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A Guide on Shopping for Clothing Under 2500 NP

by cherishtwilight


     "Hey, Rish! It’s been a while! What’s up?" Prices. Tons of prices.


     Well, that’s not really true. In the years since Neopia’s conception, the economy has gone through its ups and downs, and since my return I’ve discovered that more than a few of my wishlist wearables have become (dare I say it) affordable.


     However, even today it generally takes around 50k to assemble a reasonable outfit for one pet. With that said, it would take a while for a newcomer to scrounge up that sort of money—which is expected of any player, really. However, if you’re a lazy player and would rather get by with the amount of Neopoints TNT has already given you, you’re in luck. My newfound existential apathy and indolence is here to assist in the least enthusiastic manner possible.


     The Beginning


     We must first acknowledge the criteria set here—generally, to keep your pet clothed and warm, one must obtain a Shirt and a Pair of Trousers and/or a Dress ; a Hat ; Shoes ; and, of course, a Background . This is the bare minimum, however we’re not here to sloppily throw on anything, thus we must also take into account your pet’s color, gender and their species. The species one is a bit more complicated, as it also takes into account story, background and personality, so let’s leave it at the most basic and say we’re focusing on the colors and gender.


     Now, since we know you’re too lazy to earn more NP to buy clothes, never mind a paintbrush, we’re assuming here you have the basic colors: Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. Along with that, you’ll probably have a Masculine or a Feminine pet. This guide will briefly mention the colors (R/B/G/Y) suited for each piece, along with whether it’s Masculine/Feminine/Neutral (M/F/N). However, the categories listed will be based off which category the clothing falls under (background, shirt, trousers, etc..) In addition, there might be comments as to what setting the piece might fit into, but otherwise it’s quite straightforward.


     Got it? Good. Let’s bring our first category then:




     Rocky Ocean Background




     Estimated Price: 1 NP ; Color: G/B ; N


     Extremely cheap, though a bit difficult to work with considering it looks like your pet is about to drown. Although it does work better with more amphibious species’, such as the Acara. A good replacement for your amphibious or cast-away pets is the Forgotten Shore Background, roughly around 10 NP. Use with care.


     Piles of Apples Background




     Estimated Price: 20 NP ; Color: R/G/Y ; N


     Ah, the notorious outdoors. Colorful, easy to decorate, organically beautiful. Easily one of the most beautiful backgrounds costing under 500 NP, it’s a must-have for any newbie, though a bit redundant. Alternatively, you might prefer the Courgette Field Background, more solidly dark green with yellow accents—however, the subject of the background isn’t exactly the most scenic of things.


     Cloudy Sky Background




      Estimated Price: 60 NP ; Color: B/Y ; N


     More suited for avian/flying species’, though it is rather painterly and pretty, similar to the above background.


     Ice Caves Background




     Estimated Price: 70 NP ; Color: B/G ; N


     A good, if albeit frosty, background, with limited use unless you have a Bruce—then, you’re in luck.


     Altador Cup Colosseum Interior Background



      Estimated Price: 80 NP ; Color: Y/G/R ; M/N


     A nice little warrior background, with a battlefield feel to it. However, one should note that warrior or gladiator clothing can be rather pricey, so use it with that in mind.


     Notable Backgrounds Not Mentioned


     -Waiting for Restock Background (Estimated Price: 440 NP; Color: R/G/Y ; N )

     -Neohome Background (Estimated Price: 80 NP; Color: R/G/B/Y ; N )

     -Game Room Background ( Estimated Price: 25 NP; Color: R/G/B/Y ; N )

     -Brightvale Mansion Background ( Estimated Price: 600 NP; Color: G/Y ; N )




      Ghoul Catchers Coat of Containment




      Estimated Price: 0/100 NP ; Color: G/Y ; M/N


     Given out by the Ghoul Catchers game, this jacket is a particularly snazzy find while thrifting. You can get it for free by downloading the game, but regardless, it sells for quite cheap.


     Willowed Dress




      Estimated Price: 800 NP ; Color: G/Y ; F


     This one is definitely subject to a change of prices in the future, however while you can, hurry and obtain this one. It’s definitely a steal, because—well—just look at it. You know what I said about organically beautiful? It applies here as well.


     Long Orange Dress AND Fancy Pink Gown




      Estimated Price: 90 NP AND 130 NP respectively ; Color: R/B AND G/Y respectively ; F


     These two have been a pretty stable bet due to Prigpants and Swolthy being reliable (*cough* unoriginal *cough*) tailors. Though they’re rather overused at this point, I admit, both can still be used in creative scenarios, given the right hands. And in any case, they are pretty.


     Basic White Shirt




      Estimated Price: 216 NP (General Store) ; Color: R/B/G/Y ; N


     Ah, the most basic of the basics. Basic at it is, really, the thing you must remember about the baseness of the basics of the Basic White Shirt is that basic often means versatile (as well as, you know, basic). Really, I’d suggest this for anyone who's all out of ideas for their new outfit. It is, obviously, a good base. (A striped blue alternative is available in the Snazzy Bowling Shirt, being 100 NP).


     White Top Chop Robe




      Estimated Price: 300 NP ; Color: R/B/G/Y ; N


     Another pretty basic choice, with a Shenkuuvian (Shenkuuan? Shenkun? Shenkan?) twist. The collar is pretty nifty.


     Other Notable Tops, Mostly for Specific Pets:


     Because really, if I were to list them all out, we’d be here all day.


     -Nimmo Lost Desert Urchin Top (Estimated Price: 20 NP ; Color: R/B/G/Y ; M/N)

     -Yurble Chef Shirt (Estimated Price: 25 NP ; Color: R/B/G/Y ; M/N)

     -Chia Stooge Top (Estimated Price: 200 NP ; Color: R/B/G/Y ; M/N)

     -Tribal Lupe Top (Estimated Price: 230 NP ; Color: R/G/Y ; F/N)

     -and many, many more.




     Khaki Trousers




     (Estimated Price: 597 NP (General Store) ; Color: R/B/G/Y ; M/N)


     Ah, the most basic of basics of—screw it, you know what this is all about. It goes without saying, but the Khaki Skirt may be included as well, though it isn’t as versatile as it’s brother.


     White Top Chop Trousers




     (Estimated Price: 150 NP ; Color: R/B/G/Y ; M/N)


     See it’s sibling, the White Top Chop Robe, for further explanation.


     Patterned Pajama Bottoms




     (Estimated Price: 700 NP ; Color: R/B/G/Y ; N)


     If you don’t mind the cheesiness and the lack of versatility, this is an…interesting addition to your wardrobe. It changes with each pet, so it’s quite creative as well.

     Hardy Blue Trousers




     (Estimated Price: 2000 NP ; Color: R/B/G/Y ; N)


     I wouldn’t suggest this to anybody actually aiming to shop with a budget of under 2500 NP, however, despite the price tag, this is a good choice for any casual looking pet. It won’t be included in the final sum for obvious reasons, but to anybody reading this and aiming to budget, check it out.




     Tyrannian Army Cap




     (Estimate Price: 650 NP ; Color: G/Y ; N)


     A note; though not a lot of Advent Calendar wearables are good, all of them are quite cheap. I’ve already mentioned the Snazzy Bowling Jacket, but along with that we’ve got the Scientist Wig (300 NP, suited for Blues and Greens), and some other foreground pieces I’ll mention in the Other section. With that being said, I’m a bit of a fan of this one, and I find it a nice part of anybody’s wardrobe.


     Veiled Autumn Hat




     (Estimate Price: 45 NP ; Color: Y/R ; F/N)


     The original cheap headpiece. Obviously overused, but I think that overexposure unfairly downplays the beauty of this one. It’s a good choice, and even I still have it after all these years.


     Woollen Cap




     (Estimate Price: 520 NP ; Color: Y/R/G ; N)


     A good winter choice. Also very cute, though it’s pretty specific.


     Grey Moustache and Wig




     (Estimate Price: 400 NP ; Color: R/G/B/Y ; M)


     If you have a male Neopet, buy it. It’s cool and I love it. However, to be fair, it definitely adds age to any Neopet. But it’s a cool wig nonetheless. Really, if you’re thinking of good, cheap wigs, the only other rival to this is the--


     Ice Blasted Wig




      (Estimate Price: 500 NP ; Color: B ; F/N)


     Yeah. This thing is cool , no pun intended. I can’t believe it’s so cheap, since the last time I was here it was still pretty expensive. Whatever actually happened, it’s given us an awesome wig at, what, less than 1000 NP? Please.


     Jazzmosis Hat




      (Estimate Price: 100 NP ; Color: R/G/B/Y ; M/N)


     The second original cheap headpiece, next to the notorious Veil—this time, it’s pretty masculine. It’s also pretty cool, but in a less punny way. It’s just Cool, with a capital C. It’s "A Glass of Punch and a Live Jazz Band in a Five Star Restaurant" Cool. Definite buy.


     Beautiful Hair Flowers




      (Estimate Price: 400 NP ; Color: G/Y ; F)


     You are all aware that I love nature more than anything, but I’m being serious when I say if you have a feminine Neopet and you don’t own this, you need to. You need to. Really, if you have a masculine pet, buy it too—flower crowns are eternal.


     Welp, that’s mostly it. While I’ve checked out most of the prices for myself and listed some prices Jellyneo has established, this list will probably be dated very soon due to changes of price. However, if you are mad enough to try, I’m sure you could if you wanted to. Assuming you want to.




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