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One Hundred Games - Part One

by azienskieth


As you may have noticed, Neopets has been around for a long time. A lot of things have happened over the past nearly sixteen years, some good, some bad. I wrote this article to focus on what happened towards the beginning of those years, concerning one topic: games. Well over a thousand games have been made, and with time, many have left the site and have been forgotten. But no more!

This article (actually, it'll be split into two parts) will go into detail about the first hundred games ever to have been created. A very small number of these games are still playable today, so unless you've been around here for a very long time, this will probably be new. If you have been around here for a very long time... Well, it's been a long time, but this should stir a few memories.

Bear in mind that while I did my best to research all of these games, some of them are just so obscure that there wasn't much to be found. If you see one of the games listed here that doesn't have much information to it, and you remember something, well, good job!

And with that out of the way, let's delve right in with the first game...

1. Techo Says

A simple game featuring six Neopets in six holes. The game will show you a pattern of Neopets to click (first small, but those patterns can get very long later on), while a Techo tries to distract you. Sound familiar? Well, it was rereleased as the thousandth game on the site as well, with the same graphics and everything. Considering how simple it is, along with the fact that it can still be played (in a way), I won't say anything more about this one.

2. CodeBreakers

While Techo Says was a simple game, this one seems very complicated until you play it quite a few times. It gives you four stones, each of which can be changed into six different types. You're supposed to break a code by matching each rock to its correct type. You have ten attempts, and after each one the game will tell you which rocks you have correct. I'm going to come out and say it: I don't like this game. Not one bit. But if you like challenging puzzles, this game might be right up your alley. It's no longer playable for Neopoints, but it's available in the Game Graveyard (a place in the Haunted Woods where some games go when they pass on).

3. Kiko Match

You've probably heard of Kiko Match II, which is a game that's available today. But you might not know about the original Kiko Match. It has the same premise - flip over a card to reveal a Kiko, and find a matching Kiko somewhere else on the board. However, it's different in a couple ways: one, there's only one round; two, there's no timer; and three, your score is based on how many incorrect matches you before completing the puzzle. If you're lucky enough to match them all without making any bad matches, you get a score of 100. This game is available in the Game Graveyard if you'd like to play.

4. Alien Invasion

This is a fairly obscure game from the old days. Alien ships rained down from above, and you had to solve math problems to destroy them. It was similar to Maths Nightmare, except... with aliens. Not many people have this trophy anymore, and it isn't playable anywhere on the site.

5. JubJub Blackjack

This was the first non-Flash game on the site. It's basically regular Blackjack: you lay down cards in hopes of hitting 21; if you go over 21, you lose, and if your opponent (in this case, your active Neopet) has a closer score to 21 than you, you lose. That trophy you see up there actually isn't for JubJub Blackjack, it's for an even older game called Ice Cream Blitz. When it was removed, JubJub Blackjack took its game ID. I found absolutely no one on the site who had this trophy, so I think it's safe to assume that it's an extinct trophy. JubJub Blackjack is still playable in the Games Room.

6. Gormball

The age-old classic game, Gormball. You throw a ball (called a Gormball, imagine that!) around a circle of computer-operated players, and after a random number of in-game seconds, the Gormball explodes. Whoever was holding it is out of the game, and a new Gormball is put in the circle. This goes on until only one player remains. It used to be a very popular game, and some people still play it regularly even now.

7. Maraqua Subs

Maraqua Subs was a game that didn't last very long. It was removed not long after it was released, and trophies were designed but never distributed. According to what I was able to find, you controlled a submarine and collected treasure in the Maraquan ocean, through multiple levels. It's been wiped from the site entirely now, not to be found anywhere.

8. Scorchy Slots

Scorchy Slots is a slot machine that costs 5 NP per pull. If you're lucky, you can get more NP, Bottled Faeries, or even the jackpot, which is usually less than 200,000 NP. It's simple and doesn't pay much (unless you hit the jackpot, of course). It's still available to play now.

9. Chia Bingo

While Scorchy Slots is still around, Chia Bingo isn't. It's been gone for many years. Basically, it was like any other game of Bingo: you could buy one or multiple bingo cards, and a new game for everyone would start every ten minutes; numbers would be called and you would mark them on your cards. If you were the first to get a bingo, you would win the jackpot (which usually wasn't very much). It's a rare trophy to see nowadays, and many people probably don't remember it. It wasn't hugely popular.

10. Dice-A-Roo

You've probably heard of this game. If you were around many years ago, or if you collect avatars, then you know this game. There are five levels of dice, each with different possible result; you start on red, then go to blue, and then green, yellow, and finally silver - that is, if you don't roll a Game Over before you get there. With each roll of the dice, you can get NP, lose NP, get items, and more. It's rare to get to silver, but if you do make it, then you might roll the jackpot - which is what you want if you like NP, trophies, or avatars. It's still around and frustrating people.

11. Solo Says

This is another obscure game from the past, presently retired, with a very rare trophy. It featured trivia questions from Britannica, and the more you answered correctly, the more points you got. This is one of those games I was talking about earlier, that is hard to be researched.

12. Chiazilla

Another game that hardly anybody remembers, and I was unable to find anyone with the trophy for it. In this game, you played as Chiazilla, and you fought Mechachiazilla. I'm thinking it's something like Meepit Vs Feepit.

13. Wheel of Excitement

The spectacular wheel of Faerieland. Every two hours, you can pay 500 NP to spin the wheel. You might get some NP, you might be attacked by the Pant Devil, or you might win the jackpot and an avatar... or anything in between. If you like low-risk gambling, this is the thing for you. It's still available for you to spin.

14. Guess the Card

There are six cards, and if you can guess which one your Neopet is thinking of, you can win some NP. That trophy isn't for this game; I think it's a similar situation as JubJub Blackjack, but nobody knows what game this pumpkin was for. It's a mystery.

15. Kau Korral

In this game, you control a Gelert with your mouse. You need to shepherd Kaus to a barn in the corner of the game screen. With each level, you need to get more Kaus into the barn. It's not available for NP or trophies anymore, but it's in the Game Graveyard.

16. PokeMatch

Yet another game that I could find almost nothing about. From what I did get, it seemed like it was basically Kiko Match, but with Pokemon featured instead of Kikos. It wasn't around for long.

17. ?

This game is another Pokemon-related one, but I couldn't find any details or even a name for it. It's a mystery, just like the pumpkin trophy.

18. Armada

This is a fun little game that you play with other people. You control one colour of ship, your opponent controls the other colour, and you try to make as many ships as possible into your colour. It's a fairly complicated game, so I won't go into a lot of detail. To play Armada, you need to sign up for the next month's competition. If you sign up in September, for example, then you would get to play in October for a chance at a trophy. I just started playing it last month, and it is pretty fun. I recommend signing up for a competition.

19. Deckswabber

The predecessor of Stowaway Sting, this game features a Blumaroo trying to turn all the tiles of the deck to the same colour. They start off as all brown, and you want them all to be yellow (after a few levels, you'll want to make them blue). So you move across the board, hitting every tile, until you move on to the next stage. It's retired now, but it's still available in the Game Graveyard, and its avatar is now awarded by Stowaway Sting.

20. Fruit Machine

That's right, the game you know and love used to give trophies too. As if fruits and paint brushes weren't enough! It was based off of how much NP you got from a single spin. If you got enough NP, you would get this fancy trophy. Nowadays, while the Fruit Machine is still working, it doesn't give trophies anymore.

21. Aisha Puzzle

This was a slide puzzle which, when solved, would feature an Aisha. The less time you took to complete the puzzle, the higher your score was. It's not available anymore.

22. Maraqua Puzzle

This was the same as the Aisha Puzzle, except the picture was of Maraqua instead of an Aisha.

23. Chiazilla Puzzle

This slide puzzle featured Chiazilla when it was solved.

24. Dark Faerie Puzzle

The picture on this puzzle was of a Dark Faerie. (I know, these slide puzzles aren't very exciting...)

25. Moon Puzzle

This puzzle showed you a picture of a moon when you finished. Not Kreludor, just a regular moon.

26. Sloth Puzzle

The last slide puzzle displayed Dr. Sloth once it was completed.

27. Faerie Crossword

That's right, we're done with the slide puzzles. (This one is a puzzle too, though...) The Faerie Crossword is a crossword puzzle found in Faerieland, and the answers you need to find to solve the clues are found somewhere on the site. You've gotta know your stuff to solve it quickly and get as many Neopoints as possible. It's still playable today, and quite a few people do it every day for a few spare Neopoints.

That trophy isn't for the Faerie Crossword, though, it's for an older game called the Space Faerie Puzzle. There were twelve levels, each with a bigger grid than the last, and you placed Space Faeries on the grid so that they didn't make any straight lines. They had the same solutions every time, so it was also a way to get easy Neopoints if you could figure out all of the solutions.

28. Kacheek Seek

This is game of hide-and-seek, where your Neopet hides and you seek. There are a couple dozen maps, with varying difficulty, and when you find your Neopet you get a handful of Neopoints. There's also an avatar, which is the reason that most people play it.

29. Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger is a game featuring a Tuskaninny climbing a cliff in Terror Mountain. You are given a Neopian phrase, without the letters, and you need to choose the right letters to complete the phrase. If you pick too many letters that aren't in the phrase, the Tuskaninny falls off the cliff and you lose the game. That trophy isn't for Cliffhanger, it's for a version of Techo Says that was altered to be Grinch-related for a sponsor. Oddly, some people have the trophy, and on their lookups the trophies are identified as Cliffhanger trophies.

30. Neo DJ

In this game, you control a Blumaroo DJ. You use the arrow keys and your mouse to make the moves the game tells you to make, and if you make enough of them correctly you move on to the next level. I think it's pretty tough, but you can see for yourself by going to the Game Graveyard.

31. Grundo Snowthrow

In this game, you control three Grundos in battle with yeti monsters. You throw snowballs at them to try and knock them out, while they throw snowballs at you to try and knock you out. The more round you go through, the higher your score will be. After playing it a few times, I'd say it's a pretty tough game. It used to give an avatar, but since being retired (it's in the Game Graveyard now), that avatar is awarded by Snow Wars II.

32. Ice Caves Puzzle

You control Garon the Lupe in this game, and you go through several levels with keys, treasure, dynamite, and more. It's like Faerie Caves II, except harder. It's in the Game Graveyard now, so if you feel up to it, go ahead and try to beat all of the levels.

33. Whack-A-Beast

This is an older version of TNT Staff Smasher (which was formerly known as Whack-A-Staff-Member), but instead of hitting staff members you went after beasts with no names. Different coloured beasts gave different amounts of points, and if you accidentally hit a Neopet instead, you would lose points. It's not playable anymore.

34. Neo Knights

In this game, you're given a certain number of knights on a chessboard in each level, and it's your job to get as many of them to the other side of the board as possible. Each level had a set solution. It's not available anymore.

35. Alpine Challenge

This game features an Usul skiing down a hill. It's your job to use the arrow keys to get her to the bottom safely. Each round is longer than the last, so you need to use your time efficiently so you make it before the buzzer goes off. If you crash, you lose time, and you can use ramps to do tricks and get bonus points. It's available in the Game Graveyard.

36. Vending Machine

The Vending Machine is a contraption in Neopia Central, placed there by Alien Aishas. You can put a Nerkmid (which costs ~50,000 NP nowadays) into the machine, and you'll get NP and either a "delicious" gross food or a Paint Brush. The odds of you getting a Paint Brush aren't very good, but if you use a lot of Nerkmids you might get a few. The amount of NP that you get determines where you are on the high score table and whether or not you'll get a trophy.

37. Faerie Quest

This is a game from Faerieland that can't be played anymore, but unfortunately I couldn't find any information whatsoever about it. Sorry about that.

38. Poogle Racing

Found in Faerieland, Poogle Racing is where five Poogles race to the end of the track every fifteen minutes. Before the race happens, you can choose a Poogle that you think will win and place a bet on it. If it wins, you make some Neopoints.

39. Bullseye

This was the first incarnation of the game we know today as Ultimate Bullseye II. You shot arrows at a target, except all you had to do was aim. There wasn't a power meter; every shot had the same power. This game isn't around to play anymore.

40. Earth Faerie Aces

In this 2-player game, you control a ship, and you use a few keys to fly around, grab a pod, and drop it into a plant. It's difficult, but it gets easier with practice. It's in the Game Graveyard if you want to try it.

41. Earth Faerie Aces - Expert

This was a lot like Earth Faerie Aces, except it was harder (I couldn't find out how, oddly). It isn't around to play, unfortunately.

42. Super Bullseye

This was very similar to the original Bullseye, and there still wasn't a power meter, but the target was moving. Like its predecessor, this one isn't available to play.

43. Faerie Caves

This game is just like the Ice Caves and Faerie Caves II, and like Ice Caves it features Garon the Lupe. There are six levels with various treasures and dangers. You can find it in the Game Graveyard.

44. Uber Faerie Caves

Uber Faerie Caves was just like all three of the other cave games, except the levels features were even harder than the ones in Faerie Caves.

45. Neopoker

Neopoker is just like regular poker: you are dealt five cards, and there are various types of hands that are better than others. You play against your Neopet, and if you have a better hand than they do, you win a few Neopoints.

46. Meerca Chase

If the name of this game doesn't ring a bell, you need to acquaint yourself with the Games Room. In Meerca Chase, you control a Meerca with your arrow keys, running around a rectangular box and trying to grab Neggs. The more Neggs you get, the higher your score will be, and some types of Neggs can give you lots of bonus points. This is a Neopian classic, with a sequel in the Games Room as Meerca Chase II. If you prefer this over the newer version, though, you can find it in the Game Graveyard.

47. Tyranu Evavu

Tyranu Evavu is a card game found in Tyrannia. You are shown a face-up card, and you have to guess whether that card is higher (Tyranu) or lower (Evavu) than a hidden card. The more guesses you get right, the more NP you'll get, up to a full deck of 52 cards. There's also an avatar for this game if you get a certain number of correct guesses.

48. Grarrl Keno

Another Tyrannian game, Grarrl Keno features 80 Grarrl eggs. Ten of them hatch in a game, and before they do you can mark 2-10 eggs that you think will hatch. You can place a bet (your maximum bet is determined by your account age), and if you get enough correct guesses, you'll make some Neopoints. If you somehow correctly guess all ten eggs, and if your wager is high enough, you can make dozens of millions of Neopoints... but the odds are definitely against you.

49. Chomby and the Fungus Balls

Chomby and the Fungus Balls is a game where you control a Chomby... and Fungus Balls attack you. It's your job to grab the star in each level, and then get to the door to move on. The Fungus Balls and other enemies are incredibly fast (and so are you), giving you barely enough time to think when you're in tight spot. I'm stuck on level three, personally. You can go to the Game Graveyard if you want to see how far you can get.

50. Switch-A-Roo

Switch-A-Roo was yet another Tyrannian game. You could bet up to 999 Neopoints (less if your account was too young), and a Blumaroo would put a ball under one of three coconut shells and then switch them around. After that, you would pick which shell you thought the ball was under. If you guessed correctly, you would earn your money back and then some. It was removed from the site after a while.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? Did you learn anything yet? Well, if you didn't, then you can tune in next week, when I'll be talking about the next fifty games (here's a spoiler: one of them wasn't really a game. Scandalous!). Until then!

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