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The Funniest Themed Accounts Ever!

by indulgences


I have to admit, I've always harbored an obsession with creating a humorous, themed account! I think it would be hilarious to have 3 Chias paired with a Lupe, for instance. (Lupes are known for their ravenous appetite for Chia flesh.) I could give the Chias funny names, like "Chia_Kebab" and "Roast_Chia." I also think it would be hilarious to pair a Carrot Chia with a Cybunny on another account. The Carrot could be named "Cybunny_Bait," and the Cybunny could be named "Ravenous_Bunny." The possibilities are endless!

Unfortunately, my 5 accounts are already chock full of the maximum of 20 pets, and all I can do is dream up hysterical accounts that I would love to own. This happens around once a month, and has been a hobby of mine for years!

Inspired by the idea of making really weird, really funny accounts, I thought I'd write this article! In it, I've listed some of the funniest ways to create and dress up our pets, and given the range of silly and comical wearables that exist on here, it was really easy to write.

So here are some of the most outlandish ways of making our pets totally ridiculous! I hope you enjoy reading it!

1. Decorate Wraith pets with pretty, pretty wearables.

I must admit, I busted out laughing when I saw someone's disgruntled Wraith Draik wearing a Purple Feather Boa. It was hilarious! Up until then, it had never occurred to me that customizing our pets could make other players laugh. I then realized that a lot of species have ballet/ballerina outfits, and I guffawed when I realized how ridiculous their Wraith forms would look with ballerina leotards and tutus. Way to pair a majestic and smoldering pet with a totally dainty and incongruous outfit!

2. Turn all 4 pets into hot dogs.

My favorite, favorite wearable on this site is the Hot Dog Mascot with Mustard! I owned one for years, until I decided to sell it because I liked the bare forms of my painted pets too much. I think it would be hilarious if you dressed up all 4 of your pets in the Hot Dot Mascot, turning your account into a smorgasbord of sausages and buns! How random, obsessive and hilarious!

3. Turn Magma pets into nurses.

This is the complete opposite of how a nurse should look! The Acara Nurse outfit and the Nurse Gelert outfit would bring some humor to our Magma pets. Who would want to be treated by such glowering, malevolent, scary creatures? Would they have a sweet bedside manner despite their fierce, fiery looks? Would the patients scream and flee from their burning touch?

4. Puppet love.

I think it would be amusing if someone owned 4 Blue Wockies, all wearing nothing but Baby Wocky Puppet. It would be so bizarre and repetitive! I can imagine the reactions: "Hm. You really like Wockies, huh?"

5. Turn Darigan pets into wannabe bunnies.

The Cybunny Ears with a Spring Bow is an item that I know the TNT artists created with love, but which unfortunately makes me burst out laughing whenever I see it! Most players think it's cute and dainty, with soft white fur and a perky blue bow, but when placed on the wrong pet, it looks absolutely ridiculous! I think it would be hysterical if you dressed up 4 Darigan pets with 4 pairs of Cybunny Ears and nothing else. What a funny way to degrade our Darigans!

6. Ice cream assault.

I think it would be funny if all 4 pets on your account were ignominiously splattered with ice cream! The Ice Cream Cone Splat Hat would fit the bill. The dripping pink ice cream is absolutely droll, and when adorned on all 4 pets, people will be wondering why you're so cruel! One Splat Hat would be cute, but on all 4 pets? Would this count as abuse?

If each pet also wore the Snow Roller Success Jumper, their hilarious customizations would totally complete! It'll look like either you attacked them with ice cream, or they themselves had an ice cream fight of their very own! How entertaining!

7. Turn all 4 pets into cheerleaders.

When all 4 pets are wearing the Cheering Pom Poms and the TNT Shirt, they will look ridiculously enthused! GO TNT GO! Nuff said!

8. 3 Chias, and 1 very clever Lupe.

How uproarious would it be if 3 Yellow Chias occupied the same account as a Lupe wearing the yellow-hued Lupe Chia Costume? I have to admit, the idea makes me roar with laughter! I love the idea of a Lupe disguising itself as a Chia, the better to stalk his favorite prey. How evil, diabolical, and funny! I swear, if I could create another account, I would totally put this idea into action!

9. 4 pets with some very unsettling smiles.

The Slothy Smile always makes me laugh! It's so outlandish and kooky, and definitely makes you double take. I think it would be so funny to decorate all 4 of your pets with this eccentric, quirky item. It's bound to make the people viewing your account smile, since your pets will look absolutely crazy and deranged. What a great way to make people laugh!

10. Own an army.

I must admit, the simple act of seeing 4 identical pets always makes me laugh out loud! My current favorite player, for instance, has 4 Yellow Gnorbus, with no intention of ever painting them. This player is always ready to liven up other people with jokes and pranks, and I love her (and her 4 Gnorbus) to bits!

Another player owns 4 basic JubJubs (Red, Yellow, Blue and Green), all wearing the same Red Jubjub Hoodie. He claims that his pets are all "gangsta" and that "they're hiding from the feds." I thought this was hilarious!

And yet another player had another good idea. She decorated all 4 of her pets with MSPP Army Foreground, so now she looks like she's commanding an MSPP horde. I thought this was a unique and fun way to decorate her account, and she does in fact look like the leader of an MSPP army!


So these were all the crazy and wacky ways in which we could have funny themed accounts! I had a blast coming up with these ideas, and I hope they influence other players!

Thanks for reading this peculiar, offbeat article, my fellow Neopians! Stay tuned for future articles from yours truly, and have an incredible week!

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