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Seven Dastardly Scrolls

by xiaolin10413


With so many scrolls in Neopia, it can be hard to figure out which scrolls are harmless and will merely increase your Neopets intelligence, and which ones will do some pretty nasty things to your poor pet.

Lots of scrolls have descriptions that may frighten your pet enough to not read it, such as You’ve Been Hexed! which has a description that reads, “A hex upon you if you so much as glance at this cursed scroll.” Scary stuff! However, this scroll actually doesn’t do a single thing to your Neopet except increase the number of books he or she has read!

There are some scrolls though, seven that I’m going to talk about today, that actually have some negative effects on your pet. I have listed them in order of least dastardly to most, starting with…

You Will Get Verrucas!

This scroll, bound by gold, actually contains an unwelcome surprise for your pet. While being read, this scroll might get your pet a disease! The disease is unknown, so it can range from mild to severe.

The best way to cure this random disease will be to take your pet to the Healing Springs in Faerieland and hope that Marina, the faerie that runs the Healing Springs, will heal your pet for free! If not, take a visit to the hospital in the Neopian Plaza to figure out which cure will help your pet.

The contents of this scroll is actually a story, depicting a poor Ruki that read a rolled piece of parchment and got a terrible disease that had never been seen before, which he then had to go search for a cure. Seems a little suspicious, hmm?

Scroll of the Warrior

Scroll of the Warrior actually helps your pet before hurting it. The effect of this scroll is to bring your pet’s defense up 1-3 points, and then knocks down your pet’s movement points by the same amount.

The whole scroll is diagrams and descriptions on only the best defense moves for warriors, ninjas, and other fighters. It is noted in the beginning of the scroll that when it comes to strength, defense, movement, and stamina, one is usually sacrificed to help bolster another.

Scroll of Hunger

This scroll is slightly worse than the Scroll of the Warrior, because it only decreases stats! When reading this scroll, your pets movement will go down either one or two points, despite the description, “This inscribed parchment contains a spell to make your Neopet move faster, but makes them ravishingly hungry at the same time.” Which is simply a blatant lie. It decreases movement and doesn’t do anything to hunger! Not only does this scroll make your pet weaker, it also lies about what it contains.

The reason why this scroll makes your Neopet so much slower is simply because it’s a good story! It is also a very long story, and since it takes a long time to read, leg muscles get fatigued and don’t work quite as well afterwards, resulting in permanent loss in movement points.

Curse of Foul Odour

If your pet is aiming to be the smartest of them all, he or she has to prepare to be quite sick in the process. Reading this scroll will give your pet Bloaty Belly. This disease usually comes about by eating too much, but reading this scroll will also do the trick. While inflicted with bloaty belly, your pet will constantly complain about being bloated, and will refuse to eat anything.

Thankfully, Bloaty Belly can be cured several ways. Flat-u-less Tablets cure Bloaty Belly and only Bloaty Belly, all the time. Also, ointments like Cooling Ointment and Warm-Amber Ointment will cure Bloaty Belly and all other diseases.

There are also some old time curses that have a chance to cure your pet, including Boiled Bagguss, Selket Elixir, and White Squid Root.

A neat thing to note about this scroll is it also used as a weapon, and it is known for making your enemy (or you if you misuse it) very stinky. However, this scroll is no longer allowed in the Battledome. The janitors at the Battledome were tired of spending days getting rid of the smell in stadiums that this curse was used in, and was therefore outlawed.

Mummified Scroll

This scroll is the last one on the list that affects your pet’s battle stats. Reading the Mummified Scroll will award your pet with one to three hit-points, then knock off one to three movement points. (There is something about scrolls and taking off movement points!) However, this scroll is worse than the Scroll of Hunger and the Scroll of the Warrior, because it also has the possibility to remove an intelligence point! Seems counter-intuitive, for also being a readable book.

Usually books (and scrolls) add intelligence to pets, but not this one! This scroll was written by mummies in the lost desert, which also explains why the scroll itself was mummified, and the content inside is so incoherent it actually might lower the intelligence of your pet when he or she attempts to read it!

Pox Curse

Here is another scroll that gives out a disease, and this one gives a major hint in its name! The Pox Curse scroll will give your Neopet Neopox when read. Neopox is one of the worst diseases in Neopia. Your Neopet will be riddled with red, itchy blotches that are also very contagious. The chances that all your other pets will get this horrible disease is very likely!

If you’re lucky, the Healing Springs can cure your pet, but NeoPox Pizza will also get rid of this disease. The previously mentioned ointments should also make short work of Neopox, and the items Dried Prampet Leaves and Spotted Blanket have a chance at also curing Neopox.

Again, the content of this scroll is also very easy to figure out, based on its name. While it is true your pet will get Neopox from reading the scroll, if your pet can get through all the words, your Neopet will know the spoken curse to give others Neopox! That’s not very nice though, and isn’t recommended.

Vengeful Scroll

Vengeful Scroll tops the list as the most dastardly scroll in Neopia. That’s because when read, it turns your pet into a Pink Lenny! (Nothing against Pink Lennies, of course). The chances that your pet was already a Pink Lenny before reading this scroll was low, and the chances you wanted your pet to be a Pink Lenny is also low. (There are much cheaper alternatives if this is your end goal). It’s the most dastardly out of all of them because it might ruin your pet’s final species and color, which can be expensive to fix (not to mention the expensiveness of the scroll itself). It is advised that only the most dedicated book readers add this one to their collection.

The story behind this scroll is quite interesting. Once, there was a king that was done wrong by one of his townspeople, so the king had this scroll written to cast vengeance on the peasant, by turning him into a Pink Lenny when he read it! Without knowing who did this evil curse on him, the peasant kept the scroll for many years. Later, a traveler severely offended the peasant (who at this point was able to morph back into his original species), and the peasant gave the traveler the scroll, who in turn was turned into a Pink Lenny. The traveler gave it to someone he did not like, and so on. The scroll continued to move throughout the public this way, achieving vengeance for its most previous owner.

And those are the seven dastardly scrolls of Neopia. Whether your pet is a dare-devil or has intentions of becoming the most intelligent pet in the universe, read with caution!

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