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Helping the Vandagyre Feel Welcome in Neopia

by iluvmypetz456


(NOTICE: Gonzo is on my side account Petfan343)

Hello, Neopians! My name is Gonzo and as you can see I am a Vandagyre. I live on Roo Island with my wonderful owner and my brother and sister.

Vandagyres are a new species in Neopia. As part of this new species in Neopia, I still noticed that some of us still feel rather uncomfortable or shy. Some Vandagyre are still hesitant to come down from the mountains. Many Neopians have claimed not to like how we look or criticize us for other reasons. I find this unfair and I am here to discuss some of these reasons and to tell you how you can help us Vandagyres feel welcome in this wonderful land of Neopia!

The first thing that I have heard some say about my species is that we look weird. How absurd! Didn't the Hissi look strange when they first arrived? Other species who were new once also have dealt with this criticism. It is one that usually always comes up and eventually passes. Of course since we are new here it will take a while to get used to us being around. But sooner or later we won't be so 'new' anymore, and we will be seen just like other Neopets in Neopia. And honestly it is slightly rude to judge a Neopet based on looks or color. For example some Darigan painted pets were the nicest I've ever talked to, and some species like the Kiko or even Usuls could really pack a punch in the Battledome, despite their reputations as "cute" creatures!

Some claim that we have "creepy" looking eyes. This is also an unfair criticism. Many pets have different designs on them and our larger eyes help us to see better. Just because we have great eyesight it does not mean that we are going to watch you sleep at night! Vandagyres are a very friendly species and we love playing games, eating delicious food and talking to others! We are really no different than a Kacheek or a JubJub on the inside. I guess the main point I'm trying to make is that outside appearances are just that, appearances. When you get to know and be friends with a Vandagyre then you really get to know us on the inside and out!

Another reason I have heard is that we don't look as good because we still can't be customized. This is also a very strange criticism to me! Mutant and Baby painted pets are very popular despite them not being able to be customized with normal clothing. A pet doesn't have to dress nice to be your pet, we just have to be friendly and care. Also, please keep in mind that TNT is working on making clothing items for us as well! Sooner or later we'll be able to wear clothing just like any other species can.

Are you wondering what you can do to help? Well, I am glad you asked! There are lots of things Neopians can do to make us feel welcome! Heres is a small little list, but I'm sure you can come up with your own ideas as well!

1. Adopt one! – This might seem like me trying to boost my species popularity but hear me out! Lots of Vandagyres still don't have homes and are still up in the mountains, too shy to come down. Some of us, are even in the pound, due to our owners "changing their minds" after hearing the opinions of their friends. Adopting a Vandagyre and giving us a family is one of the kindest things to do. I love living with my sister and brother!

2. Take care of us! – If you do adopt one of us, then make sure to take care of us! Don't just ignore us, play with us, feed us good food, and groom us regularly. Most of you do this with your other pets so this should not be a big problem. Also feel free to help us edit our homepages! We understand that customization is still difficult for us, but pet pages and pet descriptions are great ways to help our personalities shine through! Neohomes also work as well! I have a wonderful room that shows my love for writing and The Lost Desert! Be creative and show your Vandagyre's personality!

3. Stick up for us! – If someone is talking unfairly about us on the Neoboards try to give them a little more info. Everyone can have their opinions of course, but a lot of people are just upset or miss the old Neopets. Understandable, but if you see any accounts made just to push hate towards Vandagyres please, report them to The Neopets Team! It sounds crazy, but me and my owner have actually seen an account like this sadly!

4. Send your ideas to TNT! – That's right! Have an idea for a color for us? Or possibly Vandagyre themed items? Send them to TNT! They love hearing from you and I'm sure they are trying to get some items for us out but they would definitely like the feedback! I myself would like to see some Vandagyre themed cookies and plushies!

5. Smile! – It might sound silly, but if you see a Vandagyre on the street just smile! It makes us feel welcomed and not like outcasts. You can also say hello to us; we would love to tell you more about ourselves! Who knows, a simple conversation could be the start of a great friendship!

Doing any of these can help a Vandagyre feel welcomed in Neopia. We are all very excited to be here and we hope to live here with you guys in peace. It's been a blast celebrating Neopet's birthday with you all! We love doing the same things you do and such so don't be afraid and feel free to make a friend who's a Vandagyre!

Well, that's about it from me. Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope to be in The Neopian Times again; after all I do love writing! Happy Travels!

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