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What is the Plural Form of Mootix, Anyway?

by pancakesatthedisco


Recently I was approached by a friend requesting help with their Habitarium. Quizzically, I responded, "A Habitarium? But I don't own one of those. Don't they require petpetpets? Those are expensive!" And thus my introduction to the Habitarium world began.

Upon opening my browser to reveal Professor Milton's "little" experiment (no pun intended) I came to the realization that in fact I had already created a Habitarium. As I looked down upon my tiny blossoming meadow, vague memories of its creation entered my mind. As Habitarium has been out of its BETA stage for quite some time now, there must have been an instance somewhere along the road where I had started playing and somehow forgot about my poor p3s.

And then I received the notification. I had been raided! Although unsure of what exactly "raiding" entailed, I could safely assume this was a bad thing. And to think a neo-"friend" would do such a thing! How could they take advantage of my poor Habitarium in light of my absence? Feeling a sense of betrayal I then watched as the poor little pinchits, mootix, and larnikins disappeared one by one. "What?! They're gone?! How am I supposed to play now?!" But rest assured, Professor Milton is quite the generous soul. Collecting all the gems my precious p3s left behind allowed me to surpass quite a few levels, which I suppose was a fair exchange.

So there I was starting my Habitarium over from scratch without a clue of how this thing worked. Fortunately for new players a very useful tutorial will start automatically upon creation of a Habitarium space. However, if you find yourself a forgetful returning player such as myself, you're left to your own devices. Now as I'm in the process of building my Habitarium, I continue to learn new strategies every day to maximize success. Here are a few things I have learned as a beginner:

1. Resources: These are obviously important when it comes to obtaining differing structures and even decorative items. Make sure to keep wood, stone, and mud a top priority as these are used to buy and upgrade buildings and nests. Pollen, water, and grass are more so used to buy things like ink and d├ęcor, which as a beginner, you don't really have to worry about... unless of course you want your sanctuary looking spiffy! To harvest resources simply drag and drop your p3 next to whichever resource you desire.

2. Hmmm what to buy? The answer is nests. Lots of nests! It's really useful to purchase a house as well, but don't waste resources on food as you can just rest in your house. Dragging and dropping a p3 into your house simultaneously heals, rests, and feeds your pets all at the same time. As a beginner I hesitate to purchase a hospital as a house serves the same purpose... with a much cheaper price! But back to the nests. These should be your prized possessions as they allow the production of eggs. Taking roughly 1 to 2 hours for an egg to be fully incubated, you can either choose to hatch, harvest, or discard it. Do not be afraid of the word "discard". Discarding an egg gives you a wiping 200 experience points! That's the most experience points obtainable from a single event! Which leads to the next topic...

3. Discard, Harvest, or Hatch? Hatch enough eggs to fulfill your maximum population. But make sure that roughly 1/3 to 1/4 of the p3s in your Habitarium are soldiers. You don't want to be taken advantage of by those pesky blue enemies! Personally I keep and extra population of eggs in my item bag. It's better to be safe than sorry! But other than that I discard the rest of my eggs and watch the little green experience bar grow!

4. Leave the game tab open on your computer. This of course ensures your p3s are being productive. However, I hesitate to do this due to the strain it puts on your computer. Your main source of points to level up should come from both eggs and harvesting resources.

5. I don't have any more larnikins D: I faced this dilemma as I started to rebuild my Habitarium. Even though you may enjoy having all three species present, it's not necessary. Just make sure you have p3s that perform all three jobs; workers, nesters, and soldiers. Don't stress thinking your poor larnikins are forever extinct! Throughout the game there are more opportunities to acquire eggs and thus resurrecting your once extinct larnikins

6. Don't panic! No, you cannot start over. But there's no need to! As learned previously Professor Milton is generous with his gift giving. He wants you to be a successful Habitarium keeper just as much as you do. You will always have a p3 in your Habitarium even if you leave for say... a year (but hopefully it won't be that long).

7. Make friends: Don't worry, not everyone is out to raid you. Friends can be highly beneficial in this game as you can help each other out once a day and even send gifts. If you're looking for some neofriends to help you along the way I'm sure you could stumble upon some in the boards.

There are 49 levels to sort through in order to reach level 50 and all its glory. Here each 1000 experience points earns you a purple gem and a whopping 500 neopoints! Rumor has it that if you are dedicated enough to the game you can earn 150,000 neopoints in a day! However, I'm personally still quite away from achieving this goal.

As I stride forward into my journey through the world of Habitariums I have discovered what a true neopoint yielding machine this is! If it's that expensive stamp or highly sought after paint brush you're saving up for, pay some special attention to this game. Not only will it help you save up to achieve your goals, but you will have fun playing it! Those little p3s can become quite the obsession.

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