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What Colour Neopet Are You?

by sparkleeze


Did you ever wonder what colour Neopet you are? Faerie, mutant, rainbow? Well, this is the quiz you need to take to find out! Make sure you grab a pencil and paper! Think hard and choose the best answer that fits you the most. Don't be nervous, I'm sure you'll get a great colour! If you don't you can take it again and see how you do this time around! Good luck!

1. Out of these choices of Neopets witch one do you like best?

A. Shoyru

B. Kougra

C. Gelert

D. Aisha

2. If you were to go on vacation where would you go?

A. Mystery Island

B. Lost Desert

C. Altador

D. Maraqua

3. Out of these colours which one do you like best?

A. Faerie

B. Royal

C. Rainbow

D. Halloween

4. Your friends would classify you as?

A. Funny

B. Pretty

C. Demanding

D. Loyal

5. If you could go with a friend some place fun. Where would you go?

A. Mystery Island beach

B. Battledome

C. Hidden Tower

D. Haunted Woods

6. What would you do with your friend there?

A. Swim

B. Fight a challenger

C. Buy an expensive item

D. See if you can find some ghosts in a cemetery

7. What do you like to do on Neopets?

A. Try winning a spotlight

B. Write for the Neopian Times

C. Customize your Neopet

D. Fight in the Battledome

8. Out of these petpets, which one do you like best?

A. Kadoatie

B. Meepit

C. Anglepuss

D. Meowclops

9. What theme here is best suited for you?

A. Beach

B. Detective

C. Faerie

D. Spooky

10. What season do you like best?

A. Summer

B. Winter

C. Spring

D. Fall

11. What would you like to do the most at the beach?

A. Go swim in the water

B. Go find buried treasure

C. Explore the beach

D. Knock down other Neopets sand castles

12. Which of these foods do you like best?

A. Pizza

B. Chocolate Chip Cookies

C. Doughnut

D. Popcorn

13. Where do you like to shop the most?

A. Igloo Garage Sale

B. Chocolate Factory

C. Tropical Foods

D. Hidden Tower

14. You can describe the Lost Desert as what?

A. Hot and humid!

B. A nice place to take a vacation

C. The coolest place on Neopia

D. A place I would never want to visit!

15. Do you like to explore Neopia?


B. No! It's boring.

C. I sometimes like to.

D. I'd rather go play games.

You are...Drumroll...

Mostly A's: You are Maraquan! You like to swim with the fishes and you are very good at swimming! You are very friendly and funny and you are always trying to make friends with other Neopets. You are sensitive and you have a small temper in which you can't control very well.

Mostly A's and B's: You are Royal! You are a very wealthy Neopet and you are very generous! You like to donate Neopoints to the Money Tree and customize your pets! You can be lucky at games and the Neopian Lottery! You like to help others and you have lots of free time!

Mostly A's and C's: You are Desert!You do have a temper and can be very demanding at times. You also are very loyal and you are a known wealthy Neopet! You like to take trips to Mystery Island and go swimming.

Mostly A's and D's: You are Darigan! You enjoy the Battledome and like to play games. You can be scary, but you have no temper and often like to keep to your self. Other than that you are very friendly and you like to explore places!

Mostly B's: You are Island! You like to spend free time swimming and writing. You are very loving and usually keep to yourself. You love to go on adventures and make sand castles at the beach.You are very lucky and you have tons of petpets!

Mostly B's and C's: You are Pirate! You like to explore new places and you love to save and protect money. If you are pushed hard you can have a small temper and make them walk the plank!You are also very friendly and like looking for treasure!

Mostly B's and D's: You are Grey! You are very shy and you are not very happy much. Especially on Grey Day! You like to fight other Neopets and you even like to spend your time at your Neohome.You don't like to do much and love to play games! You also are very sensitive.

Mostly C's: You are Faerie! You can be demanding at times, but you're very friendly. You don't really like to go out much and you have a very small temper in which you can control. You do like to go soaring through the sky at times!

Mostly C's and D's: You are Halloween! You love this time of season and like to scare other Neopets. You are actually very friendly and can be nervous when meeting others. You also get the most candy for your colour.

Mostly D's : You are Mutant! You are known to be funny and also loyal. You usually like fighting in the Battledome and exploring the Haunted Woods. You can master Ghost Bopper and you are very good at riddles and puzzles. You also have a mild temper and can get mad easily.

Mostly A's, B's, C's, and D's: are Alien! You are of all the questions combined. You have many different emotions and you are very funny, loyal and lots more! You like many different things and like to do many different things on Neopets!

Did you find out what colour Neopet you are? That's a great colour!As you can see, that is not all of the colours of Neopets in Neopia. Did you like this quiz? Hope you like your colour. I picked mostly the special ones! :)

Hope you all have a colourful day!

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