more excitement to the city. She chooses the judges and makes sure the event goes according to plan. The winner also gets to have tea with the queen afterwards, pretty exciting huh? Spending an hour with the queen herself seems like a pretty big deal, who knows what secrets you could find out about her. Maybe you should enter and are lucky enough, you’ll be crowned the next Miss Altador! Good luck!

      5.) She’s responsible for Altador’s endless supply of Altachucks

      Are you one of the many that has completed the Altador Plot? If so, congrats! Then by now you should know that King Altador gives out daily prizes when you complete the plot. Did you know one of the many prizes he gives is a Petpet called the Altachuck? The creatures are cuddly and cute, but you can’t help but wonder, where does the king get all of them? It seems he has an endless supply. Well..the answer is fairly simple, they all come from his queen! Queen Nera herself has her own Altachuck (Chuck as she likes to call him) and constantly brings strays back to the castle as rescues. Altador gives them away as prizes, so they’ll have a nice new home. And a castle full of Altachucks isn’t really the best idea, even if it’s what the queen would want.

      6.) The Kiko Team isn’t her favorite team

      Ever fall victim to the horrid Kiko Team event? Where you were minding your own business and out of nowhere the Kiko Team takes an item from you as a donation? So has the queen of Altador herself. Several times, the queen has went out to buy an item, and she finds herself a victim of the random event. The team is currently on the queen’s bad side and we can only hope the event stops happening, or the queen will be more forgiving. Anyway, Go Kiko Team and good luck in the next Altador Cup!

      7.) She’s the public figure of Altador

      Ever wondered who was responsible for organizing events and making public speeches? The answer of course, is Nera. She takes on the responsibility of organizing the Altador Cup, the Miss Altador Pageant, and other festivities you find in the city. Remember when King Altador went away temporarily for The Faerie’s Ruins and Desert Diplomacy events? Queen Nera took over his position and kept the kingdom safe from all harm until his return. Often you can find her chatting with her subjects and playing with the children.

      Hopefully this article helped shine a bit of light on the mysterious queen of Altador. Next time you drop by the city, be sure to say hello to her, she might just award you for your kindness.


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