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Neopian Zombie Apocalypse: How to Survive

by yuri445


If you have read my previous article, "Neopian Zombie Apocalypse: Where to Hide", then you are one step closer from outlasting the apocalypse. The next stage is on survival. Now that you know where to hide your neopets, it is time to learn how to survive the Neopian zombie apocalypse. Surviving long term until the Neopian scientists find a cure for this catastrophe is the most essential step you can take in helping your neopets live longer as a non-zombified neopet.

Paint Brush Colors:

First of I think paint brush colors have a major factor on whether your neopet survives the apocalypse or not. Royal painted pets tend to be a little pompous and always seem to need help getting things done. Therefore without helpers, they are a little helpless. Elderly painted neopets will also have problems if there is a zombie apocalypse. It stands to reason that they are slower than most neopets, if not the slowest. Zombie neopets can easily get their hands on them without a problem. While Elderly painted pets will struggle, a survivalist would find them a blessing. Baby painted neopets are also in the same boat. Again, because of their small size, it doesn't matter if they are stronger than normal sized neopets. They are still just too small to run fast if they are being chased by crazy zombie neopets. In a zombie apocalypse, your neopet just needs to be faster than the neopet next to them.

If your neopet is painted fruit or vegetable, then look out. Because of their different body shapes, it might be more difficult for them to run if need be. If your pet is painted Chocolate or Biscuit, you seriously have to consider where to hide and who to hide with. Hiding in a hot location for a chocolate pet is the worst idea possible. The same goes for hiding in water for Biscuit neopets. Because of Chocolate and Biscuit's deliciousness, they might get eaten by their fellow non-food neopets if there is nothing else to eat. The same warning goes to fruit and vegetable colored pets. These pets need to make sure they only hide out with trusted neofriends. The best colors to most likely survive this zombie apocalypse in the long run are Stealthy and Invisible (without clothes of course). The other painted color neopets can survive only by being careful and smart.


Where your neopet lives can also determine whether they survive or join the crazy zombie march. The only thing your neopet needs to worry about is living in a densely populated location. Right now the most heavily populated locations are Faerieland: 1,885,860, Neopia Central: 1,464,079, Altador: 923,072, Shenkuu: 783,600, Mystery Island: 699,059, Lutari Island: 553,827, Haunted Woods: 551,627, Terror Mountain: 522,973 and Darigan Citadel: 512,554. All these places have 500,00 and more residents. This means that the rate of infected zombie will be higher. The least popular neohomes in Neopia are Maraqua: 492,109, Roo Island: 453,299, The Lost Desert: 385,399, Krawk Island: 308,769, Brightvale: 305,659, Virtupets Space Station: 300,964, Meridell: 297,912, Kiko Lake: 274,481, Tyrannia: 180,658, and Kreludor: 76,152. Therefore it stands to reason that hiding out in the least populated location, being Kreludor, is your neopets best chance at survival. Of course the other less populated lands are a good place to station your neopets.


your neopets physical condition is a major factor. If your neopet's daily routine is training and fighting in the Battledome all day, then you're in luck! This means that if your neopet trains every day, or most of the days, then they have endurance, strength, level, and defense. They will be great at combat and or self-defense. They can go the distance by out running their companions, fighting, and climbing high things like a monkey if need be.

Working Together:

Neopets are known for being friendly and nice. Working together as a team greatly increases a pets chances of survival. However, hiding out with a neofriend is not always the best situation. However, hiding out with like minded neopets with a common goal is the ideal situation. Either way, working together as a group will see a neopet survive longer than working alone.

Quiz: Will Your Neopet Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

What is your neopets personality?

1. The Zen master would bow to my pets.

2. They are patient up to a point.

3. A little rush when it comes to things that need patience.

4. They can't sit for 10 seconds, so waiting is alien to them.

Does your neopets love the outdoors?

1. They LOVE it! Camping, hiking, rafting, bring it on.

2. Love it... the peacefulness and being one with nature is glorious.

3. They don't care either way. Neutral.

4. Hate it! Where is that Smug Bug Spray?

How do you usually spend your neopets free time?

1. Training and battling at the Battledome. I'm ready for anything.

2. I do some training and play games. I can carry my weight.

3. All I do is spend time at the library reading.

4. My focus is more on shopping and eating.

What is your neopets special skills?

1. Good at battling and defending.

2. I'm a born leader and book smart.

3. I'm excellent at gardening and decorating neohomes.

4. I'm fabulous at customization: disguise is my business.

5. I don't have any special skills.

How good is your neopet at hiding?

1. Awesome! I can hide for days without anyone finding me.

2. Average, I can play with the rest of them.

3. I am a terrible hide and seek player. You'll find me in seconds.

4. I don't know. But drastic times call for drastic measures.

Finally, have you spend any amount of time thinking about what you would do in case of a neopets Zombies apocalypse?

1. All the time. I have it all planned out.

2. My Neofriends and I joke about it.

3. The thought has crossed my mind.

4. Yeah right! A Zombie apocalypse? Get real!

Each answer on the quiz has hidden points. If you decide to take the quiz, please let me know your choices and I will tell you how your neopet scored. It will tell you the level of survival your neopet can expect if there is a neopets Zombies apocalypse.

Things to keep in mind:

  • In times like these, neopionts aren't important at all. But that doesn't mean that you should go crazy and discard your life's savings. You should still keep your hard earned neopoints safe for whenever the neopian society goes back to normal.
  • While your neopets are in hiding, don't forget to keep track of new information coming in through the neoboards.
  • Stock up on everything; food, weapons, books, and pretty much anything and everything you can think of. Let's take books for example. It will come in handy when the boredom sets in.
  • Be friendly and kind, but not too friendly and kind. Know when to take care of yourself and when to help others.
  • Wear something warm but flexible so you can easily run in it.
  • Don't forget to keep quiet. Don't call attention to yourself and move at night if need be.
  • And whatever you do, try not to get bitten by any zombie neopet.
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