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Titanic Giant Squids...

by fhujmasterofhedgehog

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A Stranger Tale of Goldrun: Part One
The Halloween Bori sprinkled a few herbs into the camp fire that made it flare and change colour to an acid green that illuminated the bright face paints smeared across the creature's skull. The Bori stood up, grasping a gnarled staff in his hands, and began to chant as he slowly danced around the fire. Local Petpets stopped in their nocturnal business to watch and listen, and above them even the desert stars seemed to be waiting, as if the Bori's actions were important.

by herdygerdy


The Goofers
Guaranteed to scare...for real this time!

by lintsuf


... Cool. Thanks.

by misshamsterlover


10 Best Summer Drinks from the Coffee Cave
For all coffee and tea lovers!

by yashasvika

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