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by sparkleeze


      "…I'm not kidding, it's ALIVE!!! It's... it's.....," Lizzy the Aisha was interrupted.

      "... a vacuum cleaner." her older sister named Sparkle, popped her head out of the hallway, into the room. "Oh no! It's going to eat us!" the older Aisha sarcastically said.

      "Ugh, get out of my room, this is for friends only!"

      "Ok, ok, you can explain the rest of your STORY to your friend."


      "Look I don't care if you think this vacuum cleaner is alive, I promise you mom is not going to get rid of it." the Aisha walked out of the room.

      "Ok, so where did it begin?" Zarc, the Acara questioned.

      She sighed. Last Sunday I heard crackles and then a shout. "Oh no! Our vacuum cleaner is broken." The mother glared at the children. "Did you guys brake the vacuum cleaner, because it was working just fine yesterday?

      "NO!" the Aisha's lied. They were playing with it yesterday and broke it, trying to suck up the dust in the room and instead sucked up the curtains.

      I am not mad because you know what, we needed a new one any-ways!" the mother picked up her purse. "Come on, we will get an old fashion vacuum from the Lost Treasures store down town. They seem to work better than these new ones that always are breaking" They all walked through Neopia Central, looking for the store. "I know it's around here somewhere, they never moved it. Ah, here it is." They stood in-front of a building that looked squished between two other newer buildings. The middle building looked like it was about to fall and crumple into a tiny pieces.

      "Come along." She said as she walked through the door

      As their mom opened the door, the door creaked and we all walked into a spider web. There were cobwebs everywhere, creaking floors and the smell of old musty things. But on the bright side it had interesting valuable stuff that could be seen in some parts of the store. Toys, shoes, dresses, and decoration items in every corner.

      "Hello?? Anybody here? Your sign says you are open."

      Sparkle replied, "Oops, looks like there is nobody here. CAN WE GO NOW?!"

      "Wait, there is somebody over there!" Lizzy exclaimed

      "Umm, excuse me, are you open?"

      A scary looking Neopian with a shiny black cape and a hood turned, turned around as fast as lightning, and replied, "Yes, how can I help you?"

      "I'm looking for an old vacuum."

      "Sorry, we don't have any left." He muttered

      "Wait how much is that one?" She pointed to a weird looking vacuum in the corner of the store.

      "That vacuum is not for sale, it is not normal. Ahem, I mean broken."

      "Looks fine to me, how much?"

      "I told you it is not for sale!" The Neopian shouted

      "But it says on your sign that everything in this store is for sale."

      "FINE!! Fine, it is 10,000 Neopoints! Deal?"

      "Deal!" Lizzy's mom handed the Neopian the NP. Then, they carried it home, but the youngest sister wondered why the Neopian said it was not normal.

      Lizzy looked at her mother and asked, "Mom, why do you think that guy who sold us the vacuum, said that it was not normal?"

      "I don't know. But there is no such thing as a vacuum not being normal, its ether broken, or needs to be thrown away! It's not like it is going to attack us or try to eat us. That's impossible! No such thing in the real world, it's only childish nonsense is what it is." They pulled into the drive way, "Ah, we are home, so, we will try the new vacuum tomorrow. Ok, girls."

      "Ok" both Aisha's replied.

      "Now, it's late, go to bed."

      "Yes mom" the two said miserably.

      They all both fell asleep fast, except Lizzy, she woke up to the sound of box moving! She tiptoed down the stairs to find the vacuum out of the box with its red eye button on, and it trying to suck a vase up. Then it stared right at her! "VROOOOOOOOMM..!"

      Her mom came running down stairs. "What is going on here!"

      "Do you see it?!"

      "See what?" mom asked. She turned around , but the vacuum was in its box and wasn't moving. " I told you we will test it out tomorrow."

      "But it came ALIVE in the middle of the night and..."

      "ENOUGH! Go back to bed this instant young lady!" Lizzy stomped all the way up to her room and shortly fell asleep.

      "That's how it all happened." Lizzy explained

      "What are you going to do?" Zarc asked

      "I'm going to destroy it." Lizzy's mom came into the room.

      "Zarc, your mom is here." Just before he left the room, he turned around and said "See you later?

      Lizzy responded miserably saying "Yeah"

      That night Lizzy got ready and grabbed everything she needed to destroy the vacuum once and for all. She sat in bed and waited to hear the noise from last night. All of a sudden she heard a box moving and then, a glass break. It came from downstairs.

      Lizzy tiptoed down the stairs to see an empty box, but no vacuum. She went around the corner to see a broken vase followed by things knocked down. Down the hallway to the kitchen was a mess and then she saw it! The vacuum was sucking up the table cloth hanging off the table. It turned around and stared at her with its big red eye. She turned and ran into the living room, it following her. She ran into her sister.

      "What are you doing up?" Sparkle asked. The vacuum came into the room. "What is that!!

      They both ran into the bathroom, shut the door, and leaned up against it.

      "The vacuum is ALIVE!!!" The Aisha shouted.

      "I told you it was alive!!" They didn't hear it anymore. Lizzy grabbed the bucket of water she had in the bathroom.

      "What are you doing?"

      Lizzy turned around ."If we dump water on it, it should break."

      "A living vacuum cleaner!" Sparkle exclaimed.

      "It's worth a shot." Lizzy said. Sparkle opened the door slowly. The vacuum was gone. They both slowly walked into the living room the vacuum came down the hallway and tried to attack Sparkle. Lizzy came up behind it and dumped the water on it, but it didn't do anything but stop the machine for a second. Sparkle turned around, grabbed a broom, and started smashing it. It slowly started to die out.

      Their mom came running down stairs. "Is everything alright? Is there a burglar?" They both rushed into her arms. "Girls what's with you?" She looked at the vacuum. "What happened to my vacuum? Never mind, I'm just going to go back to bed."

      She went upstairs. The two sisters looked at each other and then dragged the vacuum outside and placed it in the trashcan.

      They stood there for a moment, looking at the dismantled machine, then Sparkle spoke. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you."

      Lizzy responded saying, "Its ok, I'm just glad it's over."

The End.

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