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Temporary Relief: Suggestions for Your Sick Neopet

by peacelovebliss


If you are just like me, then roughly every other month you find yourself with a physically ill, emotionally gloomy Neopet (or two). Their mood levels read well, but their visibly miserable expressions indicate otherwise. Trips to the Healing Springs and purchasing the remedy to your ‘Pet’s illness from the Pharmacy or other users’ shops are proven to be 100 percent effective, but what could you do with your (insert species of your sick ‘Pet) when it seems like the rest of Neopia knows of their less-than-ideal health? We know that Neo illnesses are not contagious, but others want to stay on the safe side and distance themselves from them to avoid contact. We all experience the occasional bad day when one would rather spend quiet time. So, is it possible for you and your sick ‘Pet to pass time before their health is restored? YES! Below, I have provided some recommendations on where to go and what to do with your temporary patient until they are cured (I hope you both like long trips!):

1. Grundo’s Café (Virtupets): This, to me, makes sense. What better place is there than Virtupets to get much needed space? (That was a joke.) Dr. Sloth is probably immune to all known Neopet diseases, anyway, so you and might as well avoid the popular food stores on land. An added bonus of these zero gravity foods is the short-term relief they bring to the most congested of ‘Pets!

2. Pick Your Own (Meri Acres Farm): If you opt to stay on land with your Neopet, then the Meri Acres Farm would be an idyllic location to enjoy the fresh air and laidback simplicity of rural Neopia…and to fill your belly while roaming. This Farm has acres of trees and bushes to pick berries (and other things) from. Please note that there are no berries to cure illnesses. Do not get too excited over picking a Nutritional Blockberry, either. (If your Neopet does not suffer from Blurred Vision, afterwards you could let them count potatoes nearby).

3. Kacheek Seek (Games Room): Okay, I admit that playing this game is somewhat unfair to your Neopet, especially since those who are unwell tend to move slower and mmake more noise (Translation: You will find their hiding spot more easily). Maybe you could let them win a few times though, for a confidence boost for them, and an increase in NP for you! (Note: It would be advisable to avoid the more difficult levels to avoid possible additional injuries. Also, limit the number of games (until their health levels are back up)

4. Poogle Races (Faerieland): You will be heading to the Healing Springs every several minutes anyway, so why not test your luck (without any added risks) while you are around the area? You will be seated far away from the racing Poogles, consider the adorableness of the racers therapeutic, and if your bet loses, it will give you some incentive to head to the Water Faerie and give her an added reason why healing your Neopet at that hour is crucial. (It might work!)

5. Neolodge (Neopia Central): Now, I have written about my slight disapproval of Neopia having only one lodge, but that does not mean I dislike the Neolodge completely. If you are waiting for the Neopian Pharmacy to restock (and hate arguing with other owners over that last Magic Cookie available, then drop your sick ‘Pet off at a hotel, take a deep breath, and prepare to face the masses determined to haggle for their own unhealthy Neopet's health!

6. Your Safety Deposit Box (Your inventory): This may be a rather unusual suggestion but if your sick ‘Pet is too tired to make the trip to distant lands, why not go someplace convenient, and rediscover old treasures (and junk) you have accumulated in the past? If you ever feel the urge to grab a donated toy item from the Money Tree to cheer your short-term patient up, it would be wise to opt for this idea instead (since all items are yours to begin with). Every time I check my own SDB, I get pretty nostalgic spotting old purchases and prizes I had almost forgotten about. Your items here are well-maintained, so you do not have to worry about your food items going cold, or dusty objects causing your Neopet to sneeze more than they have been since that darn Scarab attacked.

7. Anywhere in Shenkuu!: I don’t know about you, but I find the atmosphere and overall ambience in Shenkuu calming. In order to make those frequent trips to the Healing Springs without yelling at anyone, you need to have patience. Thus, find a land that brings you (and your 'Pet) inner peace. I think Mystery Island can get a bit crowded sometimes, so I personally prefer Shenkuu – pick a spot, any spot!

8. Neohome: If unfortunately, by the end of the day your Neopet is still unwell (and this is not uncommon), heading home and plopping down on your own bed or couch brings a wave of relief and hope that tomorrow your ‘Pet’s healing will be restored. For those do not have this luxury, fret not: the Healing Springs is open all night, and Marina the faerie is used to ill ‘Pets and their owners camping around her Springs.

Of course these recommended areas and ideas are merely suggestions, and not ultimate cures for the Sneezles or Blurred Vision. In my opinion though, keeping your ‘Pet’s spirits and mood levels up is key much better than moping around after receiving Marina’s 10th snowball or healing potion of the day. Faeries tend to gravitate more toward the happiest of Neopians, and who knows? Perhaps passing time productively and positively will more likely push your precious ‘Pet towards recovery and relief from the beloved Faerie, or give you a boost of confidence and determination to grab and haggle for that last remedy available in the Pharmacy. The best part of all this? You will eventually, finally see your Neopet’s smiling face on the side of your screen again, and it is one of the greatest feelings to know that their precious smile and good mood is all thanks to you and your nursing (and entertaining) skills!

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