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Preparing for the Next Plot: Too Soon? Never!

by incheesuswetrust


Something has Happened! InCheesusWeTrust has beamed down in front of you and forces you to continue reading the rest of her Neopian Times Article or cheese will forever rain down on Neopia from The Coincidence! Bwahaha! Actually, that doesn't sound half bad...

*Ahem* So there's a funny coincidence why I'm here. Actually no, there's not. I'm only here to educate the masses about major events that occur around Neopia when everybody least expects it. Maybe like in the form of a plot or something. It's only a matter of time before Neopia will need our help once again, whether it be to defend, discover, or... do whatever it is we need to do... and we all will have to be prepared for when that time comes. Trust me. Hehe. InCheesusWeTrust. (Curse you, twelve year old self!)

The first time plot experience can be completely overwhelming if you haven't done one before. Or it could be like my first plot experience, when I was completely clueless and didn't even know that one was occurring at the time. Whoops. (That would have been the Mystery Island one.)

One of the big reasons for participating in a plot is so that you don't have any regrets. I wasn't available to be part of a good number of plots from the past few years. As a result, I have missed out on some great stories, plus exclusive prizes like retired avatars and site themes. The overall experience and anticipation of news updates while perhaps chatting on the Neoboards makes for some great memories. While you can always go back and read about what happened, there's something about participating in one from day to day that can't be beat. It's so exciting to wait, see, and guess what's going to happen next, and your involvement makes you feel like you're, you know... Doing Your Part.

So, even though the next plot will probably be months or even a year or two from now, it can't hurt to start getting ready to be more prepared for the next occurrence of one. This simple guide will walk you through on how to anticipate when a plot will happen, getting more information on how to participate in it, and how to be ready to help who's in charge.

Here is the first question that needs to be answered: How do you know when a plot will happen? The answer is: Check the news daily! TNT will usually help us along and drop little hints that something big will happen soon. This is when you will really have to manage your time carefully. Real life will always get in the way, but hopefully there can be at least an hour devoted to the plot per day to reach the top prizes. If not, it's completely fine, as you can still do however much possible until the very end and still get some good prizes. Since there are big time lapses for a plot to occur, there really is no set time that one will happen. Checking the news as often as possible is just about the only thing to do.

Once the plot is underway, whatever story is going on will set the scene for what's to come. Numerous times in past events, you will have to choose a side to join up with. Some of the earlier plots had you choose between a "good" side and an "evil" side. More recently in the Games Master challenge, we had to choose between "the Sun" and "the Moon". The Obelisk plot from last year had you choose between a whopping *six* different factions, which might have been the hardest plot decision on our part so far. These decisions are crucial, and yet there is so little time to decide. The annual Altador Cup is a great example of this. Sometimes it can be really hard to choose, but stick with your interests! The decision that's made will definitely have an impact on the rewards you will receive in the end, as the prizes will typically be related to who you joined up with. *flashes Maraquan Supporter avatar proudly*

Unless TNT decides to throw us a curve ball in the future, there are two different types of plots; and sometimes you get both in one! They consist of a variety of different puzzles to figure out, or an all-out war in the Battledome. The best way to stay up-to-date with what's going on in a plot is to check out the Neoboards daily. TNT usually will create a special board for what is currently occurring in Neopia. Typically, some very helpful Neopians will create "plot help" petpages or offer useful advice in the threads. It's also a nice place to discuss the storyline that's unfolding, what might happen next, your favorite characters (*squee!* Hanrik!), and more! Additionally, now that TNT has a list of official fansites, you might also seek some guidance on those sites too.

As with the Mysterious Obelisk plot from last year, you maybe have a fresh idea for what a War plot entails. It's also good practice in the meantime for future Battledome events. There are always around 5 waves to defeat (give or take) that will gradually increase with difficulty as they go on. There's always some kind of a Boss to defeat too. This may also be a good baseline indication of how strong your pet is and if it needs more training for future plot endeavors.

If your pet does need more training, it's a good idea to start sooner rather than later. The price of all Battledome equipment, codestones, and faeries will always inflate to insane prices when a war is taking place. Getting everything you might need, like a good Battledome set, is good preparation ahead of time to avoid the inflation problem. To save money, you can practice in the new Battledome every day and get fifteen free items plus some neopoints along the way to help your training fund. As a bonus, some of the common prizes are codestones and weak bottled faeries. These will go a long way for training your pet.

Using the Lab Ray can also help in the beginning to get started, however you will need to train your pet's Level and Defense a lot since the Lab Ray is usually not kind to those stats. It is great for endurance though, as it will never take away from it but always add to it. Just make sure that your pet will be trainable in the end, as it is a pain to try and even out the stats later on.

Plot Preparation Summarized

1. Check the news as often as possible. You never know when the next plot will happen!

2. Stay current with the story line so you know what's going on. How can you not, though? They're so fun!

3. Be ready to choose a side if need be. Go with what interests you. Think about possible exclusive prizes for joining that side, and if you would really want them or not.

4. Venture over to the Neoboards or even check out some of the official fansites to get help if you need it, or if you just want to talk about what's going on!

5. Train your pet ahead of time to be ready for the next war. It's inevitable.

Well, that about sums up what to expect from a plot! Something to remember though: Usually with a plot comes with some big changes to the site as well. It's what makes them so memorable! We've found so many new lands to explore, and some old lands have acquired a new look with some different features now. Speaking of new land appearances, who else is anticipating some kind of Meridell vs. Darigan rematch war plot in the near future? ;D Good luck, fellow Neopians! Remember to always Do Your Part!

Oh, and I guess it won't be raining cheese anymore. Unless that becomes a plot or something. Now that would be a coincidence!

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