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15 Flash Game Trophies You Didn't Know You Could Get

by flapjackpax


Ever stumble onto a page of a fellow Neopian with rows upon rows of flash game trophies? Intimidating, I know. The idea of being within the top eighteen scores of any game on neopets is something we tell ourselves is impossible. However, never fear my friend! Some games are easier than they look and although it might take some time, fifteen flash game trophies are certainly in your view! Interested? Read on to discover how to add those shiny pixels to your lookup!

I have added an estimated score to get a bronze trophy for each game on reset day. Each of these scores are a bit above what I have usually seen to allow for competition. However, don't take them to heart; you should always try to score as high as possible!

Dubloon Disaster: Believe me when I say this, if you can get the avatar, you can get a trophy – its as simple as that! Once 9 mines have appeared and you have grouped them together, all you need to do is swim about, collecting dubloons. Like many of the trophies in this guide, getting a trophy score will just take a lot of time. Don't take big risks to get a dubloon or you may regret it! Hopefully with a bit of luck you will get some high scoring dubloons. Also, if a whirlpool appears and destroys all the mines just take a deep breath and group them together again. Be careful not to group them too close together or they will explode and make your job harder than it needs to be.

Estimated trophy score: Above 3,800 on reset day.

Bouncy Supreme: Despite this game being located in a land that doesn't exist, you can still get your trophy. Not much skill is required for this game, just pointing a clicking. Don't fear if you find it difficult at first! Once you learn how to perceive the distance to jump, your muscle memory will play the game for you. If you lose any lives early on in the game, I suggest restating. Again, this will take a long time but is very worth the shiny jelly you are awarded in the long run!

Estimated trophy score: Above 24,000 on reset day.

Hannah and the Pirate/Ice Caves: I can't deny these games don't come with commitment, but at least they are very fun! Read some level guides and get to a stage where you can play the game in full, collecting hidden bonuses and treasures and knowing the right paths to take. You may confuse the levels at times but trust me, in time you will know these games inside out! A great advantage is to be able to finish the game with as many lives as possible – hope you're up for the challenge!

Estimated trophy score: Above 130,000 (Pirate Caves) and above 110,000 (Ice Caves) on reset day.

Hannah and the Kreludor Caves: Again, just learn how to play the game and know each level inside out! This trophy is easier to obtain (in my opinion) as you can keep restarting levels to earn extra points. I would recommend playing up to level 12 and once finishing the level, keep clicking back and replaying it until you have a score worthy of the trophy. Sure, you will spend a long time on Kreludor but it's for a good reason, right?

Estimated trophy score: Above 36,000 on reset day.

The Castle of Eliv Thade: Reach the last level of this game and just keep walking back and forth, solving more puzzles to achieve a high score. Be extremely careful not to misspell a word here or fall through a crack, especially when you are almost at your trophy score. Like Dubloon Disaster, anyone who has the avatar for this game can get a trophy; you just need to spend a bit more time on it!

Estimated trophy score: Above 2,300 on reset day.

Wheeler's Wild Race: This game doesn't require much skill at all. Play through the first 3 levels, collecting as many coconuts as possible. From then on, just stay on the spot performing wheelies and staying in the air for as long as possible before the timer runs out. Keep repeating until you are out of coconuts. At first, the act of balancing the wheelies may seem difficult. I assure you, this becomes easy after a few tries. You should be able to acquire a bronze trophy easily with this method.

Estimated Trophy Score: Above 2,500 on reset day.

Top Score Trophies: All the following flash games have a maximum score you can achieve. Anyone with this score will be awarded a gold trophy. Like all the trophies above, they require some practice but if you find the right game guides and spend enough time on them, they are all very achievable. Some require not losing any lives so it can be frustrating getting so close and then being a few figures off the required score. Don't give up! Grand Theft Ummagine (1,250 – get the avatar while you're at it!), Ruins Rampage (850), Dungeon Dash (5,000), Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway (5,180), Ugga Drop (40,000), Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest (1,520), Chia Bomber 2 (1,687), Clockwork Codebreaker (1,000).

Extra Tips

Reset Night: Except for the maximum-score trophies, you should try for the others on the first of the month. This is when all the high score tables are reset and so, you have less competition. It can make a big difference between getting a bronze or a gold trophy, or getting any trophy at all for that matter! This gives you time during the previous month to practice and perfect your technique before putting your ability to test. And if you don't get a trophy first time round, don't stress! Some months have more competition than others, just keep trying. I would also advice playing as early on the reset day as you can. If someone else scores the same score as you after you have sent yours, they will enter a spot below you on the leader board. Sometimes just one spot can make all the difference!

Game Guides: Make sure you read plenty of game guides on the game you are playing, especially for the games with levels you need to memorise. They will have all the tips and tricks to get the most out of the game you're playing. If you have any questions, the game chat board is also a great places to get some answers!

Try Different Games: Remember, the games listed in this guide are games which I believe are easy to get a trophy in! You may find some of these more difficult than others. But you might also find a flash game you have a hidden talent for. Explore the games room and see where your talent lies! Perhaps you can write your own guide to help other trophy-hungry Neopians!

Go for Gold: Have a silver or bronze trophy for a game? Try for silver or gold the following month! Nothing looks more impressive than a lookup full of gold trophies – they show true commitment!

There you have it, gamers! Fifteen flash game trophies you can (hopefully) add to your collection soon! Feel free to drop me a neomail if there are any games you think should be included in this guide or if you have any questions on the games I have listed. Thanks for reading!

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