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Top 10 Underrated Neopian Beverages

by violetflowersinavase


Summer is here - do you have a vacation planned? Maybe you'd like to go skiing down Terror Mountain or go camping in the Haunted Woods... no? Too scary? If you're like me, perhaps you like to enjoy your summer by lying back and relaxing on Mystery Island with a nice, cold drink, you should know that there are great options out there well beyond slushies and fancy cocktails. But no worries... I'll gladly let you know all about what you've been missing. Here are the top 10 Neopian beverages that you may not be drinking now... but should be!

10. Dandelion and Burdock Drink - There's a reason why the Tombola Man gives these out as prizes. He's not crazy - he knows you'll love them! Always delicious, always full of vitamins, and always hot pink and fizzy - this drink is even tastier with the sand between your toes.

9. Sand Smoothie - If you love the sand between your toes, how about sand in your mouth and nose? Admittedly, the Sand Smoothie is an acquired taste... but when it comes down to it, what flavor screams "I am finally at the beach!" than sand? If you like to fully experience the beach... not just see the beach, hear the beach, smell the beach, and feel the beach, but also TASTE the beach - this is the drink for you! Available in both Regular and Large sizes.

8. Onion Cola - Plain colas are BO-RING! Now, I'm not sure about you, but I know I always bring a cooler full of onions each time I plan a picnic or a beach outing. After lying in the sun and frolicking in the sea, there's just nothing more refreshing than biting into a crisp, ice cold onion. The only problem? It doesn't taste so nice to wash that onion down with a fruity or minty drink. Onion cola is the perfect solution. If you have a refined palate and love experimental new flavors, you will definitely want to try this one out!

7. Parsley Juice - If you loved the vegetabley goodness of your Onion Cola but hate the way your breath smelled after indulging, following up with a glass of Parsley Juice should do the trick! It will turn your neopet's tongue green, so it may pretend to be sick, even though it is the picture of health. Parsley juice is not only a great source of nutrients, but it is a fashion statement as well.

6. Ketchup-Flavoured Milk - Ketchup isn't just for hot dogs, you know. If you've tried ketchup-flavored milk before and didn't like it, you should note - many of us do prefer this beverage served warm. Give it another try! If your neopet is a fan, you might also want to offer it ketchup ice cream - YUM!

5. Bacon Achyfi - Because everything is better with bacon. Your beverage is no exception. A nice cold can of bacon achyfi will be the highlight of your moehog's beach vacation. You will want to stock up so you can enjoy these all year round.

4. Chocolate Beef Custard - The creator of this beverage said it best: "Finally! The taste of chocolate and beef in one dessert." I've had my share of chocolate milkshakes and have always felt that something was missing. I tried adding many of my standby flavors... onion, ketchup, bacon... and all were delicious, but none were quite right. After many failed attempts, I gave up in frustration. That night, it came to me in a dream... the missing flavor was... beef!

Now, it could be argued that chocolate beef custard is a dessert and not a drink... and to that, I'd ask how long you think you could hold onto a glass of chocolate beef custard on Mystery Island before it was melted enough to drink. Not long at all, my friend.... not long.

3. Butter Smoothie - Yellow like rays of sunshine; how can you be sad when your smoothie is true buttery delicousness?

There are misconceptions that butter smoothies are simply sticks of butter that have been sent through a blender... no, there is so much more to the butter smoothie than this. Actually, the main ingredient is Butterfish. Yep, butter smoothies are made from butterfish... and love. :)

2. Clamade - You might eat clams - why not drink clams? You might drink lemonade - why not drink clamade? Who wants clamade? I want clamade! You want clamade? We all want clamade!

1. Chilli Prawn Juice - This is, has always been, and always will be, my #1 favorite beverage - I'm not kidding! The chilli flavoring completely balances out the prawn flavor, plus it gives it this amazing kick. I've had three chilli prawn juices already today. Nobody has seemed interested in sitting downwind from me, but that's fine by me... I'll just enjoy my comfortable chair and my beautiful view of the Neopian ocean and continue drinking chilli prawn juice until the sun sets.

Chilli prawn juice is practically the perfect drink. The only thing that could make it better? Adding some green olives. Perhaps if enough of us ask TNT nicely, they will create us a "Chili Prawn Juice with Olives" drink? If so, this would be the highlight of my summer.

I do also have one additional concern I'd like to raise here - it does appear that TNT has accidentally misclassified some of these tasty treats as gross foods, including my beloved chilli prawn juice. Not what I've brought this to their attention, I have no doubt that this will be corrected soon. How could anyone think that such refreshing drinks could be gross?

I hope I've introduced some amazing new drinks into your world and that these drinks will make your summer even more spectacular. Hope to see you the next time you're on Mystery Island, but be warned... if you see me drinking chilli prawn juice, you may want to consider choosing a hut far away. ;)

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