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Be A Hero: A Trophy Guide to Magma Blaster

by fr0zenpeanut


Hurry! The citizens of Tyrannia need your help! A volcano is erupting, raining down lava and rocks everywhere! What's even worse, there are some poor trapped Neopets that need your help! Luckily for you, you have a handy magma blaster to save the day. (Being an Alien Aisha has its perks, I guess.) Blast those rocks out of here, before it's too late!

So, what are we going to do? How do you help save everybody while earning yourself a shiny trophy?

The game play in Magma Blaster is pretty straight-forward. It starts off with two different types of rocks. You can toggle between the types by pressing 1 and 2 on your keyboard. Then, to blast the rock, you just click on it! Easy, right? However, you need to be precise with your clicking because getting a high score depends on how accurate you are when shooting them. If you just hit the edge of the rock, you will only get 2 points for destroying it. If you hit the rock straight on, you get 4 points. You need those 2 extra points! Your high score depends on it.

Level one should be pretty easy because there are only two types of rocks, so only 2 numbers to toggle between. There are 5 levels in the game and each time you go up a level, a new type of rock is added. So at level 2 you will have to toggle between 1, 2, and 3. At the very last level, you will have to toggle between numbers 1-6. It can get pretty crazy when you get up into the later levels, but don't panic just yet! You can handle it pretty easily with a little practice.

After every level, you can unlock a bonus round if you get enough points. Each level has a set amount of points you need to reach to unlock the bonus round. This number is different per level but constant no matter your score, so if you can remember it, you will be able to tell how well you are doing as you play. If your accuracy is good, then you should be able to unlock all of the bonus rounds with no problem. If you fail to unlock a bonus round, unless you just had some bad luck, I'd recommend a little more practice. Once you play through the game a few times, you should be able to center your shot more quickly and easily.

The key to getting a high score is the bonus rounds. It will be impossible to get a good enough score for a trophy without them. The goal is to get to the bonus round after every level. You will get 15 seconds to shoot as many rocks as you can during these bonus rounds. Accuracy is important to get as many points as you can, but don't waste a bunch of time trying to line up your shots perfectly and miss more points because you let rocks fall all over the place. You can usually score around 50-70 extra points in bonus rounds. (Sometimes more!) So, if you complete the game and don't get the score you're looking for, you probably just need to try again to get a few lucky bonus rounds. The amount of rocks that shoot out during bonus rounds can vary quite a bit.

To get to the bonus rounds in levels one and two you generally can't make any mistakes at all. (Occasionally there is an extra rock, but don't count on it.) You need your shot to be centered for all of them, so you get 4 points from every rock. If you miss the bonus rounds on these two levels, it's best just to reset the game and practice more. It's really, very important that you get to all the bonus rounds in order to maximize your score.

Points are not the only important things of course, you're here to protect the citizens of Tyrannia! There are 5 Neopets that you will need to protect, all running around and screaming at the base of the volcano. (Can you blame them?) Essentially, you have 5 lives. The nice thing is that if you miss blasting a rock and it doesn't land near anyone, you won't lose a life. Of course don't count on that happening, but it is a nice feature. It's nice when you mess up and don't lose anything, at least. Don't worry if you lose a life or two, especially in the later levels. It's easy to lose at least one life in the last level if a bunch of rocks shoot out at once. (Which seems to happen frequently.) Unless you really start panicking, you shouldn't lose all five ever. And the good news is you don't lose points for losing a life, you just miss out on those 2 or 4 points. (It's okay to miss a few points here and there in the later levels.)

As for any game, practice makes perfect! Just keep playing and you'll get the hang of it eventually. Stay cool, calm and collected so you don't get stressed if a bunch of rocks pop out of the volcano at once. If you're having a hard time finishing the game, focus on completing the game rather than the bonus rounds. Once you can finish the game with ease, start working on getting all the bonus rounds! It shouldn't take long at all for you to be able to finish the game with a pretty decent score. You might even be able to get up to a gold trophy within a day. :)

Don't forget about reset day by the way! ;) It'll make your trophy obtaining much easier. It's the first of every month, when the high score tables are cleared. The required scores for getting on the high score table and into a trophy position are generally a lot lower, Magma Blaster included. Good luck, have fun, and get that shiny new trophy! (Oh, and save a few lives too!)

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