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Celebrating Tyrannian Victory Day

by klutzygirl1


Also by iljanmw

That's right, Neopians, it's that time of year again, Tyrannian Victory Day! Time to celebrate the defeat of the Monoceraptor and the preservation of all things Tyrannian. But what is the best way to celebrate? There are several ways to commemorate this day, but below I'll give you a brief overview of things you may want to try.

1.) A Visit to the Giant Omelette

Now most Neopians visit the Giant Omelette sporadically all throughout the year, so what better way than to begin your Tyrannian Victory Day celebration than by eating a piece of Tyrannia's most famous food? While you're grabbing a slice of this most delicious breakfast, don't forget to say hello to Sabre-X. Many of you may not be aware, but Sabre-X is the leader of the strategic war division of the Tyrannian troops. It is because of his strategic planning that we are able to celebrate this victorious day; however, most people don't think to tell him thank you for all that he's done.

2.) GO! GO! GO!

Now that you've had your scrumptious Tyrannian breakfast how about a round or two of Tyrannia's favorite card game GO! GO! GO! The rules of this game can be quite tricky, but it is entertaining to watch even if you don't wish to participate in the tournament yourself. While you're there you may want to chat with Myncha who made the game available to the rest of Neopia after watching a group of Scorchios compete during one of their reconnaissance trips for the Council of Elders. Also, if you're extremely lucky you may even get a chance to speak with Kyruggi the grand elder of the council. She, however, will be extremely busy with all the festivities of the day, I'm sure.

3.) Wheels of Monotony and Mediocrity

After watching or participating in the ever-exciting GO! GO! GO! Tournament, you may need a bit of a break to recharge your batteries. Why don't you do what the Tyrannians do when they need a break and take your chances with the Wheel of Monotony? It's extremely calming to just watch the wheel spin and spin and spin.

If the Wheel of Monotony takes a bit too long to spin for your tastes, you may want to head over to the Wheel of Mediocrity. It's a little more exciting than the Wheel of Monotony, although not by much! And while you're there you could always strike up a conversation with Plesio. He's not the most interesting of characters, but I'm sure he probably has a few stories about his time as the captain of the sea division of the Tyrannian troops during the battle against the Monoceraptor.

4.) A Typical Tyrannian Lunch

I'm sure that by now that piece of omelette you had for breakfast is a pretty distant memory. The question that looms before you is what to have for lunch. Since this is a Tyrannian celebration, we should have typical Tyrannian fare. Let me give you a few suggestions:

Bargasaurus Steak- these steaks are definitely not the normal steaks you would find in the rest of Neopia. They have an interesting banana and melon taste.

Keno Egg Salad Sandwich- Tyrannia is known for its eggs, so this sandwich is a staple for a typical lunch here.

Lean Meat Kabob- An excellent source of protein for those with very small appetites.

Soft Tyrannian Cheese and Crackers- A light snack that goes with just about everything.

Chomby Head Cupcake- Top off your meal with a cupcake shaped like the most exclusive Neopet to come from Tyrannia.

Mint Rock Ice Cream- Just in case cake isn't really your thing, this Tyrannian delicacy makes a delicious dessert.

Now that you have some ideas of what kind of food to buy for your lunch, why don't you grab a blanket and join us on the plateau for a typical Tyrannian picnic?

5.) The Battle Grounds

Now that you've had your lunch, you should head over to Tyrannia's newest feature - the battlegrounds. Here you can visit the mysterious Obelisk whose peak was uncovered last year during a series of unexplained earthquakes. This motivated some curious Neopians to dig in the sand and eventually uncover the remainder of the mysterious ruin.

While you're visiting the Obelisk, you may want to stop and visit with the Oracle. The Oracle controls the Obelisk and the power that is contained within. Several groups of Neopians seek these powers for their own nefarious purposes by engaging in a week long battle and the winners are granted a blessing by the Oracle. If you're lucky enough you may get to see and even participate in the next skirmish. However, if you decide to participate please be advised these skirmishes are not for the faint of heart.

6.) Shopping Time!

No visit of Tyrannia is complete without stopping in to visit some of the quaint shops in the area. Here you can find some jungle type petpets. For all those Neopians who enjoy the wilderness, there is a variety of furniture made out of stone and straw, an assortment of battle tested weapons, and some interesting fashion choices for all of those vintage fashionistas out there. While in the area don't forget to stop in and view the wonderful cave drawings. This is an area of Tyrannia that doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. This is the only place in Neopia to see uniquely drawn pictures of Tyrannian history.

7.) Concert Hall

There is only one place to end Tyrannian Victory Day and that is at the Yes Boy Ice Cream concert at the Concert Hall located on the Tyrannian Plateau. Yes Boy Ice Cream's alluring dance beats will have you up on your feet jumping up and down, pumping your fists in the air, and passing the evening away. This all-Shoyru band is known for its alternative techno music and has been thrilling crowds in Tyrannia for years. These Shoyrus are extremely entertaining and are sure to put on an exciting show for the victory day crowd.

Now keep in mind these are just suggestions on how to spend Tyrannia Victory Day. You are more than welcome to spend this day any way you choose to, or not celebrate the day at all if you wish. If you do follow through with these suggestions however, not only will you get a glimpse at life in Tyrannia today, but you will also get a chance to hear from Tyrannian war veterans reminiscing about Tyrannia's historic victory and how the Monoceraptor was defeated. No matter what you choose to do, I wish you all a very happy Tyrannian Victory Day!

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