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Mystery Island Essential Vacation Guide

by jetaketa


Tired of staying in the Cockroach Towers in Neopia Central? Did you get ripped off at the Haunted Fairgrounds? Was someone able to convince you Jelly World was real and now your vacation plans are based on fiction?

I've got just the place for you! Mystery Island!

The most popular vacation spot in Neopia has a lot to see and I'm here to help you plan out the best trip of your life. From sightseeing the ruins of Geraptiku with Tiki Tours to learning to surf in the waves off the west coast, we've got you covered.

The History

Mystery Island has had a tumultuous history and is now experiencing a time of peace.

600 miles away from Neopia Central, this small mass of land experienced the anger of Moltenus, an ancient petpet rampaging the island. 2000 years ago, he was sealed into the volcano on the island, bringing about a period of calm.

Centuries later, we watched as an evil shaman named Tura-Kepek took over. He was a very dangerous man who teamed up with a fire faerie named Eithne with the goal of waking Moltenus. The nefarious duo kidnapped the island elders, who know the chant to end Moltenus' slumber, and were able to bring him back to consciousness. Thankfully a team of Neopians were able to quickly defeat Tura-Kepek and Moltenus was sealed again.

Sadly, the horrible shaman was not satisfied. He and Eithne scoured the world for the fabled talismans necessary to awaken Moltenus without the elders. They succeeded until a courageous adventurer from Shenkuu made his way up the volcano and destroyed the talismans and brought peace to the island again.

The island has found peace and a group of hardworking locals invested their time and energy into tourism. The island has no universal ruler, only individual tribes have leaders, and everyone is living a fruitful and peaceful life.

Who To Meet:

Mystery Island is home to a charming cast of characters, far too many to name, so we'll focus on just a few.

Jhuidah is a gracious faerie who oversees the Cooking Pot, helping to come up with delicious dishes to serve all over the island. She's also in charge of the Trading Post, where Neopians far and wide go to exchange their items and collectibles.

The Tiki Tack Man is an amiable but confusing character. He isn't a neopet but isn't a faerie, we're not quite sure what he is. He never takes off his mask so we may never know. Regardless, he runs the Tombola game and gives out many prizes to the visitors of the island and is adored for this reason.

Unsure about your future and need some comfort? Pop on over to the Island Mystic. He's full of advice for nervous nellies who want some confidence in upcoming decisions. Though sometimes his fortunes are more confusing than helpful...

Those who want to hit the gym and get stronger on their vacation will want to visit Ryshu. He's a quirky nimmo who runs the Mystery Island Training School. In exchange for some codestones, he'll make sure your pet is ready if Tura-Kepek decides to return.

What to see:

The Lost City of Geraptiku

Once the largest settlement and commercial hub of Mystery Island, this area in the north was deserted for thousands of years until archaeologists discovered it in Year 7. While it is currently unknown why the area lay vacant for so long, it is now a popular place to see ancient structures of a time long past. For the extra adventurous, you can explore the Deserted Tomb and try to get a relic of your own.

Hiking Techo Mountain (Piku Paku Volcano)

Techo Mountain, locally known as Piku Paku Volcano, lies dormant in the center of the island. It's totally safe to hike up, but bring a guide who can explain the local fauna and flora. A knowledgeable guide will also be able to tell stories of Moltenus, a petpet who rests in the volcanic core. If Moltenus is awakened, it is fear there will be a massive eruption destroying the whole island.

Pango Tribe

Near the center of Mystery Island dwells an ancient tribe said to resemble coconuts. They worship the mighty coconut Mumbo Pango and tourists are able to sit in on their ceremonies for free. The only concern is that the coconut jubjubs don't quite live in harmony, and there are various rumors about their dietary preferences and taste for coconut, but a visit to their village helps keep their economy moving and aids in their temple building endeavors.


One of the major attractions for the island are for their culinary delights, especially in the field of fruit. Once a year, the old fruit on the island dries up and new types of fruit start sprouting and growing all over, this is known as Gadsgadsbogen. The new sweets keeps visitors returning year after year to try the new harvests. Make sure to visit the street vendors for smoothies and sliced fruit galore!

The Beach

At last, you've been exploring temples, hiking all over, had a confrontation with a rowdy coconut, and stuffed your belly with nature's candy. It's time to slap on some sunscreen and hit the beach. The best sun and surf can be found on the east coast, where white sand and blue water await your arrival. Bring the latest issue of the Neopian Times and get your tan going, there no better way to start summer vacation!

Getting Home:

I hope you've enjoyed your vacation and learned a lot! Unfortunately, getting off the island might not be so easy. We recommend finding a great boat captain as there are frequent storms and rough seas. A few ships have also gone missing in the area between here, Krawk Island and Maraqua. You may want to extend your trip a few extra days and wait out good weather before you depart. The beautiful cruise home will be well worth the wait.

Good luck and safe travels to you this summer!!

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