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Fun Customization Items to Celebrate Issue #700!

by ccr153lucky2


Issue 700 is finally here, so a big congratulations to the Neopian Times for sticking around this long!

That means it’s time to throw a party and celebrate this big milestone! And of course, that means we need some party-themed customization items. It’s time to bring out enough balloons to re-float Faerieland; enough cake to satisfy King Skarl; and perhaps enough confetti to temporarily distract everyone while the meepits–

*COUGH* So, without further delay, let us present to you this helpful article to help you dress for the big party:



10 Fun Customization Items to Celebrate Issue #700?

#1. Circle of Balloons

We need as many balloons as possible for this party. Balloons of all shapes and colours are required. There will be so many that no matter where you decide to go in the room, you are surrounded by at least 15 of them that cling to you via static electricity. If at any point you decide to pop one out of frustration, two more balloons will take its place. You cannot escape. So make sure you pick up this fabulous foreground! Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by so many balloons that you won’t be able to socially interact with any other Neopet?

#2. Golden Curtain Balloon Garland

I don’t think I was clear enough in the previous paragraph. Balloons are very important for our celebration party, and they should be hanging from the ceiling as well. They might not stick too well to the wall with just tape, so try adding some cloth curtains, then rubbing the balloons on your fur to gather some static. Then stick the balloons on the curtains. Then just step back and admire your work while your fur stands on end. We might as well do it in blue, pink, and green as well since I tripped over the Dyeworks potion supply the other day and I can’t seem to get the stains out.

#3. Silver and Gold Balloon Confetti Shower

Okay so our ceiling ran out of space, so just have the balloons fall from above and add some confetti for a nice party-like effect. Make sure to hire a Stealthy Neopet to secretly throw the balloons and confetti continuously for an endless rain of decoration.

#4. Birthday Confetti Shoes

Expect there to be a lot of dancing at this celebration, so make sure to grab a pair of confetti shoes and dance like it’s your birthday (except with 10 times more enthusiasm because the 700th issue of the NT is waaaaay more important than your birthday, let’s be honest). If you do not own a pair of confetti shoes, then I guess just make sure you cover your regular shoes with glue before coming to this party and just wait around as the confetti raining from the ceiling sticks to your shoes. You’ll blend right in!

#5. New Year Celebration Wig

Alright, now that we got the main decorations down and addressed the footwear issues, we should focus on your hair. You want to come to this party with fantastic locks that will probably attract all the balloons. Make sure you choose a fancy party hat. Reuse the party hat from the previous New Year’s party earlier this year if you have to. In case you don’t want to look like everyone else, go dip your wig into some Dyeworks potions – I hear blue, purple, and orange are very popular.

#6. Piñata Shirt

Someone wanted a piñata at this party, but there was no more space to hang them from the ceiling for some reason, so we’re going to just make the piñatas we already ordered into wearable shirts. I mean it might be a little itchy, but just bear with it. It will all be worth it when everyone talks about the party of the year. You get to say, “Hey, I was there! I wore that itchy Piñata Shirt! I got hives after but gosh was it worth it!” You get to live the dream. Everyone who wasn’t there will be jealous.

#7. Luxurious Birthday Ball Dress

Okay so we got some complaints that some Neopets may be allergic to whatever Piñata Shirts are made out of so I guess they can just come in regular boring old ball dresses or something. They probably are just going to wear the same ones they wore for their birthday. How unoriginal.

#8. Cake Topper Background

Envision this – a super large cake in the background, surrounded by candles and balloons and stuff. Neopets can take turns standing on it and taking pictures. It will be great!

I know what you’re thinking – fire hazard and sanitary issues are a big concern, but we’re all willing to take the risk when it comes to throwing the biggest party of the year. I’m sure it will be fine. Just… don’t eat the cake. And keep your confetti shoes on no matter what.

#9. Gift of a Piece of Cake

So since the main cake is going to be a bit questionable to eat, we’ll make sure to give everyone a slice of a different and more sanitary cake. It will be on a stick so you can wave it around while dancing in your confetti shoes. Just make sure to be aware of Neopets around you while you dance and flail your arms around.

#10. Birthday Celebration Background

Silly us, we forgot about the other balloons! In addition to balloons on the ground, on the walls, and on the ceiling falling down, we will have balloons floating upwards as well! Oh my Fyora this is going to be an awesome party, and we’re all going to look great attending it.

We hope to see everyone dressed up to celebrate issue #700 tonight!


We are not responsible for any injuries this party may cause to any individual or group of individuals. Side effects include but are not limited to: itchy scratchies, bloaty belly, shock-a-lots, watery eyes, bloaty feet, and possibly the jitters. Visit your nearest Neopian hospital if you experience any unusual side effects and ask your doctor if Itchy Scratchy cream is right for you.

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