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Hannah's Adventures: the Ice Caves

by saudadesdagripe


Hello again! Are you ready to help Hannah in a new adventure? If you haven’t read my previous article, let me explain it very quickly to you: what I plan to do is to write a guide of every one of Hannah’s games. Last week’s article was about her first adventure, Hannah and the Pirate Caves. But now let’s move one to the next one. Are you ready?!

This time Hannah has left the Pirate Caves and is now in Terror Mountain, exploring the Ice Caves! But now she isn’t alone, she has brought a friend with her – his name is Armin. The game works pretty much the same as Pirate Caves, but with slightly changes. Well, as I said, we have a new character. You can control Armin in the 30 levels you will face, and you can switch between him and Hannah by pressing the letter ‘S’ in your keyboard. You will need to use both of them to complete the levels, as Hannah jumps higher and swims, while Armin can crawl through snow and destroy Icy Skeletons – he can’t kill the Snowbeast or the Ghost, though.

You can’t obtain an avatar when playing Ice Caves, but you can get these incredible trophies:

Gold, silver, and bronze trophies, respectively.

Other than that, the game is basically the same as Pirate Caves. There are gems hidden in secret areas, which are worth 5000 points each. You still need to collect treasure chests across the map before entering the door (with both characters!) and, to do that, you will have to destroy wooden boxes, explode dynamites, and shoot arrows. Our strategy here will basically be the same – start by playing each level individually, and then, once you are confident that you know every level very well, play the game on a strike. You may also write down the location of the secret areas and/or tips of how to complete every level. Nothing new there, am I right? Let’s start our game now, shall we?

- The Game -

Levels 1-5: the initial levels are pretty much the same as the tutorial levels in Pirate Caves, except that there are no green arrows to follow or instructions popping up on the screen. It’s in these levels that you will learn the basics for the game, and you should have no difficulties while playing them, but I honestly think that Ice Caves is harder than the previous game. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean it’s unbeatable! You don’t have to be lucky, you just need to practice. Practice is, as always, the key to success. Remember that to proceed to the next level both Armin and Hannah need to be next to the door.

Levels 6-10: the game is still quite easy as the previous levels. Be careful when jumping with Hannah because she may hit spikes on the roof of the cave and die. The only way around Snowbeasts is jumping over them, since Armin can’t kill them. Be extra, extra cautious when jumping over spikes with Armin as he doesn’t jump very high. The lives you have are shared between the Neopets, which means that if you have three lives and Hannah dies three times the game is over, even though Armin never died.

Levels 11-15: the maps are getting quite bigger now and they are a bit harder too, but nothing is impossible. Remember to wisely use your character’s abilities, they are very useful and you must know when and where to use Hannah or Armin. This is the reason Ice Caves is harder than Pirate Caves – this time you have to use two characters to complete the levels, and not just one. When only Hannah was enough to finish the game, you didn’t need to share your attention between her and someone else, but now you have. Extra carefulness is needed in this game.

Levels 16-20: you are currently halfway through completing the game! Exciting, isn’t it? Well, you better practice a lot more now, because the game hasn’t become any easier. There are levels (I’m looking at you, level 19) in which you need to act quickly before you find yourself trapped and need to restart your game, losing a life. But don’t worry - I know you can do it! There are some other game guides in user’s petpages that are much richer in details, with images that I am sure that will help you if you are having trouble completing the game. Just don’t give up!

Levels 21-25: you may think these are the last levels, but it’s a lie. Once you finish the 25th level you will see that there are more levels to complete (what a nice surprise, isn’t it?). Truth be told, if you have reached these levels you probably already have a score high enough for the gold trophy. You can even stop playing if you want to, but come on, there are only five levels left, why don’t you play a little more? They even give you an extra life on the 25th level to help you!

Levels 26-30: these are now the final levels. Now they are even bigger, they take a lot more time to complete, and they are a lot trickier than before. You don’t have to hurry while playing them; you have all the time you want to think. Good luck!

- The End, For Now -

Well, congratulations! You have finished another one of Hannah’s game! What did you think of this one? This one is a little longer, in my opinion, but it’s fun too. I understand if you find it hard, because I also think it is. But, as any other game on Neopets, it requires practice. So grab your favorite drink, listen to some music and open this game. In no time you will be an expert on it and will win a new trophy for your own collection.

The next game of Hannah’s adventures is nothing like we have seen before. It is a hundred percent different than Pirate Caves or Ice Caves. Are you ready for the next challenge, or are you going to give up? See you next week!

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