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Dreams: New Leaf

by sha2196


Midnight. Kreludor shone bright. He took in the sight of the moon, enthralled in its beauty. The moon seemed so near, yet so far, just like his goals and dreams. It was a free spirit, gleaming proudly alone in the night sky.

     The brown Lupe took another look at the hulking mass of wood before sprinting away. He ran. His body stretched and grew. His claws and fangs sharpened. He ran until he reached a cliff. He howled at the moon.


     Day 1: It's been a day since I've left my peaceful dwelling. As I'm writing this on a big leaf with charcoal, the wind is buffeting me. It's hard to stop the leaf from blowing away but I did it. To tell the truth, the wind does feel nice.

     I'll fish later, right now; I'll rest in the wind...

     I've made up my mind. I'll spend a few more days on Krawk Island before I travel the world. My first stop will be Mystery Island. I'll make my way around later. I've been avoiding pirates as well, and there's word Scarblade is here. Have to watch my step. That's all for now. The wind's stopped. Now to stuff this into my bag and I'll be over with it.



     Day 1: (evening) Catches were pretty good. I got Breadfish and Butterfish... and a Madfish? What does a Madfish do anyway? Weird... Right now, I'm deciding about whether to throw it back or eat it (they say that if you eat it, it'll drive you mad); maybe sell it? I doubt that it's worth much anyway. Besides, it looks like it's going to rain. I should find some shelter, but I don't really mind the rain. I like it, except that the others would probably question a White Uni sleeping in the rain if they come across me. I don't feel like moving now that I just made myself comfortable, so I'll rather be questioned. Nitey night.



     She blinked wearily and put away the charcoal and leaf before slowly drifting off.

     "Ahh!" She screamed as someone woke her. Panting, she turned around and saw a brown Lupe. She remembered her dream but forced it to the back of her mind and composed herself, then looked him in the eye.

     He withdrew his paw. He didn't think that the Uni would be such a light sleeper. "Sorry..." he mumbled under his breath, "but you were, well, it's pouring. And you're drenched."


     She stared at him blankly. He bore the battle scars of the usual pirate, most of which would heal in due time, but he didn't act like one. For one, did he say 'sorry'? She'd been insulted by several pirates, and none of them had bothered to even act concerned. Another thing, why did he wake her up? Was that concern in his voice? She doubted so. Probably just curious. Wait- pouring? She looked up at the sky. Immediately, she yelped and rubbed the raindrop out of her eyes. Blinking, she sat back down on the ground, mentally sulking.

     She turned her attention back to him. Her face burned when she noticed that small smirk on his face. "I'm fine, shouldn't you go back to tend to your ship?" With that, she picked up her bag and headed further back before curling up into a ball, obviously oblivious to the rain.


     He looked, dumbstruck, at her position. Shrugging it off, he walked back to the ship. 'That was interesting. A Uni that doesn't act like one. Wonder how she sleeps so peacefully with that rain pelting her. Whatever. I just have to get back before he finds me missing.'


     Day 2: Ok, so that was not a dream. A brown Lupe did come and wake me up last night. I wonder if he's really a pirate or a wannabe, maybe another resident? Enough about him, I have to find a way to keep my bag and the stuff inside it waterproof, and fireproof if it's even possible. I think I shielded my stuff from most of the rain. My bag is only a little damp, and the stuff inside is dry. Luckily my precious flute is intact. Right now, I'm among the bushes and watching the Revenge and its pirates moving around. Oh look! A green Lupe with a scar on his face! That must be Scarblade! Wait, and is he actually wearing purple socks? Hah! Great fashion taste! If anyone actually noticed his clothes, besides the sword he's waving around, for once, I'm sure he'll be a laughing stock in town. Ok, now I feel bad for criticizing him, so I'll stop writing about him. Well, because approaching him and apologising for criticizing his clothes in my journal would be stupid... Ok! Let's see... Purple Bruce, Yellow Elephante, Green Draik, Brown Lupe, Orange Korbat, Blue Krawk, Pirate Eyrie... Wait a minute... Brown Lupe? That looks like the Brown Lupe from yesterday! He's leaning against the ship's rails (or whatever you call that) and talking to Scarblade. Wow, he's not even flinching when Scarblade's yelling at him. He's like an entirely different Lupe on the ship. He seemed almost... nice, yesterday. Oh wait, I think I see someone heading towards me. Have to go before they find me spying on them.



     She smirked. That was fun. She had managed to get away before that Tonu found her. Looking at the leaves she wrote on as her journal, she frowned. 'Looks like the trees have to grow me more. Oh well!'

     With that last thought, she skipped off.


     "In the middle of the night,

     When I'm in this dream,

     I sing to the sea,

     A silent plea.

     Drifting out alone,

     With a simple goal,

     Won't anyone aid me?

     Fulfil my dreams?"

     Her voice rang out into the sky.


     "Nice song you have there." That casual remark startled her, and she spun around. It was the same brown Lupe, but something about him seemed different. Was it the way he carried himself? Or that more confident smirk on his face? Possibly his attitude, now that they met each other in better circumstances. Or now that she had seen him on Scarblade's ship.

     "Well, could you stop staring at me like that?" He shifted his position awkwardly.

     "You're a pirate," she accused, "from Scarblade's crew."

     He groaned. Many people who found out had left him alone, while they ran, apparently afraid of the crew of the Revenge.

     "And you're too nice for a pirate," she continued.

     He grinned.

     "You think I'm nice? A member of the Revenge?" He leaned back against a tree and crossed his arms.

     "You'd think I'd know; if I didn't know better, I'd say that you'd be a wannabe. After all these years on Krawk Island, I've already grown used to the habits of the pirates and residents alike. And I'd say that you're nicer than most pirates." She countered almost immediately.

     "And I wonder if you know that I can push you off that cliff?" He frowned.

     "I can fly," was her crude reply.

     "Oh yeah..." He trailed off.

     She let out a giggle. He was nice, and funny, not to mention more absent-minded than her.

     "I could do without the retorts, thank you." There was an edge of annoyance in his voice that made her laugh even harder.

     He let out a low growl.

     "Sorry..." She hung her head and sulked. Apparently this guy was used to getting what he wanted, the exact opposite of her.

     He mentally palmed himself. He wasn't going to get anywhere with her.

     She sat down and stared at the sunset. The sky was beautiful, with the red and yellow slowly fading into the indigo night sky.

     "Say, what were you doing sleeping out in the rain yesterday?" he probed.

     She shrugged and stood up, her hooves reflecting the fading sunlight.

     "Why are you even a pirate?" she asked as she trotted away from the cliff.

     He opened his mouth but closed it again, and watched her walk away.


     Why are you even a pirate? Why a pirate? Why?

     I was forced.

     Why let yourself be forced?

     I don't know.

     Why don't you escape?

     I was too afraid. My father would find me again. I don't know what would happen to me if I actually tried.

     Why don't you try?

     I'm afraid!

     Why let fear conquer you?

     I don't know! Stop bothering me!

     He mentally growled at that little voice at the back of his head.


     Day 3: Turns out that Lupe was nice. I kind of liked his company, except when he growled. Wonder if I'll see more of him. I'm heading off tomorrow. Right now, I'm trying to find a way to get away from this island. I can't rent a boat or any other transport, so I'll probably have to fly. I hope I can actually make the flight. Oh well, at least the sky's clear and it wouldn't be raining tomorrow, I think. Night night, sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite! :)



     The waning moon smiled down on him, giving him the darkness he needed. He had taken off all his pirate garb, making him look like just another Brown Lupe. Muttering a silent prayer, he sneaked off the ship, leaving him with a small sack of dubloons and neopoints, enough to support him for another few days. He took one last look at the ship, before walking off. That would be the last time he would be controlled by his father. He would have a new life.

     Walking towards the small rickety fishing boat, he was one step closer to his new life.

The End

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