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Fall-ing For Your Autumn Neogarden

by blue_eyed_tiger_j


Also by hummerthug

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. It's a time when the weather starts to cool and leaves start to change colour and fall into beautiful multi-coloured piles. It is also the time of year when most harvesting happens. There are so many colours to look at, bright orange pumpkins, big red apples, and trees with leaves in every colour you can think of. Many people don't think much about gardening at this time of year but it is possible, especially in the world of Neopets. So, get out your garden tools and your rake and get gardening! Here are some exceptional plants, trees and garden d├ęcor that will make your Neogarden the most memorable one on the block.

1. Mini Waterfall Pond

Now you can relax to the soothing sound of a miniature waterfall with this wonderful pond in your garden! This beautiful pond is surrounded by large rocks of several different sizes and shades for a rustic look. You can add this delightful pond to your Neogarden right now for about 5,750 neopoints.

2. Pile of Autumn Leaves

This pile of autumn leaves comes complete with a rake and will give your Neogarden an authentic autumn look! The best part is in the world of Neopets there is no wind to blow your leaves away. You'll never have to rake them up all over again and you can even keep them year round if you want for extra leaf pile jumping fun! Unfortunately it is currently glitched *pokes TNT* and will not appear in your Neohome 2.0.

3. Autumn Birch Tree

Birch trees are prized for their beautiful, smooth, white bark and their graceful, delicate foliage. Unlike normal birch trees this tall, beautiful tree retains its fiery orange colour all year. Birch trees prefer moist soil, so they would do best planted near a pond or stream. You can add a few to your Neogarden for a very reasonable price; about 2,875 neopoints each!

4. Chestnut Tree

Autumn is the best time to have a Chestnut Tree or two in your garden because this is the time of year you can harvest the chestnuts! Depending on the variety in your Neogarden, chestnuts have many uses; you can roast them for a tasty treat, feed them to the squirrels in the winter (if they didn't already steal all of them during harvest!) and a lesser known use is keeping some around your house as a spider deterrent. It is not a proven method but if you are afraid of spiders I'm sure you'll try anything! At the price of about 2,600 neopoints each, anyone should be able to add a whole grove of Chestnut Trees to their Neogarden.

5. Amber Cloud

Amber Clouds closely resemble Sugar Maple trees in autumn, and are guaranteed to be the tallest trees in your Neogarden. This is the best time of year to enjoy the cooler weather after a hot summer why not grab a book and relax under the golden canopy of their leaves and branches. You can add a few to your Neogarden for about 3,600 neopoints each!

6. Blackberry Bush

Autumn is the perfect time to brighten up your garden with a Blackberry Bush or two because that's when you can pick fresh plump juicy berries off the bushes. Half the fun in blackberry picking is the risk involved. Blackberry picking is not for the faint of heart. Even when you have a carefully tended blackberry bush they tend to be a particularly wild variety of plant full of thorns determined to scratch and prick you! Fruit always tastes sweetest when you have to fight for it! You can add some to your garden for only about 7,350 neopoints each!

7. Blazing Frooble Shrub

Blazing Frooble Shrubs appear to be quite similar to the Red Maple tree in autumn. If they prove to be as similar as they appear to be they should survive in just about any environment just like the Red Maple; from swamps to dry soil and just about anywhere in between. These tall bright red shrubs might be just the thing if you want a bold flash of colour in your garden! Their tall, tapered shape will go great with any garden especially one with an autumn theme! At about 5,000 neopoints each they are still a very reasonable priced Neogarden item.

8. Mini Pumpkin

Mini pumpkins are ideal for people looking for some low maintenance ground cover. Their plump spherical gourds also make delicious pies and are very popular around Halloween for carving and decorating. Despite not having the Neohome icon this item is supposed to be 2.0 compatible. Unfortunately it is currently glitched *pokes TNT* and will not appear in your Neohome 2.0.

At the moment they only cost about 990 neopoints each, but if the glitch is fixed that could change as they are a very nice looking item.

9. Vine-Covered Gazebo

This gazebo makes the perfect picnicking spot. The vines even have plump juicy purple grapes hanging off them! At a whopping 200,000-250,000 neopoints it might be a bit more difficult for some to budget into their Neogardens, but don't forget with an item like this you probably only need one! If you care any good at restocking you can try to snag one from the Neopian Garden Centre for 3,400 neopoints instead and save yourself some neopoints.

10. Tyrannian Mynci Gnome

Give your garden some Tyrannian flare with this cute Mynci gnome. If Myncies aren't your style or you just don't like Tyrannia there are 16 more 2.0 compatible Gnomes to choose from with varying colours, Neopet species and prices ranging from about 140 neopoints up to over 100,000 neopoints. This Tyrannian Mynci Gnome is quite reasonably priced at about 28,000 neopoints.

This article featured only items compatible with Neohome 2.0, but there are many, many more items, both for 2.0 and many that are not, to choose from not included here. We hope to have inspired you to make the best Neogarden this autumn. Have a great autumn and happy gardening both here on Neopets and out there in your real garden!

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