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Top 10 Items for Fyora Fans

by 987654321_hj


Fyora, being the most powerful and most beautiful faerie in all of Neopia, let alone being the queen, has a lot of fans. But every fan needs the right gear to show their support. With over 100 Fyora themed items, it can be hard to figure out where to start, what items are the best, and what you can afford. In this article, I will tell you 10 great items sure to please every Fyora fan, with something to fit everyone’s budget.

Queen Fyora Rocking Chair

Fit for a queen-this gorgeous chair looks like it anyway. Modelled after the grand throne of Fyora herself, except the gold and jewels are replaced by plush fabric and stuffing as light as air. Its purple and blue colours match Fyora’s outfit, with a huge set of plushie wings framing it. The queen Fyora rocking chair is a very comfy place to catch up on the news, and at only 6,000 neopoints the price is very comfy for your budget too.

Fyoras Hair Care

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the fairest hair of them all? Fyora? Nope, you, after you’ve read this book. Don’t you envy Fyora’s long, silky, perfect locks? This book contains all the secrets to get Fyora’s gorgeous ‘do, and believe it or not, no magic is needed! At less than 4,000 neopoints, almost any fan can learn how to style hair like Fyora.

Candy Fyora Staff

A delicious orb of grape favoured candy on the end of a tangy blue raspberry favoured staff. Modelled after the staff of Fyora herself, this is the perfect treat, present, dessert or snack for any Fyora fan. Everyone will enjoy the fresh, fruity flavours fresh from the magical kitchen at Faerie Foods. However, at almost 6,000 neopoints, it is slightly too expensive to eat every day-the Tooth Faerie agrees with that!

Fyora Doll

Just like the real Fyora-except smaller, squishier and not too busy ruling Faerieland to listen to your secrets and order your toys around. The Fyora Doll is a must have in any Fyora fan’s collection. Handcrafted from the softest fabric and finest silk, stuffed with the softest cotton wool with each stich pulled tight, this toy is very high quality. At 10,000 neopoints it’s a little pricy, but it is worth every neopoint and will last forever.

Fyoras Eyeshadow

Get Fyora’s gittering lilac eyelids and luscious lashes instantly! Made from the finest organic ingredients with a beautiful lavender scent, this eyeshadow is guaranteed to go on smoothly, every time. It even comes with a free brush, to get the perfect application. Fyora collaborated on this item herself, making sure it was up to her standard. The price of 15,000 neopoints hasn’t stopped almost every Fyora fan from getting 5, some even more.


Fyoras Blessing (TCG)

This trading card game card is one of the most beautiful of them all. Featuring an exquisite portrait of Fyora, painted with the richest colours with every tiny detail included, it truly is a work of art. The scene shows Fyora doing what she does best-using her magic to better the lives of every Neopian in her presence. And of course the card is her favourite shades of pink and purple. Small and compact, this is a great collectable for any Fyora fan that won’t take up much room. At approximately 21,000 neopoints, it is one of the cheaper TCG cards and a not too pricy addition to any Fyora fan’s collection.

Fyoras Arm Wraps

These arm wraps are perfect for the final touch for a Fyora themed costume for Halloween, for adding a subtle touch of Fyora to an everyday outfit, or for a pretty accessory to finish off a look. Fine lavender and magenta silk was woven to create these soft and shiny bands. Rumour has it each set was blessed with a dirt repelling spell, so they’ll stay clean and bright forever. Every Fyora fan will love the colours, and the price too-at less than 5,000 neopoints Fyoras Arm Wraps are bargain that nearly everyone can afford.

Valentine Fyora Charm

The perfect gift for any Fyora fan on Valentine’s day, but subtle enough to be given all year round too. A beautiful painted silver Fyora wing charm, with two tiny red hearts dangling from the bottom. The pin means it can be attached anywhere and everywhere-to clothing, as a hair accessory, added to a key chain or secured to a backpack. Despite being small, it is very beautiful and attracts a lot of attention. At 40,000 neopoints it is slightly pricy, but that makes it even better as a special gift for the Fyora fan you know.

Faerie Queen Perfume

Smell just as marvellous as Fyora herself! Made with a beautiful blend of flowers-lavender, cherry blossom, cineraria, cyclamens and many more, brewed to perfection to create this perfect scent. This perfume will also dust you in a subtle purple shimmer when you spray it on, so you can glitter everywhere you go. The bottle is a perfect collector’s item for Fyora fans, made of light purple glass with a Fyora wing design etched into it, that will last long after the perfume has gone. At almost 10,000 neopoints it is not too expensive, and the quality is well worth the price.

Fyora Kite

Unravel the string and watch this majestic kite soar high in the clouds, just like the real Fyora herself. The large wings and thin yet strong fabric are designed to help this kite fly fast in the sky, and if the wind isn’t fast enough? Everyone knows who to call to help out. Modelled after Fyora herself, every Fyora fan will want to bring this kite out on the next windy day. And at only 100 neopoints, the cheapest of the lot, every Fyora fan can!

I hope you enjoyed this article and found something useful-something else to add to your growing stash, a present for a dear friend or something cute to say thank you to a helpful stranger. Fyora is an amazing faerie, and we are truly blessed to have so many items to choose from to show our support.

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