Neopia's Fill-in-the-blank News Source Circulation: 194,845,150 Issue: 800 | 6th day of Collecting, Y19
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We survived 800 editions!

by teca_alvarenga

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How Soon is "Too Soon"?
So did I make it...?

by danzgirl12


The Great Gormball Gala
The heat of the summer had been unbearable, always feeling like you were in the Lost Desert, so the breeze was most welcomed.

Also by wellthatsfantastic

by juggal3tt3j


What do we all want?!
Justice for all!

by sky_lady


800 Green Mirrors
She is an avid collector of many items, but her favorite is the Green Mirror. She seems to request this item more than any other, and has built up a massive collection of them, just recently receiving number 799.

by brodysseus

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