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Top 10 Tyrannian Neopets

by unlaced_


May 12th is Tyrannian Victory Day, and to celebrate, we're going to count down the top ten pets which can be painted Tyrannian! This paintbrush is easily affordable at just an average of 40,000 to 50,000 neopoints, making it a realistic and achievable goal for Neopians of all ages! Not only is the paintbrush itself affordable, but the artwork for Tyrannian pets is extremely diverse, ranging from fierce and wild, to downright hilarious; there is a Tyrannian pet for everybody! Without any further ado, let's begin the countdown.

10. Quiggle

Kicking off the countdown at number ten, we have a familiar face in the form of Tyrannian Quiggle. This lovable grump who so nonchalantly sips his mug while you twiddle your thumb, waiting for the wheel of monotony to finish spinning has landed a place in the heart of many Neopians due to his unforgiving and blank stare. Even though updates to Tyrannia and the Wheel of Monotony, this silent hero has managed to keep up his irritable stare, showing no signs of wavering anytime soon. He even has his own avatar.

9. Peophin

This particular neopet would be considered by many as arguably the most majestic neopet, and Peophin makes the list for the fact that it still looks majestic, even painted in this rough and ragged colour. Still looking the most elegant with undeniable poise and grace, we have no choice but to respect this wonderful pet. Is there ANY colour that can make this pet look even remotely bad? Peophin is probably the only pet capable of retaining elegance in Tyrannia, one of the key factors which allow me to refer to Tyrannia as one of the most diverse pet colours.

8. Wocky

Tyrannian Wocky makes me laugh a little, due to the fact he is the ONLY Tyrannian pet to really show such unconventional colouring. While the fur is brown along with his clothing to truly match the colour palette that Tyrannia offers, his mane is well... Purple? Yeah. It's clearly obvious that this feline neopet does not confirm to society, and I think that's totally endearing. For that reason alone, our favourite feline neopet claws in at number eight.

7. Yurble

Have you ever seen a Tyrannian Yurble before? Before I had been doing a little research to write this article, I had not. Let me tell you, I laughed hard. It is so ugly, I almost want one, purely for the character potential and customization options I can envision. Sometimes I feel like Yurble's have drawn the short straw in Neopian paintbrush life, because this artwork is hilarious. There is nothing decidedly fierce about this bushy eyebrow-ed, grey haired neopet, and the way he is holding his paw reminds me of an elderly man, shaking his fist at youths.

"Get off mah lawn!"

6. Koi

Now THIS is a cool pet. Forget Halloween, forget zombie, forget mutant. This is a creepy design, and it's totally terrifying. Imagine diving in dirty waters, only to be faced with the glaring red eyes of this disgustingly awesome beast! The sharp teeth imply that it is a predator, despite not living on land like most Tyrannian neopets, and it's broken and torn tail fins show that this is a pet that has gone through trouble and survived battles. The only thing subtracting cool points from this awesome design is the facial features, which I feel aren't mean looking enough to really push this pet up the ranks. However, that being said, I still dig this design, and suggest that people may consider this if they are creating a scary character! Imagine the cross-painting possibilities!

5. Korbat

I love this little guy. He resembles a bat, a creature of the night, something typically associated with horror, creepy stories and darkness. With the themes present in Tyrannia, there was an opportunity to play up to that, and create a horrid beast out of Korbat. However, I can assure you that TNT did not take that opportunity, but you can't even be mad. He looks 600% done with everything, and that he can't wait to go back to bed. Korbat makes the list because there is a small part of Tyrannian Korbat in all of us.

4. Xweetok

This is a neopet that is generally considered cute by the majority, and is subsequently quite a popular choice. Somehow, TNT has managed to retain that adorableness in this neopet, despite its huge fangs and long, ragged fur. Xweetok ranks so highly in the list because of its loyalty to the Tyrannian colour traits, but equal loyalty to its species, which I think makes this combination a hit. Its sleek and unique design is impressively pulled off, but despite its cute face, I wouldn't get too close to it with those teeth.

3. Hissi

One of my favourite designs, if not a little misleading. A snake made out of rock doesn't seem very plausible, but that is what the Tyrannian Hissi appears to be at first glance. While it's more likely that the pet just in fact has oversized, rough scales, it's instant appearance almost makes it look like a rock snake, complete with sharp teeth, a crown of spikes and opposable thumbs.

2. Gelert

I barely know what is happening in this design, but I'm totally fine with that. The Gelert design is extremely busy, complete with claws, teeth, ripped clothing, excessive fur, horns, and wings added for no apparent reason. Despite the fact there is so much going on, I think it looks great. Gelerts have always seemed to be Lupe's weaker sister, but when it comes to Tyrannian colours, Gelert comes out on top. Interesting, feral and untamed, Gelert is the kind of hero who will save your life from rabid meepits, drink all your NeoCola, and then bound off into the distance without a goodbye.

1. Kougra

I debated with myself for a while about who deserved the top spot, but number one goes to Tyrannian Kougra. This yellow and black kitty has unique markings all over it's body, and it's claws look unforgiving. It is a very simple concept; classic big cat, long claws, sharp teeth, and keen eye, but that is all it needs to be. A predator, terrifying yet majestic, Kougra knocks the other pets out of the Ugga Dome with its effective and simplistic design.

There were of course a few pets that didn't quite make the cut, but I'd like to give them a few honorable mentions. The unconverted Tyrannian Nimmo is one of the most funny neopets I have ever see, and his converted counterparts are not much of an improvement. Shout out to the Uni for still managing to look majestic (although not anywhere near the Peophin's league) and the Cybunny for almost looking as done with the world as Korbat, but note quite.

As a small bonus, I'm also going to throw in the most obscure and weird Tyrannian counterpart for your pets. It wouldn't be a complete top ten without it, and it was hard to choose my number one weirdest Tyrannian petpet, but I decided to go with Slorg, based solely on the fact he looks like the Tyrannian Quiggle, without limbs.

Well, that concludes this list! If this wasn't enough to prove the amount of fun you can have for 50,000 neopoints, then I don't know what will be. Have a happy Tyrannian Victory Day, even if it seems nobody in Tyrannia is enjoying it, remember: they're just painted that way. Well, everyone except Tyrannian Korbat; he's just done with Neopia.

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