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by cchiphorsey944


There is nothing more appropriate for Grey Day than a Grey Day Feast. This guide is to help prepare even the most novice of Neopian Hosts turn a glooming grey gluttony into a deliciously droll dinner. Before we begin, it is important to note that there are 256 shades of grey, ranging from platinum and silver to charcoal and slate.

Expert hosts may enjoy the challenge of limiting themselves to an all-grey theme to stay true to this day, but I encourage novice hosts to work within their budget and explore all the colorless shades in Neopia. Even Baelia herself wears different shades of grey from her hair to her toes (although, notably, her hair is off-white, not grey).

1. Your Environment: Décor and Ambiance

Your starting point should begin with creating an environment best suited for a Grey Day feast. For many Neopians, this means entirely redecorating their dining room. I recommend seating your guests on Grey Chairs (NP 3,300) at a Grey Coral Table (NP 3,750). The centerpiece of the table doesn't have to be fancy – a Single Grey Flower (NP 50) is more than enough. If a single flower doesn't seem to tie the room together for you, you may consider the Dreary Grey Bouquet (NC 150) or a Dusty Grey Bouquet Box (NC 500).

For the Neopians who love to go fishing, you may already have a Grey Sea Fern (NP 3) collecting dust in a box somewhere. Pull a few out and see if you can't create a colorless centerpiece!

I strongly recommend including a tribute to the Grey Faerie somewhere in plain sight – I personally have a Grey Faerie Snow globe (NP 3,000) sitting on the shelf above the fireplace. However, keeping a Grey Faerie Potion (NP 9,000) on the mantle above your Solid Stone Fireplace (NP 8,600), or hanging a Grey Faerie Shield (NP 30,500) on the wall are both perfectly acceptable alternatives. I also hang a Single Grey Cloud (NP 4,725) above the dining room table to maintain the ambience and remind everyone in attendance of our reason for celebration.

If you're artistically inclined, don't shy away from putting your own lifeless artwork of Baelia on the walls!

While I wholeheartedly believe all Neopians should recognize the Grey Faerie on this special day, I caution hosts from bringing out and showing off their Grey Faerie Dolls (NP 5,000,000). Such flashy demonstrations of extravagance are garish even when it's not Grey Day, and will likely keep you, host, from being invited to future

Feasts and social events.

2. Your Appearance: Dress and Accessories

As long as you are hosting or attending a Grey Day Feast, it is important to look the part. For male Neopians, we recommend a simple Basic Shirt with Blazer (NC 150) and Basic Grey Pants (NC 500) set. The more refined gentlemen should opt for a Grey Moustache and Wig (NP 390). Don't forget your Grey Linen Cloak (NP 8,800) while you're braving the depressing weather!

For female Neopians, we recommend dressing up in a Grey Silk Dress (NC 150) paired with Dull Grey Peals (NP 2). If you'll be walking any distance, a Knitted Grey Caplet (NC 500) or a Ruffled Grey Shrug (NC 150) is an absolute must. You should certainly be wearing a Long Charming Grey Wig (NC 500), but if you don't already have one, you may try to borrow an Ash Blonde Wig (NC 500) from a Neofriend. If you're really in a bind, the long silver wig (NP 3,750) will do.

For those Neopians who can't leave their Neohome without "putting on their face", try the Grey Eye Shadow (NP 300) from the Grooming Parlor. For a truly chic look, Glittery Silver Contacts (NC 500) will set you apart from all the other guests.

Although dressing in all-grey is certainly appropriate, you want to avoid looking ghoulish or gaudy. Balance your outfit with differently shades of grey, and let your natural Neopian fur (or skin or scales) subtly shine through.

3. Your Tastebuds: Food and Drink

Finally, we can discuss the entire core of the Grey Day Feast: the food. Begin your feast with an amuse bouche. Serve Grey Cheese, (NP 1,000) alongside deviled Rock Neggs (NP 39,000). For the appetizer, we recommend a salad made with Grey Turnips (NP 1,000) and Greycorns (NP 470). However, for the Neopian host on a budget, Stone Soup (NP 490) is a perfectly acceptable appetizer to serve.

The main course should be the highlight of your feast: more experienced hosts should create a grey version of their best meal. For novice or casual hosts, you can't go wrong with a Grey Pizza (NP 1,250 per slice) garnished with Grey Scorchipepper (NP 1,750). For the gourmand, a Grey Pizza topped with Grey Faerie Mushrooms (NP 2,500,000) will guarantee a positively gloomy response from your guests. For the finale, we recommend a home-made dessert to show off to your guests. The Grey Cheesecake (NP 390) is perfect and simple to make for first-time hosts. However, the Grey Cloud Cake (NP 2,300) is best suited for more experienced hosts who want to "wow" their guests. Serve your deliciously dreary dessert with Early Grey Tea (NP 800).

4. Your Impression: Final Details to Guarantee Success

The Devilpuss is in the details!" could never ring more true. For better or worse, a Grey Day Feast can absolutely turn on just a few details. However, even first-time hosts have nothing to fear if they take these small details into consideration.

Make sure the guest bathroom reflects the Grey Day theme. I recommend including a Grey Comb (NP 150) in case guests need to smooth down any stray strands of hair. You may also consider filling a small basket with Grey Falling Petals (NC 500).

In the hallway leading to the dining room, I leave a few appropriate books out for my guests to peruse before the meal. The Case of the Missing Grey Faerie (NP 3,100) and Greyed Expectations (NP 5,300) are always hits.

Finally: send your guests home with something special they can enjoy after the Feast is over. For novice hosts, I recommend sending your guests home with Grey Cupcakes (NP 1,000). Be careful though! This time of year, they are in high demand from The Bakery, so make sure to put your order in early. For the hosts who are willing to spend a bit more, send your guests home with a gourmet food like Charcoal Jelly Beans (NP 17,000) from The Chocolate Factory.

5. Guests: Appropriate Etiquette

While a successful event mostly depends on the host or hostess, guests can make or break the event as well. In fact, poor guests simply won't be invited to future feasts and social events down the road. So how can you, the guest, improve your chances? Here are our tips.

- DO: Bring a bouquet of flowers (Dreary Lilly - NP 1,500; Drabby Rose – NP 2,800; Gloomacinth – NP 1,600) or any Grey Neopet Plushie (a range of plushies are offered at The Plushie Palace starting at NP 250) for your host as a gift. It is considered impolite to arrive at your host's Neohome with nothing in paw, claw, or beak. You don't have to bankrupt yourself over something fancy; I recommend keeping your budget under NP 5,000.

- DON'T: Arrive in bright colors. This is, after all, a Grey Day Feast, and arriving in anything that isn't at least a shade of grey is considered tout gauche.

- DO: Leave your wings (feathered or otherwise) at home! There's only so much space at every table, and your wings will certainly whack someone in the back of the head (or, like one Grey Day Event attended by a certain grey Neopet who shall remain unnamed, will sweep the entire dinner off the dining room table and into the guest's laps!)

Closing Thoughts

There is grey galore in Neopia, and every year we find a way to recognize this underrated color and appreciate Baelia for all her hard work. Following these tips will guarantee a lusciously lackluster Grey Day Feast that will keep your guests coming back every year.

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