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Chompin' With The Chomby

by fippinator


The Chomby Carnival is upon us, a day where we celebrate the prehistoric Tyrannian Neopet in all its glory! The Chomby was one of the first limited edition Neopets available and it has remained one of the rarer pets in the world. Perhaps their rarity has to do with the fact that they are this ancient creature from the land before time.

Chomby are predominately plant eating herbivores, eating plants and leaves and grass, and they generally have shy personalities. They are very sweet and loving and are a big fan of fun, hence the Chomby Carnival! A day dedicated to one of the oldest species in Neopia, and one of the kindest!

And to celebrate the carnival, we're going to dive deep into the types of Chomby themed food they will be serving at the festivities. These are great treats to send to your Chomby loving friends and to feed to your Neopet, regardless of species! These are the dishes you won't want to go without, they are essential for your party spread!

Baked Chomby Crisps

A bag full of crisps shaped like one of Neopia's favorite species: Chomby! The crisps take your health and well-being into account by being baked instead of fried, and they are totally plant based so your herbivore pet can enjoy as many as they like! This is a favorite treat to put in a big bowl at a party for your guests to munch on before dinner is served, and they are super cute to boot!

Chomby Lolly

The sweet and delicious Chomby Lolly comes in two flavors: cherry or mint. These can be found at sweet shops across the world and are perfect for curbing that craving for sweets you may have. Pop one of these suckers in before you visit the Deserted Fairgrounds so you aren't tempted to buy a stick of cotton candy that may have some pretty suspicious ingredients. Plus, the mint one will freshen your breath!

Chocolate Chomby Ice Cream Sandwich

Straight from the ice creamery up in Terror Mountain, this cookie sandwich is filled with coconut milk ice cream, following the trend of the plant-eating Chomby it is designed for! The cookie has just enough chocolate kick that it blends perfectly with the creamy, dreamy Chomby shaped ice cream in the middle. Any Chomby owner would keep a stash of these in their safety deposit box for when company comes over!

Chomby Bread Basket

When you show up to your friend's house for the Chomby Carnival celebration, you'll want to impress them and bring something useful for everyone to snack on. That's where this Chomby Bread Basket comes in. It's a large Chomby shaped basket filled with different types of breads and rolls, from baguettes to buns. The basket itself is specially designed to retain the warmth of the bread so they will taste fresh baked and a nice spread of plant-based butter will melt beautifully into the crumb.

Chomby Day Cupcake

No dessert spread is complete without bite sized cupcakes for your guests to enjoy! These are a bit healthier than most though, instead of frosting they are decorated with a sprinkling of sugar and feature an adorable Chomby face. The pink wrapper is where they get their pop of color, no artificial dyes will be found here!

Chomby Fruit Tart

The Chomby Carnival conveniently falls in the same month as Gadgadsbogen, a celebration of fruit and the arrival of many new species of fruit. Chomby are a smart bunch and have used their love of plants to combine the two celebrations into this scrumptious fruit tart! You can swirl whatever sweet fruits are currently in season and then use the leftover pieces of brown sugar crust to create a Chomby footprint design in the top. This is quite the showstopper dessert!

Chomby Hot Dog

This hot dog is actually made from legumes, keep it strictly plant based for the herbivorous Chomby of the world. Some Neopians think the hot dog contains pieces of Chomby, earning it's name, but the name actually comes from the potato crisps sticking out the top to resemble the Chomby's back!

Chomby Pie

This is a pie only the most expert bakers have mastered. Trying to weave your dough into the shape of a Chomby is quite difficult, so is getting it all to bake evenly. If you want to serve this vegetable pie as your gathering, it's best to call up the local bakery and see if they are able to do it. The taste is incredible, it uses fresh vegetables and the flakiest crust you can ever imagine, and it's super healthy too!

Chomby Veggie Burger

A Chomby shaped bun with a delicious pea patty inside, topped with tomato and lettuce, this healthy treat will fill your guests right up. It's preferable to make them slider sized so guests can enjoy all the different offerings you have on display, a full sized burger might be a bit too much for them.

Chomby Rock Cake

This cake is made entirely out of rocks. It doesn't sound quite appealing to us, but for Chomby it is perfect! They have incredibly strong jaws and hard molars made for chewing and grinding, plus their prehistoric past still lives inside them and they love the taste of rocks. Modern Neopets have softer teeth made for things like jelly, but the Chomby has retained their strength and bizarre taste buds making this rock cake an excellent choice.

Lime Chomby Cake

For all your non-Chomby guests who don't want to eat rocks, this lime and caramel cake will hit the spot! Sweet vanilla cake filled with caramel and frosted with fresh lime icing, topped with candied lime styled to look like a Chomby back, yum!! This is the perfect finale to your Chomby spread and will keep your guests talking for months after!

Now that your party platter is complete, throw on your Chomby and the Fungus Balls CD and get ready to party late into the night! The Chomby Carnival isn't just for Chomby, but for all Neopets to celebrate their prehistoric roots! Do some ancient dances, have everyone do a few cave drawings, and gather round the fire with a cup of borovan to tell stories of their best Chomby pals. It'll be a night to remember for sure!

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