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Purveyor of Petpets: Fanciful Fauna's Cool Koi

by _brainchild_


As Koi Day approaches, Neopians pay tribute to famous Kois across the globe. One lesser-known Koi is the shopkeeper of the Fanciful Fauna store in Shenkuu, who sells exotic petpets. These fascinating creatures are sure to delight any Neopet who receives them. Here are all of the different varieties of petpets sold by the Koi, from least rare to most rare:

Tomamu - The Tomamu is a bird-like petpet with white feathers. Its head, beak, and feet are black, although there is a small portion of red feathers on its head. It also sports a pair of small wings, but I doubt that they would be useful for flying anywhere. It likes to squawk at people, so don't be surprised when you hear its voice. Some people will find it cute while others will consider it a noisy nuisance. Its favorite food is fish, so make sure you feed it lots of aquatic animals.

Gikerot - The Gikerot is a lizard-like creature that sports a dark olive green hue. It has bright green spots on its back, a curly tail, and a navy blue tongue. However, its most prominent feature is its two aquamarine-colored wings. It uses them to glide through the air. Gikerots live among plants and love to sunbathe. If you own one, hopefully the weather will be nice.

Quintilc - The Quintilc is a paper crane. It is folded out of red paper with gold designs. This is a very oriental look which fits Shenkuu perfectly. It has pointy wings and legs as well as a peach-hued beak. Because this petpet is made out of paper, it is a low-maintenance pal that is perfect for a young Neopet. Consider it an upgrade from the Newbie Pack petpets.

Sandan - The Sandan is a cute white and blue petpet. It has small ears, blue spots surrounding its eyes, blue arms and legs, and a white and blue tail. Being very curious, the Sandan will investigate anything it sees, running right up to it regardless of any danger present. That's why your Neopet must be very attentive to care for a Sandan. Therefore, it should only be offered to responsible Neopets.

Dandan - The Dandan is red and white with small ears and black paws. However, its most prominent feature is its striped, bushy tail, which is reminiscent of a squirrel. The Dandan has beautiful, shiny fur, which is very attractive and sure to catch any Neopet's eye. Dandans love to rest from high perches and observe the world below them. Therefore, one could conclude that the Dandan is curious in its own right.

Biyako - The Biyako is an agile pal who is white with black stripes. It has four legs, red eyebrows, yellow ears, and a tail. It is extremely quiet while hunting so it will not be detected by its prey. It also has speedy reflexes, as mentioned in the game Top Chop. The Biyako is a good match for fast Neopets because then your pet can race its companion in a friendly match.

Juma - The Juma is a fox-like petpet. It sports bright orange fur with dark brown paws and pointy ears. Like the Dandan, the Juma's fur is stunningly shiny and therefore constitutes a true conversation piece. Jumas are known for their playfulness, so if you have a fun-loving Neopet, he or she would appreciate a Juma.

Naleap - The Naleap is a bird-like companion. It has red and blue feathers, a yellow beak, black feet, and beautiful green eyes. Its body features the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Naleaps love to sing at night; their melodies are very enchanting and enjoyable, provided that they don't keep you awake. If your Neopet is a lover of music, he or she should give the Naleap a try.

Razumi - The Razumi is a curious four-legged friend. It sports green fur, bear-like ears, golden ornaments on its head, and a golden tail. The combination of green and gold is very pleasing to the eye; it reminds me of shamrocks and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The Razumi loves to fetch items for its owner, so it would be a perfect petpet for the Grave Danger daily. Razumis are very loyal, so you can count on them and trust them.

Muyang - The Muyang is the most recently introduced Shenkuu petpet. It is a horse-like creature with long red fur accented by short blue fur. It has golden hooves and horns, and its gorgeous green eyes top off its look. The Muyang is an exceptionally attractive petpet that embodies the oriental atmosphere of Shenkuu. It is very gentle unless you annoy it; in that case, it will promptly headbutt you. Therefore, don't make it angry.

Kazeriu - The Kazeriu is a magical creature that looks like a mix between a dragon and a serpent. It is lavender-colored with yellow claws and a wispy blue tail. It is very attractive, moving gracefully through the air in an effort to impress your Neopet. Kazerius are clever, so one would be the perfect pal for an intelligent Neopet.

Kiiyak - The Kiiyak resembles a wooden cow. Its head is adorned with rubies and red horns, and it also sports a red collar. The Kiiyak is very timid, meaning it doesn't like to be the center of attention. However, it easily makes friends. Your Neopet will surely enjoy the company of this humble friend.

Hegelob - This pretty petpet looks somewhat like a seahorse. It is dark green with a goldenrod-hued belly and yellow horns. It can be found blissfully swimming throughout the lakes and rivers of Shenkuu. It is believed that this creature has magical powers. The Hegelob would be a cool companion for your aquatic Neopet.

Belonthiss - The Belonthiss is also an aquatic creature. It is dark purple with long rosy fins and a pink tail. Although it lives mostly underwater, it can glide through the air using its fins. Your Neopet will surely be impressed by its ability to dive and fly with the utmost grace and skill. Therefore, it is the perfect pal for both marine and flying Neopets.

Blurgah - The Blurgah is a bull-like petpet with bright red fur. It sports golden horns and feet as well as a nose ring. Blurgahs are very loyal and supportive towards their owners, which is a trait that many Neopets desire. However, it has a hot temper, so like the Muyang, you should take care not to annoy it.

Pandaphant - The Pandaphant is a mix between a panda and an elephant. It sports the colors of a panda but the trunk of an elephant. Pandaphants are held in high esteem in Shenkuu because they are sweet and gentle. If your Neopet is responsible and kind-hearted, then he or she may appreciate a Pandaphant.

Quilin - This regal friend looks somewhat like a horse. It has a flowing blue mane, red and gold legs, two golden horns, and a dark blue tail. The Quilin is considered a prized petpet in Shenkuu due to its beauty and rarity. It is believed that the it has magical powers like the Hegelob. If your Neopet has eclectic taste, then the Quilin would be perfect for him or her.

There is one more Petpet native to Shenkuu: the Pygui. However, it is not sold in the Fanciful Fauna petpets shop because it is r101. It can be won from the Lunar Temple or bought from another user for a very high price. The Pygui looks somewhat like a bull; it has a snout and two tusks. It is red in color, representing the anger that bulls are known for. While the Pygui is charming, it is also very rash—it makes decisions that it regrets later.

These are all of the exotic Petpet varieties sold by the Koi. This shopkeeper deserves more attention for providing these unusual and rare creatures to Neopets across the globe. Even one of my Neopets has a petpet native to Shenkuu. My Draik named Nimola has a Maractite Quilin. Nimola has enjoyed the company of her precious pal very much. Therefore, she and I recommend that you head to Fanciful Fauna as soon as possible and buy a petpet. Alternatively, you could buy one from another user. Your Neopet will thank you!

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