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A Guide To Usukicon: Ten Must Have Usukis!

by salutation


It's that time of year again- where everyone crowds into the Neopian Bazaar for the Usuki collectors favourite day of the year: Usukicon! Everyone is waiting to gain access into Usukiland to catch a glimpse of the newest Usuki dolls on the shelf. It is a Usuki collector's dream, except many of the Usuki's are so rare and expensive that only the top collectors own them. Not everyone is lucky enough to own a Queen Fyora Usuki Doll, so here is a list of some high quality and affordable Usukis.

1. Teenage Usuki

The Teenage Usuki doll is already to party. Comes with a range of hair accessories and footwear.

Although the Teenage Usuki has been around for the best part of 14 years, it is still a fan favourite and a must have for your collection! This Usuki is very stylish and is dressed up like a typical Usul teenager. If you are just starting your Usuki collection, the Teenage Usuki is a great starter Usuki, as it is adorable and priced at a very inexpensive 1,000 Neopoints!

2. The Usuki Singing Stars

Collect all three singing star Usukis and you will have your very own Usuki band!

I realise this is a top ten list, but you can't have one Singing Star Usuki without the others! Usuki Singing Stars #1, #2 and #3 are some of the most well-loved Usukis in existence. They have the appearance of popstars and with a little imagination, you can have your very own concert in your neohome, pretending as though they are the next M*YNCI or Yes Boy Ice Cream! The set is approximately 6,500 Neopoints, a must have for any young Usuki collector!

3. Fair Maiden Usuki Doll

This pretty maiden will grace your Usuki doll collection if you ask her nicely.

Other than the elusive Faerie Usukis, the Fair Maiden Usuki Doll is arguably one of the most beautiful and graceful Usukis in all the land! She comes with a beautiful dress and would be a perfect companion for any lucky Usuki collector! At only 4,300 Neopoints, the Fair Maiden Usuki Doll has nearly all the charm and appeal of a Faerie Usuki Doll for a very low price!

4. Ursula Usuki

Aw, this Usuki is dressed up just like Ursula!

An Usuki doll made for one of the most famous Usuls in Neopia! The Ursula Usuki is an essential item for any Gormball fans! This Usuki is newer than many Usukis, and perhaps doesn't get the same recognition or nostalgia among collectors as the Teenage or Flight Attendant Usukis, but I think that the Ursula Usuki is great for anyone starting a Usuki collection! It is still very affordable for a Usuki, valued at around 7,500 Neopoints.

5. Jerdana Usuki

This Usuki almost feels magical! She is a great addition to any collection.

This Usuki is popular amongst Neopians from Altador- what better way to honour the sorceress of Altador than an Usuki Doll? Jerdana is an underrated Neopian hero, and she will add plenty of charm to any Usuki collection! The Jerdana Usuki is another example of a beloved Neopian hero being honoured as a beautiful Usuki, and 22,000 Neopoints does not seem too costly to have one of Neopia's treasures in your Usuki collection.

6. Nature Lover Usuki

If you can't hug a tree, hug this Usuki instead!

This Usuki is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors! The Nature Lover Usuki will match delightfully for anyone that has a Usuki Campground Play Set (can be purchased for 490 Neopoints), as this Usuki was made for camping and outdoor adventures! The Nature Lover Usuki costs around 16,000 Neopoints, and is a great addition to any Usuki collection. However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative (or another Usuki that loves nature), there is the Earthy Usuki (pictured below), which is priced around 12,200 Neopoints and is similar to the Nature Lover Usuki, as they both represent autumn and the outdoors!

This Usuki is the perfect autumn playmate.

7. Pretty Pink Usuki

Just how more pink can one Usuki get?

This Usuki loves all things pink, the Pretty Pink Usuki is the perfect companion for Neopians who love the colour pink, or maybe want an Usuki to match their pink Neopet! This is a very stylish Usuki, and would be great for all the fabulous fashionistas of Neopia! At approximately 87,500 Neopoints, the Pretty Pink Usuki is quite expensive, although for an Usuki this is moderately priced, and will add spark to any Usuki collection!

8. Tribal Desert Usuki

Living deep in the desert beyond Sakhmet, this tribal Usuki is both beautiful and mysterious.

This was supposedly one of Princess Amira's favourite Usukis, but it doesn't get the recognition that it deserves. Similarly to the Pretty Pink Usuki, the Tribal Desert Usuki is also very fashionable, but in a different way, as it is sporting fashion that is native to the Lost Desert, or Sakhmet in particular. This Usuki would be a wonderful addition to any Usuki collection, especially for those who have a special interest in Lost Desert, or Neopian fashion in general. The Tribal Desert Usuki is priced around 90,500 Neopoints, which is definitely worth it for the mysterious charm that surrounds this Usuki.

9. Dark Faerie Usuki Doll

This little Usuki looks just like a Dark Faerie.

I'm sure you were all wondering when a Faerie Usuki Doll would appear on this list, so here you have it! Don't be fooled, not all Dark Faeries are evil, especially not this lovely little Usuki Doll, who would be a great companion for any Faerie loving Usuki collector. Priced around 99,999 Neopoints, the Dark Faerie Usuki Doll is actually one of the cheaper Faerie Usuki Dolls. However, if price is an issue, some cheaper Faerie Usuki alternatives are Battle Faerie Usuki (9,850 Neopoints), Earth Faerie Usuki Doll (80,000 Neopoints) and Soup Faerie Usuki (90,000 Neopoints). If you really love Dark Faeries, how about the most famous Dark Faerie herself, Jhudora, in Usuki form? The Jhudora Usuki Doll (pictured below) is a little more expensive than the original Dark Faerie Usuki Doll, at 110,000 Neopoints, but it's a must have Usuki for any Dark Faerie fans!

This grumpy doll will make all your other Usukis fetch things for her.

10. Usuki Frenzy Usuki

Even Usuki like to collect Usuki!

The ultimate Usuki for any Usuki collector! The star of every Usuki fans favourite flash game- Usuki Frenzy! The Usuki Frenzy Usuki is crazy about collecting Usukis, just like everyone attending Usukicon this year! This Usuki is one I recommend for the more experienced Usuki collector, as it is on the expensive side, costing a hefty 300,000 Neopoints! Not to worry though, you can possibly catch this Usuki being restocked in Usukiland for only 1,100 Neopoints, or maybe you will be lucky at Usukicon this year! The Usuki Frenzy Usuki is definitely one of the more coveted Usukis and a dream of any Usuki collector!

So, that concludes the must have Usuki list for this year, have a great Usukicon! Don't forget your passes!

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