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Magma Contacts

by madamidgaf

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The Truth Behind the April Fools’ Clubs
April Fools’ is a fun time on Neopets with pranks both small to elaborate being pulled throughout the day. This year was no different with the main prank being the “Neopian Net Worth Calculator”, a way to determine our “value” we can then potentially flaunt and, most importantly, join a club with.

by pikachu315111


Pastel Horror #2 - A Pirate's Favorite Letter
Qysteri is VERY passionate about his puns.

by badjadejuniper


Coltzan Crisis
That was... disappointing

by contrastively


Lylin_Fire, The Fierce, Red Wocky
I had always wanted a special Neopet, but this was not what I wanted. A picky, rude, ungrateful pet that will refuse to eat or drink anything but bottled water. This all happened about a year ago, when I was putting water away in case there was a shortage.

by kittens4life6

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