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Grooming: An In-Depth and Creative Guide

by invader33


When it comes to grooming your Neopets, there can be much more to it than buying a 5NP comb and calling it a day. For some Neopians, grooming is an art form. We are passionate about caring for our pets, and we want you to be passionate, too! This guide to responsible, expert Neopet grooming will get you thinking like a true NeoCosmetologist.

The Basics

Let’s start off with the basics of grooming. The basics are a simple list of possible must-have grooming supplies. There are exceptions of course, which will be discussed as we go. Here are those potential must-haves: Shampoo & Conditioner, Soap, Towel, Floss, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Mouthwash, Cologne or Perfume, Lotion, Hairbrush or Comb

Fabulous Features

Now that you know what the basics are, you’re ready to decide which ones you need. Before you stop by the General Store or the Grooming Parlour to do your shopping, take a good look at your Neopet and examine his/her features. Do they have fur, scales, or feathers? Hooves? Horns? If your neopet doesn’t have fur or hair of any kind, then you can cross out shampoo and conditioner. If your pet has all fur and no bare skin or scales, then you don’t need lotion. Every detail is important!

Once you’ve taken note of all your pets features, find out if there is a grooming item for each of them. If you have a Tonu, Yurble, or even a Royalboy Kougra, there’s Mane Conditioner to keep it healthy and shiny. For an Eyrie, Lenny, Pteri, or any Faerie pet with feathered wings, there’s a Wing Sock and Feather Conditioner you should consider purchasing. For an Ixi, Uni, and Kau, Hoof Lotion is a must for keeping those hooves healthy and strong. For beaks, such as on an Eyrie or Vandagyre, there’s Vandagyre Mouth Rinse, tailored specifically to all Neopets with beaks. Aquatic Neopets are especially unique when it comes to grooming, and require careful consideration. My recommendation for pets like a Koi or most Maraquan pets is an Extra-Strength Fin Care Kit. They are typically inexpensive, and a must for caring for those delicate fins.

Species Specifics

Now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of grooming education. Much like there are products for specific features, there are products for specific species’ as well. When shopping for these particular items, be sure the item description tells you it is specifically formulated for this pet, or that the label reads the pet’s species. Kougra Shining Soap may have “Kougra” in the name, but it is formulated for any pet with fur. Because there are so many of these products, I cannot list them all here, but I encourage you to do your research and find any grooming supplies tailored specifically to your pet. Here are just a few of the items you can get for a few of the more popular species’:

-Kougra: Kougra Nail Clippers

-Xweetok: Xweetok Fur Conditioner

-Uni: Uni Horn Polish

-Eyrie: Eyrie Feather Spray

-Bruce: Bruce Mousse

-Mynci: Mynci Natural Fur Conditioner

-Wocky: Wocky Paw Cream

-Ixi: Strawberry Ixi Hoof Polish

-Scorchio: Blue Scorchio Face Powder

-Grarrl: Grarrl Hair Goo, Green Grarrl Brush

Colour Care

I wanted to note that some pet colours require specific care techniques. There are not many items tailored to colours, but I can provide some recommendations for a few colours in particular. For Chocolate Neopets, consider Chocolate Shampoo or Chocolate Soap to keep that delectable fragrance of chocolate fresh. For Snot coloured pets, consider Snot Face Cream, Snot Lotion, or Snot Toothpaste. Lastly, and most importantly Robot Neopets may not require many of the basics previously mentioned. However, you absolutely must consider keeping a Robot Jubjub Oil Can, Robot Kacheek Repair Kit, and a Robot Mynci Battery Charger on hand at all times.

Bonus Beauty

Last, and certainly not least, there are many other grooming products you can purchase other than the aforementioned ones. There are makeups, face washes, bubble baths, moisturizers, cotton swabs, hair dryers, nail polish, and so much more. Most of these items are are not in the “must-haves” category, but are more tailored toward your style and preferences. Be sure to visit the Grooming Parlour to see what fabulous cosmetics are available.

Stocking Up (An Example Pet and Shopping List)

Now that you’ve read all the important things to consider when shopping for grooming supplies, we’ll go over an example. Our sample pet is a Faerie Grarrl. When examining my Faerie Grarrl, I note that he has wings, big teeth, and no fur or hair. Because my Grarrl has such big, pronounced teeth, as most Grarrl do, I want to take special care to ensure they sparkle every time he smiles. I’ll add Mint Dental Floss to my shopping list (Note: when it comes down to flavours and aesthetic choices, that is entirely up to you). My Faerie Grarrl, unlike other colours, has wings. Wings require specific care, so I’ll add the Wing Sock and Feather Conditioner as well. As I noted, My Grarrl doesn’t have fur or hair, so he doesn’t need shampoo, conditioner, or a hairbrush. Nor does he need the Grarrl Hair Goo. Grarrls have skin, so I’ll need a Green Grarrl Brush (made for Grarrl skin care) and Lotion (I chose Nutty Lotion). Lastly, I’ll just need a couple of the basics I haven’t covered. I’ve added a Towel and Buzz Honey Soap to my list. I did my research on a few bonus beauty items, so I’ve included a JubJub Cotton Swab to finish off the list.

Final Thoughts

Pet grooming is, at it’s core, a way of increasing your pets’ happiness. While the choices in items may not make a functional difference when it comes to to the grooming feature, some can’t help but go the extra mile to get what makes sense. Also, don’t feel like you have to buy a plethora of grooming items. If you want to buy something specific for each of your pets, stick to one or two items per pet. You don’t want to crowd your inventory unnecessarily. Remember, just have fun and enjoy being creative with your grooming choices. Happy grooming!

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