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The Complete Guide to Owning a Weewoo

by waning



Weewoo are quite the popular Petpet species across the many regions of Neopia, and for good reason! They are small in stature but quickly become unwaveringly bonded to their owner. While they may not possess wings, like their more traditional flying friends, Weewoo do not find themselves hindered in any way by this minor detail. While Weewoo are mostly quiet by nature, when they get excited, they bounce around joyously, and are named for the soft "Wee-Woo" sound they emit while doing so. 

Weewoo are native to the southern, isolated Krawk Island and as such, they are noted to be of the Pirate Petpet variety. However, much time has passed since their humble origins, and Weewoo have since spread all across Neopia! Originally, Weewoo were the loyal comrades of daring Pirates out on the open sea. Unfortunately, their lack of wings made balancing on pirates’ shoulders quite the difficult task! Weewoos gradually found that they were of more use to their pirate friends as cartographers, and would spend their days aboard ships reading and writing out sea charts. Over the years, Weewoo became enthralled by reading and writing, and eventually turned towards a more literary venture; The Neopian Times! Their small stature and positive demeanor made them perfect distributors of freshly printed copies of the Times. To this day, no one is quite sure how they are able to accomplish such an impressive task without wings, but all who have investigated the secrets of the Weewoo have vanished! Some say they painted themselves Invisible due to the embarrassment of not being able to solve the quandary, but that is just a rumor, and remains one of the great mysteries of Neopia!

While Neopian tradition maintains that Weewoo are the couriers of the Neopian Times, they also make delightful companions for your pet. The following article breaks down the key components necessary to keeping a happy Weewoo Petpet friend!

Choosing your Woo

The Weewoo was first introduced to Neopia on October 10th, 2001. While the standard, unpainted Weewoo is most commonly seen accompanying many Neopets due to its subtle looks, the White Weewoo is arguably the most popular color choice among its fans. The White Weewoo has become ambassador and lead courier Woo for the Neopian times. Due to this lofty rank, the White Weewoo has garnered high regard among those who enjoy the written word. In addition to the two aforementioned varieties, there is an abundance of other colour combinations to choose from! There are 21 different Weewoo variants that can be found across Neopia, ranging from fluttering Faerie to dastardly Darigan!

It is important to consider Petpet behavior when choosing the perfect Weewoo for your pet. If you happen to have a young Baby Neopet, a Darigan Weewoo may not be the best choice, due to its prickly nature. A Rainbow Weewoo on the other hand, with its bubbly personality and bright, vivid appearance, is much more likely to be a considerate confidant for your Baby pet! 

Feeding your Woo

Make sure to properly feed your Weewoo to assure its health and happiness. A full tummy makes for a pleasant pal! 

Weewoo from all walks of life love to feast on juicy wriggling grub. Neopia's lands are filled with different types of tasty grub; from the Wa Wa Grub to the Mec Mec Grub. While any form of grub will satisfy, a Weewoo presented with a more elegant grubby treat will be sure to chirp with cheer! Simply adding a bit of melted cheese or sticking your grub in a bun will do. For Weewoo with a more sophisticated palette, options such as a Wriggling Grub Surprise, Grub Skewer, or the Grubburger will be sure to appease! 

When your Weewoo has been exceptionally well-mannered, a delicious treat is always welcome! Banana Grub and Grub Parfaits will make your little chum whistle with warmth when they chow down on that sweet, grubby goodness!

Entertainment & Play

Due to the fact that Weewoo are such an intelligent species, they need consistent stimulation to keep out of trouble! Fortunately, there is an abundant assortment of toys and items to provide endless entertainment for your Woo.

If your Weewoo is lonely, consider investing in a Wind-Up Weewoo or a Postal Weewoo Action Figure. Simply set this toy in front of your Woo and watch them be entertained for hours. The Wind-Up Weewoo toy especially, will not only provide delight for Woo, but also for you! Just wind the little fella' up and let him go - he will scurry circles around your Petpet. A little known fact about Weewoo, is that they are easily distracted by circles. The endless loops in which the toy will wander will keep your little one busy and entertained for hours on end. Though be warned, if your Weewoo watches the meandering of his toy for too long, he may also get a tad dizzy! 

Weewoo are also big fans of magic! Not only do they love watching sleight-of-hand, but they love being involved! If you are not personally gifted with the talent of preforming magic, simply decorate a small table and purchase a large black cap - before you know it, your Weewoo will hop directly into the hat, waiting to surprise an unsuspecting visitor!

Delivery Day & Training

One of the more exciting reasons for owning your very own Weewoo is the fact that they will personally bring the latest issue of the Neopian Times right to you! Rather than the traditional delivery Weewoo, who will leave your issue on your front porch, your very own Weewoo can be trained to deliver your copy of the Times to any desired location. We personally recommend training your Weewoo to deliver your paper directly to you while you relax and recline leisurely in your coziest reading chair! Other popular delivery options include the kitchen counter, the office desk, or directly into your own hand! 

Those who take pride in training their Weewoo will be delighted by the intelligence that this Petpet breed possess. Not only can you train your Woo to deliver your Times to a specific spot, but you can also train them to brew a fresh cup of Hot Borovan (for when you are ready to peruse your Neopian Times)!


Your pet may grow very attached to their Weewoo companion, and therefore, he or she may want to have his wingless wonder with them at all times! Fortunately, there are ample customization choices out there which allow for your Weewoo to comfortably sit alongside their Pet companion.

The Silver Weewoo Perch was released on February 8th, 2012 in the NeoCash Mall. It is a favorite among Weewoo owners, as their Weewoo(s) can sit happily coexist with their Pet companions. 

For those who may be more discreet about their Petpets, the Weewoo Clock may be a more fitting choice. This item was released in the NeoCash Mall on November 28th, 2007. Weewoo owners can place their Woo inside the clock, and be delighted every with a merry tune. Not all Weewoo enjoy this option unfortunately, as the inner workings of the clock can easily tangle their feathers!


Weewoo take great pride in their cleanliness. It is very important to keep your Woo clean and properly groomed. While Weewoo feathers come in all sorts of colors, their hygiene routines remain the same. 

A Weewoo Bath is recommended for all Weewoo owners. Often times, the baths are made out of stone and are ideally placed in a front or back yard. Your feathery friend will rejoice in splashing around in the water, and clean its precious plumage in the process! Don't be surprised though if other local Weewoo come out to splash and play in your Weewoo Bath too! 

For those who may find themselves traveling with their Weewoo, and cannot accommodate a Weewoo Bath in their luggage, Weewoo Face Powder is the next best option! This powder is a wonderful solution to not only meet your Weewoo's grooming needs but yours as well! As the name states, it is a face powder. While owners are advised to only use it on their faces, Weewoo are able to safely dust their feathers with the powder for a fresh clean feeling on-the-go!

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading the Caring for your Companion's guide to owning your very own Weewoo! We do hope this article provided some insight into a popular species of Petpet. Remember dear reader, a happy Weewoo makes for a happy Neopet!

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