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Play with Clay

by msjanny

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Eclectic Antics: Hoarders Edition
Remember to clean out your safety deposit box regularly! (Please.)

by amarettoball


Fruit Lupe
It's healthy! Right?

by aisha_painter119


The Korbats in the Pumpkin Patch
Asmundar was a clever little Eyrie, but there was one thing that he just couldn’t figure out tonight, and it had been bugging him and bugging him. He couldn’t get the Korbat face on his pumpkin just right. He had spent hours and hours using his claw on every pumpkin in his owner’s pumpkin patch, but he was a perfectionist and something just wasn’t right.

by jade_ceres


What Happens When Pirates Are Bored
Apparently, Captain Scarblade and his crew have too much free time...

by teamchao466

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