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The Quest to Rescue Baelia: Part Five

by leonieke


Part 5 – The Return of Baelia

The group quickly reached the floor of the crater and travelled across it to reach the Obelisk towering before them. Alecienic wondered how this crater had been made, and how long it had been here, but quickly realized that none of that was important right now. As they reached the base of the Obelisk, the sun set below the horizon and the land around them grew dark. Fyora's staff provided enough light for them to see where they needed to get to the entrance of the Obelisk. There were ancient hieroglyphics written in luminous golden all throughout the Obelisk, but there was one place where the hieroglyphs were larger and more pronounced; this was the entrance that they were seeking.

      Alecienic took the staff and held the orb against the hieroglyphs. As she did so, there was a powerful gleam of light that poured from the Obelisk. The light made the entrance become more apparent as it rumbled and opened before them. Once the dust settled, the team cautiously entered the Obelisk. Inside, the treasures that laid out before them were unimaginable. There were weapons of pure gold and silver, encrusted in jewels that glinted in the light of the staff, there were piles of crowns and necklaces upon mounds of gold coin, beautiful vases that were so ancient that they looked as though they would crumble if you touched them; the vastness of the treasure within the Obelisk was infinite.

      In the middle of the room in which the group stood, was a rock pillar with a small object sitting in the center of it. A beam of light from the top of the Obelisk cascaded down onto the object, casting a pale but telling light upon it.

      Myshoiya spoke as she motioned towards the rock pillar. "Alecienic, this is your destiny. You were meant to be here, to do this."

      Alecienic took a deep breath. This was it, she thought. Everything that they had been through to get here was all for this moment. She took her first steps towards the pillar, and found as she went that she began to understand why she was supposed to do this. When she reached the pillar, she could clearly see that the object that sat upon it was the leather bound flask that they were sent there to retrieve. The light from Fyora's staff shone brightly enough to make the Faerieland crest that was emblazoned on the flask stand out.

      Alecienic closed her eyes and reached out to grab the flask. As her paws touched it, she felt a brief heat as though she had stuck her paw into the fire, and she almost let go of the flask but she held on to it. The heat faded from her paw, and she looked down at the object in her hand and found it difficult to believe that something that seemed so inanimate could hold so much power.

      "Alecienic, we have got to go! The Darkest Faerie will know now that we have the flask; we have to get back to Fyora!" said Myshoiya from across the room in a loud voice.

      Alecienic ran over to the rest of her friends and they quickly took off through the door of the Obelisk. As they stepped back outside, the door closed up behind them and it was as though they had never entered the Obelisk at all. The air around them was still, but it felt as though there was electricity in the air. They all knew that something was coming, and they needed to get back to Fyora very quickly.

      Once they had gathered together and grouped up they took off into the dark night sky. Fyora's staff lit up before them as they followed its path back to Faerieland, from below they appeared as a shooting star in the night sky.

      Just as the dawn was creeping up over Neopia, the team reached Faerie City and landed outside of the castle walls. Fyora was standing there waiting for them.

      "I can tell you have been successful in your quest, for the Darkest Faerie has set out her minions after you. Follow me to my Hidden Tower, you will be safe there and I will hold them off for you."

      Fyora led the team up a dark staircase within the castle walls, only very few privileged Neopians have ever gained access to Fyora's hidden tower, not even the Darkest Faerie knew how to get to it. Within the tower were the most powerful and precious weapons that Fyora had access to, she kept them in the tower safe from the Darkest Faerie and other evil beings.

      Once they were all safe inside the tower, Fyora took Alecienic aside to speak to her.

      "You know now that you must go back to Baelia. I will cast a spell on you to teleport you back to Baelia's cabin in the mountain side. Once you are there you must give the flask to Baelia to drink and her powers will be restored. After the potion is gone, the Darkest Faerie's minions will not have any way to track you down so you will both be safe. I will create a diversion here by creating a hologram of the flask. The Minions will think that it is the real flask and will follow it here. I should be able to keep them busy long enough for you to get the potion to Baelia."

      Taking her staff back from Alecienic, Fyora spoke in ancient faerie tongue while she dictated the spell to teleport Alecienic back to the mountain side. In a flash of light, Alecienic was gone and the rest of the team looked to Fyora.

      "What now, Queen? " asked Myshoiya.

      "Follow me!" said Fyora as she lead the rest of the crew back down to the gates of her castle and explain the diversion plan to them as she went.

      *Meanwhile – back on the Mountain side*

      Alecienic had closed her eyes when Fyora began chanting the spell and she felt a tingling all over her body, and then realized that she could no longer hear the Queen's voice. She slowly opened her eyes, and saw that she was once again back at her old cabin in the mountain, where the newly fallen snow was shining like bright little diamonds in the sunlight.

      In her hand she held on tightly to the flask as she rushed into the cabin.

      "Baelia! I am back, and I found the way to get your powers back!" exclaimed Alecienic as she ran into the room.

      Baelia had been sitting close to the fire, trying to keep warm with a blanket wrapped around her. She was shocked to see Alecienic had made it back so quickly, but she was overjoyed to see her old friend.

      "Alec! I can't tell you how good it is to see you!"

      The pair hugged and Alecienic quickly told the story of where she'd been for the past few weeks and what they had found to help Baelia. She held up the flask and handed it to Baelia saying,

      "You have to drink this. Once it is gone, the Darkest Faerie will not be able to track it. Hurry!"

      Baelia took the flask into her hands. She was shaking as she opened it. Could this really restore my powers? she wondered. She lifted the flask to her lips and drank the potion that was inside it.

      As she drank the potion down, a mist began to swirl around her and she felt electricity shoot through her body. Alecienic jumped back as she watched in wonder at that transformation that was going on before her. The mist had overtaken Baelia, and she could no longer be seen, then a sudden burst of light flashed and the mist was gone. There, standing in the middle of the room stood Baelia. She was no longer the broken, dejected faerie that she had been. She stood confidently in the room, with her small wings restored onto her back. She still remained grey, which was something she did not understand, but at this moment all that mattered was that she was back to her old self.

      "It worked!," Baelia exclaimed. She hugged Alecienic and could not begin to thank her enough. Without her trustworthy friend she would never have gotten her powers back, and would have been destined to remain in this cabin forever in fear of the Darkest Faerie.

      Alecienic was so proud to see her best friend so happy. The tears of joy streaming down Baelia's face meant so much to Alecienic, and she knew that should could not have done this without the help of the rest of her team.

      "Baelia, we have to go back to Faerieland. Myshoiya and the rest of the group are there waiting for you," said Alecienic.

      With that, Baelia took Alecienic's paw and walked out the door of the cabin. She took a quick look back at the cabin and wistfully thought that she would never be back here again.

      "Let's break in these wings, shall we? " she asked Alecienic as she took off into the sky.

      Even though Baelia's wings were not the same size as those of other faeries, they still had enough power to get the pair back to Faerieland in record time. When they landed, Alecienic saw Myshoiya, Grace, Quitaso and Fyora rushing over to them.

      "Baelia! Welcome home, dear! It has been too long!" said Fyora as she hugged Baelia and took her aside.

      Alecienic hugged her friends and said to them,

      "You know, without the three of you, and Queen Fyora, none of this would have been possible. Each of you held a very important role in this quest, and it was destined that you would be with me for some time. I want to thank each of you for your dedication, and your trusting me, you didn't have to follow me on this dangerous journey, yet you did."

      Fyora then came over to them and said, "Alecienic, you have shown tremendous courage and bravery to help Baelia. It will not go unnoticed. Baelia will be given residence here in the castle with me until we can restore her powers to their maximum. During that time, I ask that you stay here with her. Baelia will remain grey, and she will be our faerie ambassador to all those Neopians who sometimes feel grey and gloomy during their life, she will be their strength in their time of need. Thus, I ask you if you would accompany Baelia as her advisor and mentor."

      "Fyora, it means the world to me that you would ask this of me, and of course I accept. However, I would like to ask one thing, would it be OK if Grace remains with me?"

      Grace looked up, shocked but overjoyed that Alecienic would suggest such a thing.

      Fyora said, "But of course, Grace has always been destined to be your petpet, and yours alone."

      Grace and Alecienic hugged and joined Baelia next to Queen Fyora.

      "The time for good-byes has come my friends. I must get back to Shenkuu, as it is where I am needed. I am pleased to have been able to help you and come with you on this quest. We are tied together forever by this memory," said Myshoiya, as she hugged each of the group, said good-bye and took off into the sky towards Shenkuu.

      Quitaso looked around at everyone that remained as he said, "I guess I better get going too! I miss my good old Eyrie friend."

      He hugged everyone and he too flew up into the sky with his red cape flying through the wind behind him.

      Once he was gone from their sight, Baelia, Alecienic and Grace followed Fyora to the castle. Who knew what great adventures would be in store for them here, but Alecienic had a feeling that her adventuring days were far from over.

The End

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