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*Hands Cookies*

by admonisher

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Friday: Burnout
It was a particularly windy Friday morning in Neopia Central. With a cup of Black Cherry Tea in her left hand, The Editor strode forward towards The Neopian Times Headquarters, the establishment that releases Neopia’s newspaper every Friday afternoon.

by vanquishee


Why Are You Writing?
The blank paper stared up from the notebook. Each moment passed felt like an eternity gone by. Every tick of the clock seemed to echo throughout the room. The shadow Wocky chewed the end of his pencil, quickly putting teeth marks in it. He had tried everything; pacing, reading, eating, meditating, yet the paper remained blank, seemingly watching him, waiting for his move.

by anti_guy


A Special Edition
That's a great ide- or not.

by cinnamon_girl


Happy 700th NT Edition!! (Or Not)
Maybe I should have done this the other way around...

Also by Aethelar

by megamak

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