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All The Famous Kaus of Neopia

by sky_lady


Kau Day was a long time ago, but we think it is always the right time to bring all the Kaus to the spotlights! Well, that's exactly what we tried to do by writing this article: we decided to make a Top 5 of the Most Famous Kaus of Neopia. We didn't want to underestimate any Kau, as we are pretty sure all Kaus have something special, but these Kaus have something more. All the five Kaus are extraordinary and really different from each other (and all of them are very popular of course!). So, grab some popcorn and start reading but get prepared to find out which one is the most famous (in our opinion, obviously) and what are their stories and the secrets behind their fame!

1. Kalora.

Let’s meet Kalora, the one we chose to introduce as the first famous Kau of Neopia! Have you ever played a card game called Cheat? If you have, you probably already know who Kalora is, but there are a few things you may not be aware.

Kalora is a regular challenger in the game of Cheat which means that when she is not travelling (well, she travels a lot and her occupation seems to be on permanent holiday…), she is most likely to be playing cards. Kalora can be amusing but only if you are not playing against her; she will not just let you win because you are nice, especially if you're being nice and a good player. Even though she seems selfish at first, you will eventually realize she is just an ordinary Kau who likes to do normal stuff like making macaroni sculptures and collecting false finger nails (erm… perhaps this part will make you think she is a bit odd, but with all the neopoints she gets by playing Cheat, she can do almost anything she wants!). So, are you amazed yet?

2. Kau Defender.

The Kau Defender is one of the members of the Defenders of Neopia. Again, this Kau has something special about her: she is one of the few known female members of the Defenders! Kau Defender’s first appearance was in Defenders of Neopia Series 1 Mission 6. She appears as a skinny yellow Kau but she has a fantastic heroic talent. She is an example to all the other Kaus, showing how brave and strong their specie can be.

Although she has battle skills, she can be pretty feminine with her braided hair. Kau Defender needs no wig for awesomeness! She doesn’t seem much popular, though… We don’t hear much about her and the only item related to her is a plushie: Kau Defender of Neopia Plushie… (Hey TNT, we love that plushie, but we think she deserves a little more attention! We don’t want the Kau Defender to be forgotten – that would be such a shame...) Still, she has a place in this Top 5 because of her courage and beauty. And of course she will always have a place in our hearts for defending Neopia. :)

3. Leera Heggle.

Once again the Altador Cup is over!! And how is this related to Leera Heggle or even related to an article about Kaus?! Makes no sense for you, right? Well dear reader, you are very wrong, think twice! It totally makes sense because Leera Heggle plays for the Lost Desert Team in the Altador Cup. But now attention please! Leera is not just another random player, he is the goalkeeper and captain of his team *fan girl scream*. Yup!! Who doesn’t admire a captain? And this one is also a goalkeeper, who has the fundamental task of avoiding goals from the other team! Bonus points for him *clap cough clap*.

Although Leera is the only male Kau among all of these amazing Kaus, his reputation speaks for himself: Leera Heggle is awesome and popular. With this, all we can tell you is to keep an eye open for next the Altador Cup, because you might be able to see the amazing Leera Heggle in action! And do you still think Leera Heggle is not popular enough to be on this Top 5? Because we surely think he really deserves this spot.

4. Fortune Teller.

Sadly, Kau Fortune Teller cannot be found around the site anymore, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t well-known. During the Lost Desert Plot, she could be found occupying a tent outside Sakhmet City. She played an important role in the plot due to the fact that she released many clues throughout the course of the puzzle, and she also helped deciphering the ancient inscriptions. We can honestly say the plot would probably not be finished yet without her help – so we all must say a huge “Thank you!” to the Kau Fortune Teller!

And, of course, as all the fortune tellers, this Kau also has her own crystal ball, which she used to gaze into the future. She used to dress like a mysterious gypsy too, which seems to be a dress code for fortune tellers. With all of this fortune teller fascination it is really sad that she left the Lost Desert after the end of the plot (please Fortune Teller, please come back, we all want you to read our fortunes!), but if you are curious and want to see what she looked like, why don’t you take a look at the Kau Fortune Teller TCG Card or the Kau – Fortune Teller Avatar? That is all that is left, what a mystery! And that is what we call a Kau celebrity! Not every Kau can have their own avatar showing up at the Neoboards, you know? You have to be really famous and venerated for that to happen!

5. Kauvara.

And here she is, probably the most famous Kau of Neopia. Kauvara is much more than a Starry Kau and she can be found at the Magic Shop (Kauvara’s Magic Shop) in Neopia Central. She is the shopkeeper and sells magic potions, which includes the amazing Morphing Potions.

Most of restockers attempt to get these Morphing Potions because they are really profitable for reselling, but even if you are not a restocker, I am pretty sure you have already heard of Kauvara. If you take a look at the Neopedia, you can see it says Kauvara hopes to be a magician one day, so that might explain all those magic potions coming into the market. Well, besides owning the Magic Shop, you can battle Kauvara at the Battledome when she shows up as an opponent. Even though she might not be the toughest opponent in there, she will not give up easily! Keep that in mind if you decide to fight against her.

This is the end of the top 5 Famous Kaus, we hope you enjoyed your reading! And if you are still wondering: how can these Kaus hold cards, swords and potions with their hooves? The answer is simple: that is the magic of Kaus working, because they are awesome and special ;)

The End.

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